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Seattle Specialty Dentistry Seattle Dental Studio 4th & Seneca Dental Pacific Northwest Periodontics: Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler K1 Implant Choice | Full Mouth Dental Implants in 1 Day | All on 4 Seattle Area North Seattle Dental Kois Dentistry First Hill Dental Center Smiles by Design - Rejuvenating Implant Dentistry Premier Periodontics Bellevue, WA Advanced Implant Dental Icon Dental Center Seattle Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center

1. Seattle Specialty Dentistry - Seattle

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· 182 reviews

509 Olive Way #1438, Seattle, WA 98101

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Seattle Specialty Dentistry: what do users think?

Karen Brown: I came in for a check up and cleaning as always everyone is warm and welcoming and Alex is the best!!!so thorough but gentle

Susan Dar: The professionals at Seattle Specialty Dentistry are always competent, friendly, accommodating, and informative. They make dental appointments a pleasure rather than a duty to my teeth.

Thanittha Sri: I am so happy with all the services I had; cleaning with Alex, and filling with Dr. Pavinee. They're top notch professionals. Highly recommend!!

Toni Vincent Fisher: You’ll never find a finer team of professionals who’ll put the patient’s needs first with the best care from every single staff member.

Louise Carrabba: I had a wonderful experience with my hygiene appointment with Alex. Great attention to detail and comfort.

Jerry Calhoun: Friendly, professionalism, and there for you when you need them.

Joanna Ryan: Visits to Seattle Special Dentistry are always pleasant. The staff is congenial, and the ambiance is soothing. I feel like I am getting premium care.

Joan Kenney: All services in this office are excellent!

Mary O'Connor: Everyone here is pleasant and friendly. I am very grateful for the wonderful staff, each one of them, who has gone above and beyond, to help make my dental treatment plan go smoothly! CAVU! Thank you!

Judy Rogers: As always, my cleaning and crown prep were placed in the careful hands of high quality professionals, who were forthcoming with what was happening, during the procedures, every step of the way. The staff is always warm and welcoming, demonstrating a genuine interest in your dental health, as well as engaging in conversation about your personal life. ❤️

Jackie: Dr Pavinee Chotiwannaporn was empathetic, professional and kind as were all her staff. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxing. Thank you!

Alexandra Oncken: Alex cleaned my teeth and did an excellent job.

Paul Richardson: Always the best service and techniques.

allan smith: Thorough and professional. Lisa's attentiveness caught a life threatening tumor before I was symptomatic. 7 years in remission.

Saskia: Amazing office. Alex is a great hygienist and so friendly always. Everyone at the office is nice. My mom has been taking me to this office for years, and she’s been in the orthodontist business her whole life. They know what they’re doing! Highly recommend to anyone who deeply cares about their oral hygiene.

robert kotler: Excellent experience. Exam was thorough and my hygienist was very personable. Be back in 6 months.

2. Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry - Seattle



· 48 reviews

600 Broadway Ste 600, Seattle, WA 98122

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3. Seattle Dental Studio - Seattle

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· 209 reviews

600 University St #820, Seattle, WA 98101

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Seattle Dental Studio: what do users think?

Kailey Dunn: Everyone here was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend them for your dental needs. I went today after not being to the dentist in years due to other dentists and hygienists being rude and essentially scaring me off, and I will say that everyone at this establishment was very caring and made me very comfortable and came up with a treatment plan for me all while being super nice and helpful.

Mary Kelly: Excellent dentist and staff. Pleasant space. Very well organized. Makes you feel confident.

Tom Provo: The best!!

Marlene Woolf: You will always receive excellent dental care here. Dr. Dbouk has a very gentle touch and is a bit of a perfectionist which is what I want for a health care provider.

Joanna Cullen: Great care. Good listening.Great work.

Gabrielle Samols: The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Having my teeth cleaned today was super gentle and efficient. I wish that every person could have this kind of experience.

Kenneth Arthur-Lopez: Everyone was so friendly and welcoming on our first visit. Looking forward to next weeks dental work. Im sure it will be good.

Angie Huleen: Amazing staff! Dr. is patient, knowledgeable and super friendly. I am a nervous patient and felt very comfortable with the treatment plan.

K Stephens: Dr Dbouk is my fav dentist of all time, I trust him completely. I received a referral from the specialist that did my root canal to him when my old dentist left practice. I asked for someone extremely competent. He said if you want an “overqualified” dentist to come here. I’ve been extremely happy and have referred my friends here as well.

todd dickens: Доктор Дбук и его замечательная команда в Сиэтлской стоматологической студии предоставляют превосходную стоматологическую помощь и поддержку. Команда объединяет Dr.Профессиональные навыки и позитивный настрой Дбука, а также его дружелюбный и квалифицированный персонал привносят положительный опыт в процесс лечения зубов. Они четко ответят на все ваши вопросы и дадут полезные рекомендации по улучшению личной стоматологической помощи. Вы находитесь в надежных руках с этой высококвалифицированной, профессиональной и дружной командой.

Roland Morgan: неизменно оказывали исключительный сервис во время моих визитов. Я являюсь преданным пациентом на протяжении многих лет и никогда не сталкивался с какими-либо проблемами с доктором Дбуком или его персоналом. Уровень ухода, который оказывает доктор Дбук, является образцовым; он заботится о том, чтобы его пациенты всегда чувствовали себя желанными и комфортными. Доверие имеет для меня первостепенное значение при выборе поставщиков стоматологических услуг, и я могу с уверенностью сказать, что доктор Дбук и его команда обладают беспрецедентной честностью. Сиэтлская стоматологическая студия превзошла мои ожидания во всех аспектах. Что касается моего здоровья зубов? Это в руках честной и опытной команды. Выражаю глубокую благодарность за их исключительный сервис.

