Best Camera Shops In Seattle Near Me

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1. Glazer's Camera - Seattle

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· 693 reviews

811 Republican St, Seattle, WA 98109

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Glazer's Camera: what do users think?

Charles Kim: This store has everything camera!

Max Laber: Great camera store, amazing inventory, and helpful and knowledgeable workers! Definitely worth a visit for any and all camera needs, big or small.

Jonel Esponilla: Came all the way here from Tacoma to pick up a lens for a last minute shoot. Daniel has AMAZING customer service! He helped me sell my old lens as well and was very honest, thorough, and respectful.I'm definitely going to come back here to pick up another lens in the near future.Also, parking sucks. Better come here early or on a weekend if you aren't from Seattle.

Anna Strygina-Kay: The best and most helpful staff.

Victoria Marie Clary: I am very impressed with this photographic supply store. It is like camera heaven! Firstly, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I found them to be extremely helpful. And the entire store is perfectly organized and spotlessly clean. Glazer’s is extremely large and has just about any equipment and supplies youcould want. They even have equipment rental. There are two floors of equipment and supplies serviced by an elevator and underground free parking. Highly recommended.

Joel chico Guevara: Excellent buy on a used camera.

Denres: I will give the staff all the credit in the world that they did in fact, try very hard to find what it was I was looking for.But alas, the perfect camera eludes even myself... they never stood a chance.Ok but no seriously even though they weren't able to help give me suggestions on which camera I could replace my FX30 with, they did at least ask a lot of questions and try to understand what it was I was seeking. They care about cameras and you can trust them to help ya.

Lisa Weiss: I love going into a camera store where you can ask any question about product under the sun and the employees have answers... The store associates were extremely helpful in getting me the right products for my money.. Awesome store and look forward to going there again.

Jihun “J” Han: Great place to check all camera gears.Noticeable service difference when I ask with purpose of purchase and not.

Rosy Pearson: So helpful! Great community. I have benefited a lot from their rentals, affordable workshops and used gear!

iShootmovies LLC: I love glazers 📷! They gave me phenomenal service alongside a fair price as well. Now the rentals is another story 👎🏿!

Envision'D: I love visiting this store! As a beginner photographer, any piece of advice I seek, the workers here use their personal experience to provide adequate suggestions which are very insightful!

2. Shot On Film Store - Seattle



· 93 reviews

12322 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125

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Shot On Film Store: what do users think?

Aidan Lawrence: Awesome store! Huge selection of everything related to film/film cameras. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Unique films available, as well as accessories, parts, and developing tools/ materials and chemistry. They also develop!

Raphael Liwanag: and digital scans included. Just make sure you explicit say if you want the prints. I’ve gone there and it’s happened where it wasn’t originally noted that I wanted physical copies of the photos. Regardless, they’re able to do print them in a few mins. Owner is conservable and accommodating. They’re planning on expanding the space to include a cafe the last I went

Roman Robinson: Not only are these folks extremely knowledgeable, they are patient, helpful and clearly passionate about photography. Not once have I left this store without learning something neat. Quick turnarounds on developing film and scans and great deals on camera equipment. Thank y’all for everything!

avery rodriguez: I love Shot on Film. it’s always a stop when im in the area! their selection of cameras and lenses is spectacular and whenever i’ve purchased anything they’ve been super kind and helpful. to be more specific about inventory, as someone who loves nikon, mamiya, rolleiflex, and leica, they got me covered with an extensive inventory at any given moment. they also have a great selection of film in all formats. small businesses like this are truly so important and wonderful! don’t know where i’d be without a place like this near me, it’s allowed me to see and get my hands on so many different kinds of cameras

Heather Metz DeRosier: New favorite camera filmStore. The shop keeper was kind and knowledgeable and not pretentious about my questions. Will come back here forMore equipment. Bought a sweet 1969 rangefinder that I’m looking forward to shooting with.

Sally Davis: Shot on film is seriously the best place to get your film developed. It is so quick and easy. I’m always in and out in less than 5 minutes. They usually say it’ll take a week to get it developed, but every time I’ve dropped off film it ends up being two days max. The staff is also incredibly friendly and helpful. BIG FAN!

Nicole Czuhajewski: Had a good experience when we visited the other day. Staff members were kind. Purchased a few rolls of film and a battery for a film camera.

