Best Clinics To Abort In Seattle Near Me

All Women's Care Cedar River Clinics Planned Parenthood - White-West Seattle Health Center Planned Parenthood - University District Health Center

1. All Women's Care - Seattle

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· 54 reviews

9730 3rd Ave NE #200, Seattle, WA 98115

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All Women's Care: what do users think?

paityn j: i had an appointment at this clinic yesterday, every single staff member was so sweet and welcoming. it was a longer appointment and they were doing everything they could to keep me comfortable and occupied. i’m a super anxious person and i was very nervous to get sedated for my first time but they were understanding and answered any and every question that i had, while also being my support people and helping calm my nerves. my whole appointment was pain free and the recovery room is very comfortable. they were also so helpful with anything i needed, and stayed in contact with me after my appointment to make sure everything was going smooth. i’m very happy that i chose this clinic and i appreciate everything that they did for me.

Moon Ables: Absolutely amazing, respectful, understanding and go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of 10/10 would recommend

Charlotte R: I had such a great experience at this clinic. I had a lot of anxiety about IUD insertion as I’d had an awful experience in the past and everyone was so welcoming and took the time to address any concerns I had. I opted for deep sedation and next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room. Truly pain free. I will absolutely be coming back for any future insertions and would recommend this to anyone who is worried about the pain of their own insertion process.

Tanya Toribio: Amazing and caring clinic. Had a traumatic first IUD insertion and was looking for a sedation option for my second IUD. They did it and everything was gentle, well explained, and I felt safe and cared for. I’ve recommended to several women in my life.

Ashley McKellar: more than five stars if I could. After my gyno recommended a Mirena IUD to help manage my debilitating period symptoms, I found that my regular clinic didn't offer any sort of sedation for IUD insertion. I've never given birth before and heard that insertion can be particularly painful in this instance. I'd been through enough pain with my periods. Upon recommendation from a friend who received compassionate abortion care at AWC, I made an appointment. The staff were all so friendly and took my concerns seriously. I had my Mirena inserted with IV sedation and don't remember a thing. I truly had a painfree procedure, as advertised on their site. Thank you, Lilith Clinic staff, for all that you do. I highly recommend them and will be returning for future IUD insertions and removals.

D L: I will be forever thankful for this clinic. On the worst day of my life, terminating a very much wanted pregnancy at 18 weeks for genetic abnormalities..they made the experience bearable. Everyone from the counter staff, to the gal who did my ultrasound, to the gal that took my babies footprints to the doctor himself and everyone in between. They were all so compassionate and you could tell they really care. Thank you so much for the total sedation and complete care physically and mentally. You give me faith in humanity.

Justine: and reassured me everything would be ok. The anesthesiologist was amazing. I’ve never had a completely painless IV until today. I could go on and on. Thank you Kelly, salena, Anna, the doctors, and the entire staff for a trauma free experience.

Morgue Anne: but when I arrived everyone was so kind and professional and immediately put my mind at ease. I've never had better care. I was actually treated like a human being who knew what I wanted. Would give more stars if I could. Worth every penny.

Shubhreet Mann: Best service

Srikanth Maganty: excellent doctors & nurse team is what I learnt from a close family who had to go through it unfortunately, due to medical reasons..

Lisa Jones: the people who work here are honestly some of the most sincere, kind and just absolutely caring people iv ever met in my entire life. they take so many extra steps to make sure your comfortable And educated about what's going on when your actual doctor holds your hand and your nurse is literally drying your tears away with a tissue u literally couldn't ask for better people to be in the hands of ♥️♥️♥️

Jewels Ly: This location. And the providers that work here are the. Best I wish they were an actually health care clinic they’re professional then any clinic I ever cameAcross the ladies go above and beyond to help you

Kennedy: They couldn’t have been more welcoming to a safe environment. Dr. Brown did exceptional with the IV, which I was apprehensive about being a hard stick. I forgot to confirm my appointment prior and they fit me in within 10. I didn’t have anyone there taking me home so a Lyft was provided by them to take me to get my prescription, then home. Thank you for the warmth and optimal care provided by all team members on deck today.

2. Cedar River Clinics - Seattle



· 21 reviews

509 Olive Way #1454, Seattle, WA 98101

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Cedar River Clinics: what do users think?