Leslie Robotau: Забота, которую я получила в стоматологической студии Сиэтла, была потрясающей во всех аспектах! Все, кто там работает, очень опытны и восхитительны!Я давний пациент, около 30 лет.Поскольку я отношусь к тому типу людей, которые всегда задают много вопросов, доктор Дбук никогда не колеблется, подробно отвечая на мои вопросы, никогда не считает мои вопросы глупыми или неуместными и не выглядит спешащим!Доктор Д'бук чрезвычайно квалифицирован, обстоятелен, опытен, и помимо того, что он замечательный стоматолог, он также является мастером-имплантологом, имеющим сертификат Совета в области оральной имплантологии. Не говоря уже о том, что он также является научным сотрудником Американской академии имплантологической стоматологии, в настоящее время работает доцентом в программе протезирования выпускников Университета штата Вашингтон и доцентом клинического профессора на кафедре повышения квалификации в области имплантологической стоматологии в школе Лома Линда. стоматологии, где он также является выпускником.Он очень добрый, заботливый и очень заботится о своих пациентах.Я не могу просить большего ни от доктора Дбука, ни от его сотрудников! Они заботятся обо мне и всегда очень хорошо заботились обо мне!Доктор Дбук установил мне зубной имплантат, а также направил меня к хирургу-стоматологу, так как у меня был очень проблемный зуб, который нужно было удалить.В нем нет ни высокомерия, ни эгоизма, и он никогда не колеблется направить своих пациентов к специалисту, если чувствует, что специалист может быть более опытным в выполнении задачи, с которой я сталкиваюсь, и требует ухода.У меня много сколов и трещин на зубах из-за судорожного расстройства. Во время приступа у человека обычно сжимаются зубы, что может вызвать всевозможные повреждения зубов.Мне понадобятся колпачки и, возможно, корневые каналы для многих моих зубов, что, конечно, будет довольно дорого!Его офис работает с вами и позволяет мне производить платежи, если стоматологическая работа будет довольно дорогой, что, к сожалению, имеет место со мной!!Если кому-то нужна стоматологическая работа любого типа, даже очень широкого спектра, обширная стоматологическая работа, я очень рекомендую доктора Дбука и его команду! Я без колебаний порекомендую его своим друзьям и семье!В качестве дополнительного бонуса его команда всегда отправляет меня домой с большой «сумкой вкусностей» со стоматологическими товарами. Я знаю, что многие/большинство стоматологов отправляют домой 1 зубную нить и зубную щетку. Однако в «сумке вкусностей» доктора Дбука есть МНОГО стоматологических товаров!Кроме того, если я спрошу или если люди в его офисе порекомендуют / подумают, что определенные стоматологические продукты могут быть полезны для меня, они запишут названия указанных стоматологических продуктов, чтобы я мог их купить.Я очень подозреваю, что у других его пациентов-стоматологов возникают те же/похожие вопросы, что и у меня, с таким же полезным обслуживанием и уходом.Если вы решите, чтобы он стал вашим DDS, я могу гарантировать, что вы НЕ будете разочарованы!

Carolkim Huynh: Потрясающая команда! Подробные и надежные поставщики!

John Holt: Сиэтлская стоматологическая студия — отличное место. Доктор Дбук - очень опытный стоматолог. Все пять членов нашей семьи — преданные пациенты.

Gabriel Grant: Ходил сюда много лет. Квалифицированный и профессиональный персонал и в целом исключительный опыт!

Jim Fox: Просто наслаждался часом с Лореной, которая почистила мне зубы намного лучше, чем я когда-либо мог сделать. Надеюсь, она будет моим гигиенистом еще много лет.

4. 4th & Seneca Dental - Seattle

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· 364 reviews

1119 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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4th & Seneca Dental: what do users think?

Ed White: Frank is a superb hygienist -- smart, efficient and friendly. He and Dr. Jon also have helped get me on the right track regarding my home preventative care. No cavities or other problems today. Yes!

skisdlimit: Been coming here for years. Always great and thorough service. Much appreciated!

brian: Great Experience! 5 Stars!Dr. Vo & his staff are super friendly, personable, and unassuming.My last visit to the dentist was 6 years ago, so I had a myriad of problems.Dr. Vo & his wonderfully trained staff help map, diagnose & concoct a gameplan to restore my smile! They were quick and efficient & did a wonderful job!Highly recommend!

Tiffany Yang: Came here for my first visit as a second opinion, and I have to say the technology here was way above my previous office. There was a 3D scan that Dr. Jon reviewed and showed me tooth by tooth. The treatment plan was less than my previous office, and it all made sense when he showed me my issues. He was able to squeeze in my treatment same day, and everything went well and smoothly. I didn’t feel any pain, and at the end billing was seamless and upfront. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good trustworthy dentist! Looking forward to starting Invisalign soon!

Ashley Praetorius: 10/5 stars if I could! Dr. Vo is tremendous at what he does and he, the office space, staff, and resident therapy dog make the experience wonderful every time!

Meghrik Assadourian: Omg this office has a therapy dog???? Dental appointments can’t get any better.

Alejandro: Well look no further!From the Front desk who will work with you to ensure you stay on budget and plan treatment according, to hygienists whom understand the human element of dental care, to the Drs who will ensure help you set goals and understand treatment. I always walk out understanding my options, how long to wait until I can grab my next coffee and my dental goals for the year.For the more gen-z, 4th and Senca has grown since I’ve first been there. The glow up is real! Every time I leave, I'm looking brand new, smile shining bright, feeling all sunny. Big up to the team at 4th and Senca for keeping my dental game tight! #newyearbettersmile"

Javier Tafoya: Great service, end to end.