Sasha Perkoz: I would appreciate if you guys would update such a long vacation on your google maps, so that there would be no people like me that drove 40 mins all the way to your store just to kiss the closed door … such a disrespect for the customers

Jack Duffy: polite employees, fast service, and overall great atmosphere
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· 545 reviews

6708 NE 181st St, Kenmore, WA 98028

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Kenmore Camera: what do users think?

Devin Freese: Went there today to look for a lens for my Canon rebel t5i. I needed to find a lens better then my 75-300m for shooting car racing at the track. The person who helped me showd me used and new versions. I went with the Tamron 100-400mm new. The process was very smooth, and the guy who helped me was super helpful and patient with me. I could get into alot of trouble in this store. Will definitely be back.

Torrin Maynard: Absolutely fantastic camera store, one of the best in the USA! It's a competitive tie between Kenmore camera and Glazers. I would definitely recommend these two local buisness over any of the out of state camera stores. Although Used Photo Pro is not far behind on my list of reputable places to buy camera gear.

Nico John Cervano: I forgot to give Kenmore a review after my visit last year. I bought a Fuji XF 50mm F2 lens in this store. I was even surprised they had the silver version. Kenmore's salespeople were friendly during my visit!

Eric Hall: I highly recommend Kenmore Camera.

Santo R.: I’ve been using Kenmore camera since they had a small store in totem lake. Top notch peeps

Roger Corbin: All your camera and photographic needs.

Ryan Pham: Always good service here. Bought a lot of my recent Sony gear from them. They have a good selection of gear!

Tim Reha: I grew up in a family of professional photographers and have traveled the world covering the largest events on the planet from CES to the World Ad Congress. There's one camera shop in the Northwest that come through every time. That shop is Kenmore camera. What's the thing that friendly staff and owners recreating great atmosphere for creatives to learn and shop for the latest in imaging technology

4. CameraTechs - Seattle

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· 86 reviews

2034 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107

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CameraTechs: what do users think?

Amanda & Tyler Crumbley: I've brought 2 cameras in to be repaired at different times, and they are fast, helpful, honest, and they know their cameras! I called another camera store about my son's Minolta and they said it would be 6-8 months to have it repaired and they would need to send it out. Camera Techs fixed it in a week at a cheaper cost. I'll bring my cameras here every time, and I drive in from the Snoqualmie Valley so it's not a quick trip for me. Thank you guys for all you do!

Chang Feng: The expert are very nice and professional. Solved my lens issue super quick!

2much2do56: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueI took my Nikon D300 in to repair a problem with the flash button. They fixed it and also cleaned and serviced the camera. They were affordable, prompt, and did excellent work.

Randall Page: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueCameraTechs cleaned and re-greased my Nikon 85mm F2 lens. They were courteous and professional and did a fine job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs camera or lens work done. These days it is important to support American technical professionals.

Cole Gregg: My go to place in Seattle for cleaning and repair! Bought an an old FM in Spain on a trip and brought it in for a service, there were a few things wrong and they turned it around in under a week. I have also brought my 1dxii and all my lenses in for cleaning at least once a year!

Sam Han: and they require a estimate for all the damages. So of course I brought it into CameraTechs and they happily assessed everything

Roger Wagner: I had an issue with a auto focus Canon lens. I called the shop and the told me the cost to look at my lens and additional cost to repair if they could. They actually suggested that I could probably find a used lens in good shape for less money. I took there advise and found a great used replacement for less money than I would have spent on the Camera Techs lens evaluation. They gave great advice and I will definitely look to them in the future.

Carly Clark: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueI recently had an amazing experience at Camera Techs. The friendly staff was very knowledgeable and helped me make the most budget-friendly decisions when it came to repairing/replacing broken equipment. They have a good selection of used cameras and lenses as well, and prices are fair. I highly recommend this business.

John D. Skerratt: Had my father's old Nikon F3 serviced here. It looks brand new and functions better than ever! Highly recommended and trustworthy business as well as knowledgeable staff.

alanmarj2: Very helpful tech. Solved my problem in minutes and didn't charge anything.

5. Omega Photo - Bellevue

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· 181 reviews

210 105th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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6. Leica Store Bellevue - Bellevue

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· 48 reviews

221 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Leica Store Bellevue: what do users think?

Jaysen T: Just purchased my first Leica and the employees at this store made the whole experience really great. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to assist. Throughout the process I never felt pressured to act quickly or purchase additional, unnecessary add-ons. I've heard your first Leica is a gateway drug to more and if that ends up being true I'll have zero hesitations about buying from this store again. Plus they give you a fancy keychain.