Clary Luz Diaz Hernandez: Despite not having had a good time due to the loss of my pregnancy, the health team in general was very timely with the good care they gave me, Simón and Bella were very attentive to my recovery. Grateful to everyone, many blessings! Continue with the humanized treatment and empathy with your patients🙏🏻

Allison Thomas: This was one of the hardest days of my life and the people at Cedar River Clinic in Renton were so kind and caring. They made me feel so seen and heard as I was going through the worst loss. Simon was amazing at providing gentle care and being a calm spirit during the waiting period. All the care team…I can’t say thank you enough for being so compassionate.

Betty Augustin: I received great care. They really listened and understood my concerns and was able to get to the bottom of the issue I was having.

Miranda J LC: Tacoma - amazing provider team from Drs to MAs. Truly some of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever met. Appt was 8:50 and I didn’t begin process until 9:25, the 5 stars is for the entire experience.

Will Arboj: these folks are fantastic! i have been with them since 2018 for hrt therapy and they have always treated me with kindness and respect. i also recently neeeded to switch my method and the practitioner walked me through the process as well as what to look out for as my body adjusts.i do recommend making an appointment months in advance if you are able, as they are often booked out due to the high demand for their services. this goes for any of their locations~ having an appointment can help prevent a long wait, and they are easy to set up with a phone call as they are often quick to answer and always with a human instead of a robot! 👍

Taran Romero: Had to go here for a termination because all the PP were booked and I was terrified after an experience somewhere else almost a decade ago. We had to drive almost two hours from home to get here so was kind of bummed but so glad we did. The wait time was long yes but my total time including procedure didn’t go over the 4 hours they estimated, it was actually under. I honestly had the most comforting and pleasant experience I could have had considering what was being done. The staff was phenomenal and their kindness and gentleness literally made me cry. The nursing assistant and performing doc especially were so so sweet. I obviously hope to never have this procedure again but if I do I would definitely make the drive here. 1000% recommend.

Larisa Kablikhina: This is a wonderful, compassionate clinic. The wait time wasn’t too bad, about 2.5 hrs. The lobby is comfy and everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease. For anyone reading the scary one star reviews - do not pay them any mind. This clinic is top notch, drs were wonderful. Make sure you go to the right address, there’s an old building on Rainier which is the one in some of the Google photos - that is not the right one. New building is on Carr road.

Ali Marie: Thank you so much to the entire staff of Cedar River Clinics, but especially to Milo, Nina, Trinh, Lauren, and Sarena! Everyone made me feel so taken care of and safe, despite me being incredibly nervous. The wait time wasn't bad with my experience, I was seen within an hour of my appointment and I know they're trying hard to bring the waiting times down. I don't remember catching the financial person's name but she was very sweet and also put me at ease about the costs, which I was extremely grateful for. I can't thank the staff enough, truly. I will absolutely be using Cedar River Clinics for my sexual health wellness in the future.

Aeslehc Dyoll: I came here last week from out of state for my procedure. Every person I came into contact with was so kind and supportive. They made sure I was well informed and comfortable with every step of the process. Thankful to have heard about this place!

Carrie Shelton: On the worst day of my entire life, every staff member I interacted with at this clinic offered compassion, kindness and respect every step of the way. Thank you to those who work here providing a very needed service.

dan Aliyev: I dont know if my experience was better than others, but our experience was superb. The staff was excellent and friendly. They did everything to accommodate for us. Very comforting. The front desk went beyond and gave us all the answers we needed. Don't judge the clinic by the neighborhood.

3. Planned Parenthood - White-West Seattle Health Center - White Center

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· 24 reviews

9942 8th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

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Planned Parenthood - White-West Seattle Health Center: what do users think?

Bri Marie: I went in initially nervous but was assured it was a nice and safe environment. I went to this location for testing and to discuss birth control options. The staff were super helpful during my whole experience and were able to help me better understand my options regarding birth controls, testing, and payment plans. Would highly recommend

Lana P: I came to this location because of the good reviews! I was fortunate that this location was the closest to me as well. It’s clean and in a nice, quiet location. I was scheduled for a late afternoon appointment and arrived 40 minutes early and was seen immediately. Receptionist was a male and lovely and the women who took care of me inside were so sweet and informative. I felt really taken care of and had no issues with my treatment. Everything was fast and on point.