Mary Anne Hood: Love this clinic, and staff.

Mahfuz Rahman: What an incredibly beautiful office! Doc is extremely professional and whole staff was kind and welcoming. After doing many consultations I finally decided to get my cosmetic work done with 4th and Seneca because of the immense amount of experience the doc has, he reviewed past cases, answered all my questions and helped me craft a plan that fit my vision and budget

Matthew Vlahos: , I received expert and thorough care here in Philly. I was sad to see him go. I love following along on IG as he’s transformed 4th & Seneca over the past few years. Give Bradley a belly rub for me when you visit!

Pat Poplawska: .

Virginia Gonzales: My husband And I have been getting our dental work done at 4th And Seneca dental for many years. The team is very professional, experienced and do exceptional work. I highly recommend them.

Ryan Mitchell: The staff here was absolutely amazing and Ms Nikki was awesome at making my first time feel comfortable.

Connor Walsh: Professional and easy experience - especially recommend the practice for folks who live downtown!
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5. Pacific Northwest Periodontics: Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler - Tukwila

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· 194 reviews

411 Strander Blvd Suite 302, Seattle, WA 98188

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Pacific Northwest Periodontics: Dr. Rapoport and Dr. Schuler: what do users think?

Hayda Esmeralda Herrera Zeledon: Amazing, nice staff and the specialist D. Riccardo the best😊

delos mike: Committed staff - really great care here.

Brandon Roberts: Dr. Rapoport and his team are the best in the business. I live in UT, but come to Seattle a few times per year for work and I have had such a good experience with PNW Periodontics that I plan ahead on work trips so I can continue working with them rather than finding someone in UT.

Byron Billingsley: Fantastic staff. They were able to get me in fast for an implant due to a very damaged / broken tooth. Great communication, good paper write up about the procedure - pre and post. Did not use the general anesthesia, and it was not a problem at all. It has been 72 hours now - zero issues. Thank you!

Simon Lee: The Best!

podakayne: Nice facilities, friendly and accommodating staff. Dr. Rapoport, himself, takes the time and concern to explain what he sees, pros and cons of any procedures needed; as well as inquiring as to your understanding of what he's presented. Dr. Rapoport's assistants are very welcoming and knowledgeable.

Alice Deacy: A very good first appointment experience. Put me at ease and that this was right for me.

Carmen Tsuboi Chan: Clare isTHE BEST dental hygienist and a unique asset for Dr Rappaport’s practice!! Very thorough yet gentle, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! I would follow her wherever she may be working!

Mercy Curtis: Clare amazing hygienist, feel her working every tooth one a time, never rushed, thorough, friendly, respectful and smiles. She really does love her job because she shines through her work. Everyone else in the office really nice ,friendly and welcoming😊

Cindy Richardson: Clare is extremely thorough, diligent, patient, and knowledgeable!! All the things you want in a great dental hygienist!!

Phoenician Tin: Great job of explaining everything.Thanks Team.

Gerald Padama: Everyone was friendly, courteous and professional. As always I enjoy seeing Dr. Rapoport , he's awesome! All the dental personnel are awesome too. Very inviting / clean office.

linda haas: Very thorough and explained all my options.

djlane50: Great employees, enjoyed my visit!

Chuck Perry: Clare performed her usual magic. Always an awesome experience!

6. K1 Implant Choice | Full Mouth Dental Implants in 1 Day | All on 4 Seattle Area - Redmond

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· 21 reviews

16455 NE 85th St #100, Redmond, WA 98052

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K1 Implant Choice | Full Mouth Dental Implants in 1 Day | All on 4 Seattle Area: what do users think?

Jackie G: I couldn't choose just one photo. I love my smile so much, I smile ALL the time now. No matter what the rest of me looks like, my smile is always bright. I keep being told I have a beautiful smile. For the FIRST time in my life, I believe it. It's been three years and I still am in awe of how much having a really healthy mouth and a fantastic smile have changed my attitude about myself.I suffered from poor dental health my entire life. I hated going to the dentist because it almost always meant fillings and getting teeth pulled. No matter how I tried to keep my teeth healthy, it just never worked.I will be forever grateful I found Dr Attar and his amazing, friendly, professional, compassionate staff. Dr Attar and his team have changed my life, my smile and especially my health forever.If there is way you can afford to do this for yourself, DO IT. This work is not just cosmetic. Getting rid of all the toxins created with poor dental health will make you healthier. And you get a fantastic smile along with a truly healthier mouth.All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Dr Attar, your staff and K1 Implants!

Lilas: I never met a doctor calm and nice like Dr. Attar. He takes care for every detail, and he listen carefully for what you want . He work professional. His team nice and friendlyHe is number one and highly recommended.

Davina Jones: Highly recommend! I’ve never met a Doctor so calm, kind, and generous! His whole team is great and wonderful to work with!