Steven Collins: Above and Beyond! I walking into the Leica store in Belleview and was quickly greeted by three friendly faces. I looked around at some gear, dropped off one of my Leicas for service and ended up walking out with a new camera. Since then, Brandon, the General Manager, has been incredibly helpful trying to run down a hard-to-find item. I found my new Leica home!

Sergio Tellez: I visit them to purchase my first Leica, a M11P and a fantastic Elmarit 28mm f2.8.The support provided by Mackie Harlan on this important purchase was beyond my expectations. Thanks a lot!

George's Scale models: I placed an order for my Leica Q3 about 5 weeks ago and expected it to arrive in 3-6 months, but lo and behold it arrived early. I was worried that I wouldn't have it in time for an upcoming trip to Scotland and I was more than pleasantly surprised to get it. Leica Store Bellevue was great. Their customer service is world class and the staff are all friendly, helpful and professional. I can't say enough good things about them. I'm looking forward to driving up there next month and taking a haands-on class. Post sales was just as good. I received a comprehensive email with very clear instructions on registering the camera and an invitation to do a one on one 15 minute set-up call. Can't wait to get started taking photos with my Leica Q3.

Z. Hua: Great as always. Love the gallery feeling in the new location.

John Hunter: The best customer service. The entire staff is knowledgeable and most helpful. I have dealt with Mackie, Paige, Brandon and Collene and can't thank them enough for their professionalism and assistance. I have only been purchasing Leica gear at this location for a year and a half. Extremely happy with my purchases and with the folks that make shopping there a joy and the images fun to capture.

Aaron Bludworth: I have purchased many cameras and lenses from Leica Bellevue both in person and over the phone. The team is excellent and the products are unrivaled. I can count on Leica and the Bellevue team without exception. You should visit the store.

Kevin C: Outstanding grand opening of the new store in bellevue, Washington. Leica makes the best cameras in the world.The grand opening also featured the art work of world renowned photographer, Terry La Rue!

Mrs.Arianna Seiler: My hubby is from Switzerland & we came on vacation out of state. We were in shock to see a Leica store in the states. He’s an avid photographer. It was a very nice store.

Steven S: Awesome staff! Everyone there is super friendly and knowledgeable.I would highly recommend going in and talking to the staff if you are interested in anything Leica or just cameras in general!

Ronald Miller: I recently purchased my third Leica Camera from Leica Store Bellevue. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. They are knowledgeable about all things Leica and photography in general. They are quick to offer support before, during and after a sale. Leica Store Bellevue is my top choice for my Leica needs. Highly recommended.

Susan Bagwell: Mackie didn’t talk me into something, rather she helped me understand the product that would fit my needs. She hit the ball out of the park! I haven’t been able to dedicate the time I’d like to my new Q2 Reporter, yet six months later I know Mackie is available via video chat across the country should I need direction for where to contact to best source my specific needs. Hopefully there will me a Q3Monochrome and I will be fortunate enough to get on the Bellevue list !!

chucknonverbal: Super helpful, knowledgeable staff and great follow up.

Ramen Rob: So we stopped into the Leica store in Bellevue as I am a avid Leica shooter since 2000. This unassuming little shop in a comfortable location strip mall was quite nice. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable as per expected. I didn't buy anything but I got on their list for the new Leica Q3 when supplies are more likely to suit the public consumption. Even tho I live in Portland Oregon and could purchase online, I'm guessing that I'll make the trip to purchase in person. Thanks Leica store Bellevue, I'll be seeing you soon.

amy c: Small but nice space with friendly staff who were more than able to help with questions and show off their beautiful cameras.

Amirhossein Herandi: They're so nice and helpful here.

Andrew Ling: By far, the most pleasant and welcoming experience I've ever had in a camera store, actually--almost any store I've ever been into. Don't hesitate to go in, even just to learn more/ask questions. The entire team is so knowledgeable and friendly!

Orlin N: Always a great experience going to the Leica Store Bellevue. Staff is friendly helpful and knowledgeable!Lucky to have them here!