Mabel MG: Excellent, good customer service from all the staff, they are committed to helping you.But there is a man who really speaks Spanish and if he has a vocation in his work, he has always taken care of me very well. Very kind .

aida caldararu: Best clinic ever they are soo professional they explain everything and they make you feel so comfortable and they answer your questions I totally recommend this clinic to all ages women thank you best experience ever thank you thank you 😘😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hannah Monroe: Moved from out of state and decided to call you see if I could get a checkup. They were able to help me figure out insurance/apple care and gave me direct number to call for help. When I arrived for my appointment they were so helpful and I felt very in control of my appointment. Great staff I felt safe with and relaxing environment. Thanks for the service!

Elsa Lockwood: Hands down, one of the best Planned Parenthood experiences I've ever had. The staff here made the entire experience just quick, painless, and honestly pleasant from beginning to end. They were beyond friendly, completely supportive, undeniable intuitive, and endlessly kind. If you're looking for a trustworthy clinic, I highly recommend this location.

Emma Carrick: I could not have went to a better office for BC. The people here really do care about you!

Rhema Neas-Gass: I had never been into a Planned Parenthood, and I was in a lot of pain from an IUD issue. I was so happy with the care I received throughout the building. Care started at the front desk. then with the sweetest nurses. I fully trust Planned Parenthood with my body. They truly let you advocate for yourself, LISTEN to your concern, and are a safespace for LGBTQ bodies, and ALL bodies !

Lina Lea: I was greeted professionally by the front office and treated remarkably well by the back office. Every question they asked me was asked in a polite manner that made me comfortable and everything was performed only with direct permission, from a blood draw, to pulse and heart monitoring. When following up, everything was done with utmost patient care. I couldn't complain about a single thing.

Alena Smallwood: Lauren who works there was amazing. She handled my situation perfectly and informed me of all the facts I needed to know with out any judgement! Very friendly staff all around. Lee was amazing too! Thank you to everyone who works here !!

Melinda S: was super friendly and quick and verifying all of my info so I could proceed into my appointment. Lauren was extremely informative and great at taking my vitals. Lee was also wonderful during my exam—she was gentle, fast, and comforting! Overall, really wonderful appointment experience. This place was comforting and I would definitely return for more wellness checkups in the future!

Margaux Flaherty: Wonderful experience today for my first time here! Kyle at the desk was friendly and the check-in process was streamlined and simple. Nikki and Dana were both kind, understanding, upbeat, andvery knowledgeable. I was quite anxious beforehand, but they made me feel much more at ease. No discomfort whatsoever. They follow COVID guidelines with proper screening. Highly recommend!

Alyssa Marie: Planned parenthood continues to be the best place to go for healthcare. I’ve never been to any other doctors office where I felt as cared about and listened to as I do at Planned Parenthood. I got an iud here and the doctor and nurse were so comforting throughout the entire procedure!

Idk Idk: There’re so nice and friendly, they genuine care and concern about you.Very thankful with they’re service

4. Planned Parenthood - University District Health Center - Seattle

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· 15 reviews

5020 Roosevelt Way NE Unit 1, Seattle, WA 98105

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Planned Parenthood - University District Health Center: what do users think?

Maty Rowley: Friendly staff that make you feel safe and comfortable

Cal Hartmann: I have great experiences with all the Planned Parenthood locations I visit in the Seattle area, but the U District clinic really stands out with how warm, welcoming, and thorough their staff is. If you have anxiety around blood draws, this is the clinic to visit. Every tech I've seen here has made the blood draw procedure as quick and efficient as possible, and has gone above and beyond in making sure I'm okay during and after. It makes a big difference and I really appreciate it!

Margaux Flaherty: . They answered all of my questions, addressed my concerns, and made me feel very comfortable. Love supporting Planned Parenthood and would certainly recommend this location!

Amanda Lin: Hands down my favorite health clinic! The staff is so efficient and warm, and they are so respectful. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment. I recently had an experience with a private gynecologist who was unbelievably rude, judgmental and completely incompetent, and I had no idea that Planned Parenthood was so special in the level of care it provides, particularly at the University center. The amazing staff member who did my women's wellness exam here talked me through the whole thing and was so wonderful and empathetic throughout it that she completely calmed my anxiety during the procedure. I wanted to give her a hug at the end. Thank you University District Health Center for providing me the best healthcare during my time as a very stressed and worried student and treating all your patients with such kindness and respect.

Liz Argall: I go here for my pap smears and wellness exams. I love their care, professionalism and having had bad experiences in the private sector it's really nice to go to a place where I feel respected and safe.

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