KATHY MATTISON: My heart is filled with gratitude as I reflect on the journey to having my teeth repaired and my smile restored.One year ago, I came nervously to K-1Implants and met with Dr. Attar and his staff. I had always taken care of my teeth, but over the years they began to crack and crumble and at the time of meeting the implant team, I had no upper back teeth and could only chew with the front teeth. My smile had deteriorated and my self confidence, too. After a day in Dr.Attar's care, I cried when first seeing my new smile with a fully restored all on four set of teeth! In one day, 18 teeth pulled and a healing bridge with full teeth were implanted! The post-op instructions were perfect and with minimal pain and bruising, I was happy to fully smile again! Chewing was amazing, and thank you, with teeth, my flute playing improved immensely and I no longer had an airy sound!I love my teeth and am diligent about keeping the gums and teeth clean. I highly recommend K-1 Implants. Their compassion and professionalism cannot be topped! Thank you, again!

bret lewis: Have taken care of me. Very compassionate and caring. Less expensive than clear choice. And I have a beautiful smile, thank you Dr. K. you're the best

Nasrin s: I highly recommend Dr. Attar and K1 Implant Choice for dental implement. I was very satisfied with my implements, the process, procedure, and the staff. Everyone at the office were professional and honest about the procedure and the process, and they made me feel welcome. They made sure I felt comfortable before, during and after the procedure, and followed up afterwards to ensure I was doing okay.The reason I really liked K1 Implant Choice is that they do all services in-house, which is rare to find. Also, the cost for the entire procedure and the quality of service was more than appropriate for me.Overall, I am very satisfied with the outcome and would recommend K1 Implant Choice.

Christopher Crawford: I could probably write a small book about how I got to where a full overhaul of my teeth was needed, covering the last 60+ years and thousands of dollars in dental work but no one would want to read it, including me. Dr. Attar and the excellent staff he has put together makes it all just a distant memory.I feel we the Pacific Northwest are fortunate that Dr. Attar decided to expand his practice and make his investment here, where he grew up and family still resides.His business plan seems to me to be: Focus on "All on 4" and provide the best products, at the best competitive price, with excellent attention to detail and personal customer service. Pretty much what I was looking for. K1 Implant Choice illustrates how medical sciece and art can come together to create wonderful outcomes.As a highly skilled oral surgeon with many years of experience providing the "All on 4", Dr. Attar and his staff provided excellent personal service thoughout the entire the process. Even the anesthesioloist reached out to me afew days before to surgery. He confirmed to me the possible issues that my previous radiation treatment might cause in placing the sedation tube. All went well...slept through the whole thing. I was a little "tipsy" after my visit but my family thought I was kinda funny, or at least entertaining.After getting my permanent bridges put in, I spent at least 45 minutes talking with Aiad and checking out their on-site lab where everything is made. It has some expensive and awesome high-tech equipment along with experienced personell that really know their trade. The results speak for themselves.Ilooked into going out of countryfor this. Costa Rica would hae been my preferred choice but the lack of any significant cost savings, inconvenience, and any highly unlikely but possible unforeseen future issues made me decide that wasn't the choice for me. K1 was the or that checked all the boxes for me.If I had any regrets it would be that I had not done this a few years earlier.Ihave been extremely satisfied with the entire process and especially the results.Feel free to contact me through Dr. Attar's office if you have any questions.

Peter Stepchin: After years and years of having bad teeth and bouncing from one dentist to another one,and wasting time and money, I decided to change it. It took me about two years to make research about implants and find the right place to get it. I decided to choose K1 implant choice, despite it's over three hundred miles from my home.From the very beginning to the very end doctor Attar and his team treated me with extraordinary care and top level professionalism. Now I have beautiful smile, what I was dreaming about, a lot more confidence and quality of life is way better than before. It was one of the most important decisions and one of the best investments I ever made!Thank you, thank you!!!

Shane Roberts: All in all.. this is an amazing team and they do amazing work! If anyone is even thinking about doing such a procedure all it took for me was a call and an easy consultation. You won't be disappointed, I would do this again and again and would highly recommend this team.

chris whisenhunt: This review is way overdue. Over a year ago I had both upper and lower teeth done at the same time. Many of my teeth were broken in half or missing. In one day they pulled all my teeth and were able to fit my new teeth with minimal pain. They are so professional and everything they promised they far exceeded ten fold. It changed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Attar and his staff the are top shelf in their field.

Scott Rowe: I would highly recommend K1 implants to anyone who is thinking about implants. Implants were definitely the way to go for me and K1 gave me my smile and way of life back! A special thanks goes out to everyone who was involved in my process and I amvery glad I chose K1!

phillip lee: When other providers expressed doubt concerning their ability to address my dental issues, I turned to Dr. Attar. He explained everything in layman terms and gained my confidence even more when he said he would do everything he could to get the job done. The aftercare has been excellent, and the results are everything I hoped for. I would recommend Dr. Attar to anyone looking for implants .

Nancy Badolato: I highly recommend K1 Implant; and could not be happier with how my full mouth implants came out!Dr. Attar and his whole staff were extremely professional, friendly, and sensitive.The whole process went smoothly; and there was very little discomfort post surgery.A good friend referred me to K1 Implant after he had his whole mouth implants done; and he raved aboutDr. Attar and his staff as well.I am so glad I chose to have the implants; it has given me back the ability to laugh and be myself again after so many years of hiding my terrible teeth.If you’re on the fence about having it donedon’t be; it is something I think anyone who’d like to look better should definitely do asap!A million thanks to Dr. Attar and his whole staff!Sincerely,Nancy BadolatoMaple Valley, Wa.

Steve Taylor: I highly recommend K1 Implant Choice and thank them for enhancing -- make that changing -- my life. I had been told by other well-regarded dentists that they could not help me with my specific needs. Dr. Attar examined my mouth and gums and knew he could do what the others said was "impossible" and at a price significantly below what the others would have charged if they could have helped me. And, he did a fantastic job; he's an incredible blend of dentist/scientist/artist/counselor. The team that he has surrounded himself and his practice with are incredible. Brianne, Omar, Guillermo and the other members of the crew are professional, polite, talented, and easy to talk to -- as is the amazing Dr. Attar. My smile shines because of their collective efforts! Again, thank you K1 -- you are the best!!!