Jonathan Bacaoat: learned I lived right by the Leica Bellevue Shop. I started film shooting around the same time I started going to the store and the team has always been so welcoming for a newbie like me. Over the years I have purchased a couple vintage Leica film cameras at extremely reasonable prices considering the conditions of them. I have actually visited a ton of Leica stores around the world and this one and Leica MAP Shinjuku are definitely my favorites

7. Color One Photo - Seattle

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· 14 reviews

8343 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

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Color One Photo: what do users think?

Brandon Bedwell: I had the pleasure of calling on Carl & Color One Photo to work on some very important pieces. I can honestly say, their handling of the print work was everything I could ask for. Beautiful - Thanks guys!! I will see you again soon.

Stanley Crescendo: Quick, professional, unparalleled quality. Color One is my go to place for all my printing needs! Carl does unparalled work and is also a very interesting person to chat with! I would have no qualms whatsoever about bringing my dog to his fine establishment!

Leslie Lowe: The Best! I had a strange little photo that I needed printed and the care that I received was the best. They took the time to improve the quality and printed it out while I waited. I would not hesitate to bring any project here- what kind professionals!

Yasmine: The best. Came in with some digital art downloads I wanted printed. Carl answered every question I had and showed me all my options. And to top it all off, he finished the prints while I waited. 10 minutes and I had my high quality prints in hand. 10 minutes!! Thank you!

Kyle DeCory: Can't recommend this place enough! I had some last minute prints I needed made for the holidays, and I figured it would be a longshot to have them made in time. Carl was very helpful, got all my prints finished in time and I couldn't be happier with the quality. Absolutely worth the price and I will definitely be using this place for all my art prints in the future.

Jolene Boice: I will definitely use Color One Photo again. They have great customer service and nicely done photos.

Andrew J Borst: This place is absolutely amazing. I had been trying for weeks to find a good photo printing place in Seattle, especially one where the printed images match the color quality and clarity of their digital counterparts. As far as I have found, Color 1 photo is the BEST place in Seattle to print your digital photos! Not only that, but the staff are extremely friendly, and the turnaround time for all of my orders over the past few months has been EXCEPTIONAL! I recently placed an order for a large canvas print, and needed it printed prior to a trip, where we would be celebrating a birthday. I called up the shop and they were more than happy to help me out with my request, and the print was available the following day -- once again, with exceptional quality! I can't speak highly enough of this place. If you are on the fence, please take my advice and GO HERE for your photo printing needs. It's hard to find good quality and service these days, but you will find it at Color 1, I promise!!

brent martin: It is hard to give up a good thing. I just can't seem to quit using Color 1. It's easier than going any number of places closer to me in Los Angeles, though not as easy as when I lived half a mile away. I can always count on the best quality prints for my work at Color 1.

Jeff Nelson: Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Photo prints on metal turned out amazing.

Ja-coby Hinton: Cannot give enough stars. Carl is awesome, his work speaks for itself, but on top of that pricing is always fair and timing is always excellent. I’m an artist and I will be getting my prints here every time

Linda Lloyd: I had a concave photo over 100 years old that I took here to have some flat copies made. It was a very specialized process handled by the owner and done in two days time at reasonable price. Good selection of high quality paper for prints. Very highly recommend.

Avery Fulford: Great service, beautiful prints! And interesting conversations too.

Anita Nowacka: Excellent customer service by Carl and excellent quality of my photo printed there. I will be back. Very pleased. Thank you Color 1 Photo!

Sophie P: Really quick turnaround for a few small photos I had today. They turned out great! Thank you!!

Alisa Steck: Excellent service and quality! Carl is a true craftsman, printing to perfection. I recently had a photograph printed on metallic paper & mounted on Diabond for an upcoming exhibit, and the result was stunning. The turnaround time was incredible as well, with the print being completed just a couple of days after I uploaded the image. I highly recommend Color1 to photographers and artists, or anyone else seeking top quality prints.

8. Cloud Break Optics - Seattle

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· 68 reviews

2821 NW Market St G, Seattle, WA 98107

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Cloud Break Optics: what do users think?

John Engledew: Outstandingly good quality service.I had a minor difficulty with a faulty cable and e mailed Cloud Break Optics where I had purchased the instrument to ask about a replacement. My Meade Polaris 114 has seen use since July but I think it’s a minor design flaw for the inner screw to wear so quickly. It’s nothing technical or optical.Within 24 hours Stephanie and I chatted about it and she arranged a replacement direct from Meade free of charge. This is better than anyone could expect and I commend and thank the owner. As I said, science before commerce.This is excellent service to the astronomical community. I’ll certainly consult and do business with them again and encourage observers in the Pacific NW to regard them as a valuable resource for equipment and advice.Thank you Stephanie.John Engledew FRAS

Radhakrishna Hari: Awesome local place if you are into astronomy. Stephanie will answer all of your questions.

Karla Garcia: Wonderful service. Very honest people work here. Took my dad's telescope to get fixed, they were able to take a look at it in less than a week and only took half hour to fix it.

John Wacker (Rigelnuke): and they fulfilled the order and I had a UPS within an hour of placing the order. The item arrived 2 business days later. Fast!

Hans Wolfgang Schulze: Racks of stuff I want!!!!

Anthony Vescio: A great place to get all Astronomy related gear. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Bradley Lile: Super nice and very helpful people here. Bought my first telescope the other day from them, and couldn't be happier. Sarah was super nice and had an answer for any of my questions. Best place to go for this hobby no doubt 🧐

Philipp W: Stephanie, Matt and the rest of the team completely rock! You guys are superstars! I had long phone calls being lost in the depths of some configurations and they listened, researched and helped me out until we got it all working. Seriously: this is the place you want to buy your gear from!

Josh Max: . The Cloud Break Optics team have been 1000x more helpful than any other hobby shop I've walked into and I've been truly treated like family in this store! As a bonus, both of the owners are prominent SAS members and love to help people learn about space and astronomy.

Pamela Banin: Bought the most fabulous scopes and books all from the website. Great quality and wonderful service. The staff are very knowledgeable and great to work with when I had questions about my selections.

C.C. McAll: Great helpful service

Joshua Queen: Helpful team, but beware, Google address is incorrect as of 3/15/2022. Had to make two grueling trips and a oblivious tool of a lady dinged my Supra, aka, parking is tight. Other than that, great store, would definitely recommend.

Jeremy H: I hardly ever write reviews. Shout out to the staff at Cloud Break!! Just picked up a ASIAIR Plus that got delivered. Had a chance to stop by the new location today. Could have spent hours chatting after picking up a few dew heaters. Staff is amazing and sooooo knowledgeable!! Thanks again!!

Nathnael Kahassai: Super helpful and an amazing selection, Matt listened to my interests and guided me to a selection I am happy with. Very knowledgeable and friendly!

Lukas: Ordered a pair of Celestron binoculars and they arrived incredibly fast! Packaging was excellent. Can’t wait to restart my star gazing hobby. Thanks Cloud Break Optics!

9. Glazer's Camera Rentals - Seattle

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· 194 reviews

517 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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Glazer's Camera Rentals: what do users think?

melika rahmati: Everyone is very helpful

Andrew isak: Large selection of equipment, polite staff

Jonathan Red: Staff is friendly and helpful. The renting process is quick and relatively easy. And the prices are very competitive with the alternative online options for rentals

Michael Baltierra: Good selection to choose fromReasonably pricedFriendly staff

Jaeger Mah: Had a fairly seamless experience here. Unlike most rental facilities, the staff were reasonably friendly and happy to help explain things. Pricing was decent there hours were good. Yo, I’d probably return.

Mohima Barua: I rent out lenses pretty often as a test run prior to investment. Glazer’s offers a reasonable price even for extended rentals.

10. BumbleJax Fine Art Printing & Mounting - Seattle

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· 135 reviews

3663 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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BumbleJax Fine Art Printing & Mounting: what do users think?

Mark White: Super service, incredible printing, great customer service. I can't speak highly enough about these guys. They are the best I've worked with for printing.

Rina Nicholson: and the service. Great quality!

e H: Amazing quality!! The large canvas print looks so good!! Top notch printing and the colors are spot on from what I see on my original image. The customer service is fast and easy to work with will answer any questions with ease!Thank you bumblejax!

Andrew Berner: I've done 2 acrylic floating prints with Bumblejax and have been amazed by the quality. I will be getting more from them for sure.

Yijun Zhao: We chose BumbleJax to print our 30x45 acrylic wedding picture from Hawaii, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! The final product is truly amazing! I want to give a special shoutout to Corey for his outstanding patience and assistance throughout the process. Without hesitation, I highly recommend BumbleJax for all your top-quality printing needs.

Wendy Figueroa: Beautiful quality product, excellent customer service. I was really pleased with my order.

Dennis Hogan: I had several canvas prints made and they were beautiful and the packaging was the best I have seen. I recommend highly.