Objective Reasoning: Dr. Attar and his staff at K1 Implants are consummate professionals. They eagerly go above and beyond to ensure the patient is fully satisfied with their new smile. In my case, the original final product I was fitted for didn’t exactly provide the look I was hoping, so without hesitation Dr. Attar took the time to retake impressions and send the work up back to the lab. I was given a new set of teeth without any additional cost to me, and I couldn't be happier! They are absolutely perfect! I couldn’t ask for a more natural, beautiful smile! You won’t find anyone out there offering this type of quality and service at such a reasonable price! Thank you Dr. Attar and the K1 team! You guys are the best!Rowena McDonaldOregon City, Oregon

Brenda Conte: This was a decision I should have made years ago. It was such a positive experience with Dr Attar and his staff. I hadn’t smiled in years now I’m learning a new way of life. THANK YOU

Druscilla D'Silva: I had read reviews online about Dr. Khaldoun Attar’s Full Mouth Dental Implant at K1 Implant Choice, which is very conveniently located for me at Redmond WA.I met Dr. Khaldoun Attar and his Team almost 2 years ago. They were very friendly and gave me all the information I needed to consider implants. In the past, I have had bridges and root canal treatments. My teeth were loose and I had trouble biting. Eating out was an ordeal.Dr. Khaldoun Attar’s advised that I wait for a year for the surgery after discontinuing my osteoporosis medication, after consulting my primary care physician.I had two pre-op consultations before my surgery scheduled in January 2019. I was nervous about being under anesthesia for six hours, but was reassured by the staff that everything would be fine. Post-op, the pain was manageable, swelling and bruising was minimum, only suffered from lack of appetite. It took me about ten days to return to my normal self.I am very happy with the outcome of the dental implants. I can now bite and chew food normally. After approximately 6 months, I had my permanent Implants put in.All the work is done In-house including Lab work. Their after care is superb. They quote a fixed price for the Implants and do not add on extras, if there are problems later. Their rate is lower than what most other dentists in the area are charging.Dr. Khaldoun Attar is a caring dentist with a gentle touch. I would definitely recommend him.

Keith Bakker: teeth put in yesterday and all I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow! My wife says they make me look at least 10 years younger. Just like most of Dr. Attar’s patients my story started with failing teeth several year ago that progressed slowly until I knew it was time to do something about it. Based on television advertisements I started my search with the giant of the implant industry, but something just didn’t click with them. Thank goodness I found K1 Implant Choice and Dr. Attar – which was the “Clear right Choice” for my implant services. For me the decision started with the personalized, friendly service that was a very positive experience throughout the process. Doing business with K1 Implant Choice and Dr. Attar was like doing business with family. Service was focused around my care and concerns and they took the time to listen. The small and very experienced staff patiently answered all my questions, customized my care plan and were helpful/respectful throughout the process. Their confidence, based on many years of successful practice, and commitment to my care was reassuring. The entire staff while busy, was friendly, concerned and helpful. Watching the office interact with Dr. Attar it was easy to tell he was a very patient man, always teaching and committed to his staff’s success. The entire staff oozed passion for their jobs and rightfully demonstrated that K1 Implant Choice was the “Clear right Choice” for me.Oh, a couple last comments: The fact I saved several thousand dollars vs. other options clearly didn’t hurt my feeling either. Plus, my Anesthesiologist was Mike Tysium

Jerad: Dreams come true with Dr. Attar and his entire team at, K1 Dental Implants. Who you are as a person, your story, your past, present, and future are all things that Dr. Attar and his staff truly care about. From the first time you walk through the door, it’s a professional experience you have never encountered before. They want to help you, they understand where you are coming from, and offer a real genuine one-on-one patient to team relationship. Hence I said team, everyone is involved there. The only thing that is better then their professionalism, is the results you will get. You’ll love to smile again, love to laugh, love being yourself again.

7. Seattle's Best Smiles - Redmond

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· 47 reviews

13131 NE 85th St Suite 201, Kirkland, WA 98033

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Seattle's Best Smiles: what do users think?

Paul Knight: Dr. Arkadi and his Group at Seattle's Best Smiles are Human beings at their best. The extra care and precision that went into giving me my complete smile, upper and lower permanent implants was spectacular. The best thing is their level of kindness and caring, something I have rarely ever felt at a Doctor's office.. If you need implants.. Go Here, to Seattle's Best Smiles..Sincerely,Paul K.

Sarah Kendall: Dr. Arkadi went above and beyond to make my appointment as easy and comfortable as possible. Great facility and great care team!

Brian Baker: For years I have researched for the right place for me to have veneers done and I could not have chosen a better place. I am thoroughly impressed by Dr Arkadi and his staff. I was extremely apprehensive about the process, but from the time I met the team at Seattle Best Smile in Kirkland they made me feel at ease by carefully explaining the procedure to me. The office staff are also extremely welcoming, and I really appreciate their patience. I am extremely satisfied with my new smile.

Nik Fexon: Dr. Arkadi and the entire staff are wonderful. Everyone in the office really care about their clients. I have had incredibly bad dental anxiety my whole life, and the entire experience with Dr. Arkadi and the staff from day one has completely changed my mind about the dental care and put me at ease. I appreciate Dr. Arkadi and dr Maryl approach to care. Dr Maryl so gentle with everything she does. Dr Arkadi was very direct and helped me understand exactly what was going on with my teeth and got me on a plan right away. In my experience it has been rare to find a dentist who cares enough to take the time to really explain your options and answer all your questions. Usually it seems dentists and hygienists have been in and out as quick as possible without taking the time to really address my questions and issues. That is absolutely not the experience at Seattle Best Smiles. Hands down the best dental care I have had from day one …from the X-rays to the deep cleanings, and implants placement. Implants has been placed by robot, which is unique experience i had. So glad I decided to come to dr Arkadi. Highly recommended!