Whit Richardson: I had a bunch of satin paper prints made for a interior design client responsible for art in a large development project. Their feedback is as follows:“I wanted to let you know we received the prints and I dropped them off to the framer last week. When I dropped them off, I was able to look at the prints and wanted to let you know that these turned out so beautiful! I am very pleased with the prints and can’t wait to see the finished product.The prints were seriously beautiful, and the colors came out amazing- great job!”

Enrique Barquet: I was absolutely satisfied with the entire process, from the purchase, the delivery time, and the quality of the prints. I will definitely be back with them soon!

Kristin Fletcher: Fantastic product, superior quality!. Very happy with our pictures. Would definitely order again and highly recommend. Packaged very well to avoid any damage. Great support hooks for easy hanging.

Debbie Lanz: We had a photo I took at my Aunt & Uncle's lake house in Minnesota, blown up on canvas for our wall. Bumblejax did an amazing job and we are beyond pleased! High quality work, packed well for shipping and quick turn around time. We will be definitely using them again!

J D: This company, these people are the utmost professionals. From order production to keeping you up to date on shipping and great customer service throughout. There finished acrylic product is unbelievably cool. Thanks again T.

Luis Enrique Rodriguez: I can’t be more happy with the service and the quality of the prints.

Michael Shanley: Do not hesitate - you have found the right company to trust with your artwork. I am inherently skeptical when ordering online, but purchased a metal print as a gift - shipping directly to the recipient, I took a chance knowing I wouldn't get to see it ahead of time. Nothing to worry is exceptional. Their customer service was sincere, workmanship and quality are fantastic. This photo from a trip together is now a remarkable piece of art hanging in their home. I am going to order one for myself because I'm jealous.

Mark Chapman: I was amazed at the detail and color that the art had. It was vibrant and just jumps off the canvas and takes my into the picture like I was there. It is made with the craftsmanship that I know will last a lifetime. I couldn't be happier with the results. I know I will be buying more art in the future. The customer service is beyond what you are going to find anywhere else. They took the time to reach out to me to make sure that the art met all my expectations. Also, the images you chose, although beautiful on the website cannot compare with the brilliance of the finished art. Prepare to be amazed.

Jennelle Marcereau: I had an EMERGENCY order and BumbleJax delivered! It was the first time using their printing services and they accommodated my last minute order and it was perfect! Exceptional customer service. Thank-you the Acrylic prints are amazing!!

David Wetzel: Exceptional Quality and Service from BumbleJax Fine Art PrintingI recently ordered a Chromaluxe Metal print from BumbleJax Fine Art Printing and I am beyond impressed with the entire experience. From the moment I placed my order, the customer service was nothing short of friendly and efficient, with a turnaround time of less than 5 days.The product itself is of excellent quality. The print is stunning, with an impressive level of detail, thanks to the use of an AI algorithm to enhance the resolution. Even at a large size, my image looks incredibly detailed and vibrant.The metal panel is thin yet sturdy, demonstrating the high quality of the materials used. It also features a frame on the back, making it easy to mount on the wall.BumbleJax’s commitment to quality is evident in their product description. They’ve spent months researching the best equipment and materials, and it shows. They use industry-leading Chromaluxe panels for superior longevity and color vibrancy, along with top dye sublimation printer and inks.In conclusion, I am thrilled with my purchase and I believe you will be too. I highly recommend BumbleJax Fine Art Printing for anyone in need of high-quality, stunning metal prints.

Larry Pass: Ordered an acrylic block print and the results were outstanding. The color accuracy and details of the photograph were perfect and the acrylic block presentation gives the print a 3-dimensional quality.Ordering process was easy. Desirable pricing.Shipping was on schedule.Packaging was excellent and the print was very well protected.Very pleased.

Rebecca Cozart: My pet photography clients love these acrylic blocks. Good customer services, excellent product, good turnaround time. I sold three at Christmas! The quality is excellent and the customer service is wonderful!

Craig Bakstad: My client loves the acrylic print! Corey was great to work with and helped make sure the file worked perfect for such a large print. It arrived in a sturdy crate and actually showed up a couple days earlier than expected.

11. Capitol Hill Museum Quality Framing - Seattle

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Not verified
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· 66 reviews

519 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

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Capitol Hill Museum Quality Framing: what do users think?