Chris Shelton: Overall very pleased with the care that came from Seattle’s Best Smiles and Dr. Arkadi. Flexible financing options and genuine care was great. Thank you

Maxim Eremenko: Dr. Arkadi is wonderful and professional. The location is in a convenient place, the inside is nice and modern! Overall a very positive dentist experience.

Alexandra Klious: Had great experience from the moment I walked in . Very nice atmosphere, very knowledgeable stuff .

Olga A: Excellent clinic. I feel comfortable and sure that my health is in professional hands. Thank you!

Natalie Ivashkina: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Dr. Arkady Razumovich, our family dentist. His expertise as a specialist is truly commendable. Dr. Razumovich pays meticulous attention to even the smallest details, showcasing a level of precision that sets him apart.What sets Dr. Razumovich apart, aside from his impressive knowledge, is his unwavering politeness and genuine care. From the moment you step into his office, you are greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere from his assistant Olga. She makes each visit feel personalized and comfortable.As our family dentist, Dr. Razumovich has consistently provided top-notch dental care, leaving us with smiles that reflect both his skill and dedication. I highly recommend Dr. Arkady Razumovich to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, polite, and caring dentist.

Elliott Walsh: Dr. Arkadi Razoumovich is awesome!! I’ve been going to see him for years and have always had an amazing experience. Appointments are efficient and always on time. From the moment I walk in the door, the experience at his dentist office is friendly and professional. The office is feels like it’s on the cutting edge and extremely clean. I will continue to go see Dr. Razoumovich for any of my dental needs

Leonard Jackson Jr.: The staff are friendly enough but at times without the warmth. After years of having Dr Caggiano as my provider, Dr Arkadi is not as gentle while working in my mouth.

Junquan Wang: I had great experience with Dr. Arkadi Razoumovich and his team during yesterday's office visit!

Vicente Espinoza: Seattle’s Best Smiles, the people here are great. Very professional and very attentive. Dr. Caggiano and staff were knowledgeable and respectful about my dental case needs.I recommend this business to all.

Hui Gao: for my dad with Dr. Caggiano and Dr. Razoumovich. They are awesome dentists, who are extremely professional. Dr. Caggiano told me he only missed 4 days of work in his 40 years career. That is truly amazing. Staff are very friendly. Thank you Kara for taking care of us! The environment is clean and tiny. Well managed.Their prices

Kimberly Perry (Kimmie): Gave me a beautiful smile 😁 forever

Stephanie Roberts: Exceptional quality, cost-effect five and painless dentistry!

Teodor Tofoleanu: Very happy with my new teeth.Dr. Caggiano and his team are very professional and very knowledgeable about implants and their benefits.Dr Caggiano made me a completely new man. My wife and my friends say that, with my new teeth, I look at least 10 years younger.Thank you Dr. Caggiano!🙏👍😊❤

PGH Gmail: Dr. Caggiano and the staff at Best Smiles in Kirkland provide quality, professional, and thoughtful customer service and care. I am happy to give them a 5-star recommendation. Thank you, Dr. Caggiano and team.

8. Seattle Periodontics & Implant Dentistry - Seattle

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· 7 reviews

720 Olive Way # 810, Seattle, WA 98101

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9. Advanced Periodontics, Microsurgery & Implantology of Seattle - Seattle

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· 102 reviews

509 Olive Way #1524, Seattle, WA 98101

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Advanced Periodontics, Microsurgery & Implantology of Seattle: what do users think?

Rhonda Lawrence: As much as I hate this They’re really terrific.

bart bauer: Excellent care from the front desk to back office staff!Very grateful for the good care.

Ronald Kolb: even under the most stressful of circumstances. She’s with Dr. Richins, and as a team they are fabulous.

Catherine C: Pleasant and professional office that is passionate and proactive about dental care! Jennifer was my hygienist - very thorough and dedicated to patient dental care!

Steve Mowe: Deep cleaning successful with good advice from Jennifer

Eric Neil Pitsenbarger: Considering the type of work I need, and great expense I will incur, I am nevertheless enthusiastically encouraged. Not just by the positive prognosis, but from the seamless, professional and personable care I’ve received.

Megan Hillyard: Dr. Boyapati is so attentive, caring, and the absolute best!

jay pankratz: Katie is ALWAYS EXCEPTIONALthank you all so much for helping me. Keep my mouth in great shape.

Brian Till: I’ve had excellent care here for many years. The staff are very professional, kind, caring, and competent. Dr. Weinstein is an excellent periodontist and Katie is a wonderful hygienist. The other periodontists that I have also occasionally met when Dr. Weinstein was away have also been great.

Lynn Carr: I had a great outcome from grafting done by Dr. Weinstein and his team. He and his team are very friendly and professional. He answered all of my myriad questions about the surgery and the post-surgery modifications to diet and care. I would recommend Dr. Weinstein.

Alan W Abramowitz: Dr Richins and his RDA Megan are simply the best. Their patient care was exceptional. Procedures were explained at every step. And, with deft hands the two working together so well I was as relaxed as one can while in the chair. I felt very lucky to have them both caring to my periodontal needs. I can’t thank them enough.

Linda Long: Excellent dental practice. Dr. Weinstein and entire staff are professional, kind, and considerate.

C J: Dr Boyapati is the gold standard with dental implants especially in the front aesthetic zone. She is well versed with the latest technologies, proficient with the process of tooth extraction and implant. Finally, she performed extraction of my front tooth and installed implant on the same day! Bonus, I very minor discomfort or pain because her and the staff took good care of me!

Susan Strong: I've had two implants done at Advanced Perio by Dr. Richins. Both times my regular dentist, who needed to finish the work by putting the cap on, was super impressed with the work. The last time he kept exclaiming, "Wow! Look at that!" until others from the office came to look too.

Roxanne Donaldson: The place was very friendly and I was very happy To go there for my treatment I would recommend to my coworkers and friends for sure

Larry Hurwitz: Always punctual, professional and personable. Dental experiences are never enjoyable but they sure do try to make it so.

Yeburzing Mengistu: Dr. Kaminsky and the dental assistant Silas were amazing during my extractions! I was very nervous and they both helped calm my nerves and made sure I was ok every step of the way!

Michael Sadowitz: Dr. Kaminsky and her staff are smart, attentive, and caring. I had a lot of work done and she did it as pain- and stress-free as I could imagine. I’ve had similar work done in the past and she’s the best!

Mary O'Connor: The entire staff are all friendly and respectful. The medical dental professionals are extremely knowledgeable and careful about not causing unnecessary discomfort and suffering. The financial and scheduling staff are very friendly and helpful. The entire team seems to have the vibe of working in an office of friendly and respectful coworkers. I highly recommend Advanced Perio. I discovered this office on a recommendation from a family member, who had a great experience. My family member was referred by a colleague, who had a great experience with the professionals at Advanced Perio. I have discovered that Walking into a random dental office is such a gamble, and referrals are so important. If you don’t know anyone who has a recommendation for you, and you are looking for a good place to go, you will be happy with your decision to go to Advanced Perio.

10. North Seattle Dental - Seattle

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· 171 reviews

11011 Meridian Ave N # 301, Seattle, WA 98133

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North Seattle Dental: what do users think?

Virginia Felton: Friendly, proficient and super helpful. Great foljs here.

Gayle Edwards: Every hygienist should be this skilled and pleasant!

Suzanne N: Nice office, great staff, assistants and amazing dentist! Great work on crown, very gentle and can't ever feel the shots to numb you up!

Anne Kirchner: We've been going to Dr. Worstman for years. She has a gentle touch and a great sense of humor! And Patty, my regular hygienist, is lovely, and really good at what she does. The entire staff is friendly, professional, always concerned for your comfort and about your care. If you have to go to the dentist, they make it as painless and pleasant experience as possible.

Nurlan Amirzada: Dear Dr.Worstman,I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional care and expertise you've consistently provided during my recent visits to your practice. Your kindness and positivity create a welcoming atmosphere that instantly puts me at ease. I truly appreciate how you always give me a heads up before proceeding with any procedure, which helps alleviate any anxiety I may have. Your willingness to provide thorough explanations and guidance has been invaluable, making you not just a dentist, but a true life saver in my dental care journey. Thank you for your outstanding professionalism and genuine care.Warm regards,Nurlan

Chris Allen: They are all wonderful. Our whole family has been going there for over 25 years.

Brenda Zwahl: Wonderful office! I have dental trauma and Dr. Worstman, Lisa, and Susana were kind, caring, and helped to make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend this practice!

Ann Peach: very positive dental cleaning

Tom Dale: I always look forward to a visit with Leah and Company, the whole office area including the many workstations are keep spotless. Talk about amenities; Keurig Coffee Dispenser, bottle water and pillows...the Staff provide not only their individual expertise but add a bit of spice to each visit...

Marcey Moreno-Berlyant: Dr. Worstman was great, and took such care to explain the process and make sure that I was comfortable.

Jannet Lyn Corwin: I would like to say I'm happy to be Dr. Worstman's patient. She is gentle, kind and compassionate. She truly cares for her patient.

Barbara Ray: ... as always, my time in the dental chair is one of myfavourite times! You do more than just take care ofmy teeth

Kate Ciliberto: Dr. Worstman is by far the most compassionate, caring and gentle dentist I have ever been treated by. As a person with PTSD who used to experience dentophobia I can attest that Dr. Worstman and her team go way above and beyond in ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience. She has always taken great care of my family and friends I have sent over the years as well, and has helped them overcome their anxiety and achieve great dental health.

11. Kois Dentistry - Seattle

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· 99 reviews

1001 Fairview Ave N Suite 2000, Seattle, WA 98109

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Kois Dentistry: what do users think?

Patrick Ellis: , orthodontics, and regular cleanings.I first visited Kois several years ago, after a skiing accident where I knocked out half of both my front two teeth, and a bit of one of my bottom front teeth. I wanted to find the absolute best cosmetic dentist in the Seattle area, and after talking to a couple dentists I knew, and doing a lot of research, Kois came highly recommended. They’re truly the best!Dr. Tara was able to reconstruct my three front teeth

Tim McMichael: Kois Dentistry is without question the best dentistry clinic I've been to in my 65 years. The entire staff is personable, professional, non-judgmental, and understanding, while Dr. Kois himself is a rock star. Their facilities are state-of-the-art. I can honestly say that through four tooth extractions, several fillings, and the most thorough cleanings my teeth have ever had, I have not once felt even a glimmer of discomfort. In just a little over a year, the team at Kois has overcome my lifetime of less-than-positive dental experiences; for the first time ever I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Kois Dentistry has earned my highest personal recommendation.