Sam Rolfe: 10/10! They were so helpful and fast. Helped me frame a jersey for my friend's birthday, I can't recommend highly enough. Thank you Museum Quality Framing!

David Antal: ?

Andrew Royal: Excellent professional results.

Travis Thompson: I had an incredible experience here. They created beautiful pieces that I’m giving as a Christmas gift. They also went above and beyond by providing free gift wrapping.

Victoria Huynh: Walked in a few weeks ago to get a frame and custom size matting for a cross-stitch I made. They were helpful in helping me figure out what I needed and cut the matting for my piece very quickly.

Sue Frohreich: We really appreciated their expert advice with sensitivity to our artistic vision. The recommendations regarding framing and glass materials were perfect compliment to our home.

Frederick: Bill Murray is gang stalking me

Ivy 'S: Professional, meticulous, and beautiful hand crafted quality.

Noah Fabish: Excellent service and quality! Kind and knowledgeable staff with endless framing options.

Shayna Stevermer: . When I came into the store she walked me through picking my background color/texture, what type of glass I needed and picking a frame. They have a TON of options and she was helpful and gave good recommendations but always listened to what I wanted in the end. Timing wise it took about 2 weeks to complete, but I have a large 3ft x 5ft picture so smaller might be faster; Im unsure.My final piece ended up being so gorgeous I cannot believe it lives in my house! I am so grateful and hope to have another piece worthy of their work soon

E J: I have been getting everything from Art, Photography, Antique Madonna Hands from Italy, to Sports Jerseys, framed at Capitol Hill Museum Quality Framing for many, many years. They always do a wonderful job and take the time to understand our vision and then make it happen. Cheryl and her team are thoughtful, kind, and very talented. I highly recommend them for all framing needs.

Richard Powell: Professional and knowledgeable. I broke the glass of my art piece and it was ready the following day.Parking was a little difficult. That's why 4☆ instead of 5☆

Brenda Sherk: I had such a wonderful experience Capitol Hill MQF. Their selection of custom framing material is extensive as well as their services. I love how patient, helpful, and knowledgeable the staff is. They work with you to make sure you are happy with your order in terms of product and price. I was satisfied with the cost as it’s not much different than online custom framing service providers. I absolutely recommend this shop and would love to work with them again.

Jeremiah Reenders: 10/10! Beautiful framing. Was totally worth it to pay for the museum quality glass

Guillermo G: The frames were great and the team working on them were very helpful and prompt

Elena Schensted: Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! I had an Andrew Wyeth poster framed with a small custom mat for my partner for Christmas, and he LOVED it! You all were very helpful in helping me decide which color mat to use, and were understanding when I needed that mat to be very thin along the border due to the size/shape of the poster. It looks so good and the color of the matting and the wooden frame are a perfect complement to the colors in the Wyeth painting. 10/10 experience!

Jessica McCarthy: While there are so many beautiful frame options, they helped me find exactly what I was looking for within my budget. We played around with different widths and finishes until we found the winning combo. The turnaround was pretty quick and the end result is perfect. Highly recommend.

Michael “Ollie79” Blackburn: I was a first time user of their service. I was on a short deadline. They were very supportive and gave great customer service. I found their prices to be competitive and in these times great customer service is hard to find. My art is not hanging in a gallery and I like to thank them for doing a great job.

Sterling H: The name doesn't lie! Friendly, knowledgeable staff who were able to get me exactly what I wanted for my unusual framing needs. High quality work front to back!

Susie H.: I've been having art framed here for a long time. The staff is excellent at working with me to find just the right frame and mat. Everything always looks beautiful.
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· 25 reviews

4208 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

Address Website WhatsApp
Madison Park Museum Quality Framing: what do users think?

Eryn Whitworth: Very easy to leave a glowing review. This was well done and on time. The shop keeper/owner was also helpful in picking out a frame and preparing a small xmas gift I also bought for a friend while I was in the shop.

Maria Marsans: Staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful, and the frames came out great! Will definitely use again.

Edgar Telmo: Brandon is very helpful and he answered all the questions I had.

Katherine Kummerow: As always a gtreat job!

Antje Brewer: It was an absolute treasure to work with the team at Madison Park. I’ve worked with other locations in the past and the Mad Park crew were so enthusiastic, collaborative, and genuinely interested in my projects. I’m amazed at the quick turn around despite the size of my order, COVID, and holiday. I am eager to create new projects to bring them!

Renzo Angell-Abrams: best framing store ever for the first framing store I've ever been to 5/5 stars will come again

Susie Naye: I was extremely pleased with both the service I received and the ultimate result. I was having one of my own photographs framed, and we were able to find a frame that paired so well with the subject matter of the photo. Also, I had envisioned the photograph to "float" between glass inside the frame, and it came out EXACTLY as I had hoped. Thank you so much!

Carolyn DuPen: I have been very happy with my experiences at Madison Park Museum Quality Framing. On important pieces needing to be framed, the advice and products used have both been really good. Often I have small pieces from my grandchildren or small pictures as gifts and have found their ready to go frames really nice and fitting my budget. I used to get that type of frame at Target or Michael’s but theirs are nicer and there is a good selection. They have been great for my framing needs.

13. Moonphoto - Seattle

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· 55 reviews

6751 8th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Address Website WhatsApp
Moonphoto: what do users think?

Kirk Anderson: Great location with great people and fantastic service.I had a friend who is a traveling musician come to town in April and I had a couple of 8 x 10 photos from the 1990s that I really wanted to make copies of and give to him . He's from Atlanta and is on a nationwide tour and I know from history that you can get pretty lonely when you're on the road so I thought these nice pictures from the 90s given to him while he's on the road on the Pacific Northwest in 2024 would be a nice thing to do.I really didn't know what I was doing and these people really helped out . They did a little bit of cropping and enhancement and the pictures came out fantastic.You should've seen the look on my friends face when I pulled these photos out !!!!!Thanks for making a special memory for us both and thanks for working with my calendar screw up and getting the pictures done a day early.

Kristin Zwiers: Great customer service and quality prints!! I highly recommend Moon Photo.

Andrew Markham: I've had about 6 rolls of 35mm film developed and scanned here, and each batch of shots has turned out great! The staff are super friendly, and I've been happy with the pricing and turnaround time. I highly recommend Moonphoto to anyone else shooting on film!

jason strain: Highly recommended. I'm beyond impressed with the service and quality I received of work from Bob and the team at Moonphoto! Kai seems very talented too.

Raman Ebrahimi: . It took around a week which was as they said when I dropped the roll and everything went smoothly and the quality of the pictures are great too. Thanks!

Kevin Wright: Great shop specializing in high quality prints for those photos you want to last a lifetime. I found it very easy to understand their instructions online and they did a quick turn around for me at a very reasonable cost. Everyone was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I'll definitely be back when I need prints and recommend them to others.

May G.: They do excellent work.

Eric Turner: I've been using Moonphoto for my black and white work for 35 years! Speaks for itself.

Lauren Rodriguez: The best photo lab in seattle, I’ve used every other lab option and would always recommend moon photo 100% over any other lab. The rare times there’s been issues with my development they’ve communicated well and remedied the issue, the quality is also superb over any other seattle lab. They also do the best scans in the seattle area. Sometimes I’ll re-try another lab with easier hours & maybe a bit of a price break and I always regret it with the outcome.

이응: I got my 35mm film developed & scanned here. I took the photos with Kodak ColorPlus 200 which is the cheapest film you can find at the market, but the resolution still turned out pretty great at this place!I am pretty satisfied with them!

Muugii M.: Great quality work!

14. Best Buy - Seattle

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· 2104 reviews

330 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125, United States

Address Website WhatsApp
Best Buy: what do users think?

Mandylynn (shorttgirl): Nice people

Mohammed arif: Good collection. Friendly and helpful staff

Alejandro Lara: Was looking for a smart tv. One of the employees helped me choose the best one for my price range. 55in Pioneer smart tv for $250 best price in the area definitely recommend it

Exotik: I think the guy’s name was Jacob who helped me. He was great. Helped me find a cell phone case and ordered a power inverter for me.

15. Walmart Photo Center - Renton

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· 17 reviews

743 Rainier Ave S, Renton, WA 98057

Address Website WhatsApp
Walmart Photo Center: what do users think?

Russ Schow: Looking for canning jars for making high probiotic sauerkraut. Went to numerous stores and all only had little ones. Walmart had large 1 gallon jars. Much better than I was looking for. Great!!!

James Washington: You all already know. It Walmart. Always a good deal. Just be careful not to overspend. 🤪🤓

Gaurav Jindal: 1. Decent quality2. Plethora of design options3. Cheap4. Instant prints

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