Elizabeth Margarit: I've never been the biggest fan of going to the dentist, but Kois makes it as painless and enjoyable as possible. My teeth and gums aren't always in the best shape, but they work with me to make incremental steps to improve my oral health. Special shout-out to Dana who is so so kind, gentle and patient. The entire staff is very courteous and friendly - they really have an amazing practice and I feel like I'm in really good hands.

Marianne Tatom: Everyone who works at Kois is so kind, competent, and friendly! I love going to my dental appointments there.

Tina Greene: I am not an easy dental patient given how much work I've had done over the years and meeting a new dental professional is particularly anxiety producing. My anxiety disappears almost as soon as I walked in the door. The staff is wonderful! Always taking time for real human conversation and Dr. Kois is as good as them come. I was worried when I left my dental team in California that I wouldn't find as good a team in Washington, I did. And I'm so grateful.

Jeremy Oulton: Always accommodating, professional, and excellent results. Highly recommended! I came here as a referral from my dentist from Phoenix, Arizona and I would make the same choice again!

Raymond John: Fantastic service! They are the most knowledgable dental team in the PNW.

Jeannie Oliver: My husband and I have been going to this office for years and I highly recommend them. Dana is the best hygienist I've ever had and the staff are all very friendly and professional. Doctors Dean and Tara Kois are personable and thorough and I love that this practice takes a more whole person, functional approach to oral health instead of just treating symptoms. The office is beyond immaculate and I have felt completely safe here during COVID times.

Mark Konings: World renowned dental teaching and patient treatment center.

Michael Ingram: Great location on south lake union, very friendly staff. I would absolutely recommend Kois Dentistry for anybody who is looking for a new place.

WS206: I may not be a patient but as a sub contractor doing work for Dean i would highly recommend his services. From the energetic staff as you walk in to seeing them take an emergency appointment on a day we had scheduled for closure. all around great place with excellent customer relationships.

Britt Beushausen: Beautiful office staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient professionals. Highly recommend!!

Sheri Greaves: I hadn't had one since the day when it took 2 hours of drilling and the temporary crown on and off 15 times, and all of that, but this took almost no time at all, there was no pain at all...Dr. Kois is so nice and so gentle, and understanding of the "dentist-phobia" that I have...:
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· 577 reviews

901 Boren Ave STE 1500, Seattle, WA 98104

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First Hill Dental Center: what do users think?

Erika Sweet-FOTC: Best dentist I've ever been to, through and through! Warm and wonderful staff, all who are the best at what they do. From beginning to end of each appointment, cleaning, extraction, you name it, I've only had thoughtful and thorough care. Thank you Does Hill Dental.

Tom Lee: The entire staff is top notch and Dr. Singh only is concerned about the best for the patient. Always a pleasure for my appointments

Pierre Davis: I have been with First Hill Dental for over a decade. If you want friendly professional service, this is the place.

Mary Fetterly (LaLuna): 1st Hill Dental is ALWAYS top notch. Dr Singh, dental hygienists and front office receptionists are caring and provides the highest level of service for all my dental needs. Don't hesitate to make this dental service a part of your dental health! Sincerely, Mary

Dave Kaplan: Permanent crown placed in short time. Fit like a glove! Back to eating real food on both sides of my mouth.

13. Smiles by Design - Rejuvenating Implant Dentistry - Kirkland

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· 198 reviews

830 6th St South, Kirkland, WA 98033

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Smiles by Design - Rejuvenating Implant Dentistry: what do users think?

Gizella Badau: My experience at Smile by design was great. Dr. Keller and the whole team are professional and very knowledgeable. I am very thankful and happy, and confident! I can smile again! !!!I just had my cleaning today after 6 months, and it went great! Jackie is very sweet, professional and gentle. She also did x-rays and told me my implants look amazing, and my bone looks great! She was very happy with how it looks. I already have my next cleaning scheduled! My experience here is great and I love coming to the dentist now, not like before!

Gallivanting Grandma: After seeing 3 other dentists, I chose Dr. Keller with Smiles By Design. I was massively impressed with their authentic customer care, individualized service and no pressure approach. I’ve never had a dentist take the time to provide such detailed, informative options and flexibility to meet my unique needs and make certain I understood each option.Dr. Keller and his entire team is, by far, the best dentist I’ve had in my 67 years! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to having the teeth I need to eat & digest healthy food, and have my smile that I’m thrilled to show off!

Bethany Schroeder: A family friend very recently got implants and a sinus lift and did better than ever thought possible! They were in good, careful, considerate hands 3

Lynn Heals: 5/1 Edit:I'm so thankful I made the decision to improve my health and appearance of my teeth. I feel confident to be around people and laugh without hiding my mouth with my hand. It's a huge relief to not stress about how bad and embarrassing my teeth are. It's worth it to invest in myself!I started off terrified about the amount of work that would need to be done. Candace and all the other staff have been incredibly helpful and compassionate which put me at ease. I did have quite a bit of work to get done but they moved mountains to make sure I was seen as soon as possible all while making sure I don't feel pressured and I know my options. Now, I feel like my life is back on track and my mouth won't be the reason I avoid social interactions anymore. I can't thank them enough!

Robert Casperson: Modern state of the art equipment. Everyone is professional and friendly. My experience has been outstanding

Theo Papadopoulos: I was diagnosed 4 years ago with cancer and due to the vomiting, my teeth were rotting. I went to a lot of dentists to find someone to do my teeth, but I never felt comfortable. As soon as I walked into this place I felt professionalism, love and I didn't feel like I was a dollar sign like the other places made me feel. The staff is wonderful! Dr. Keller is an exceptionally wonderful dentist and human. They did an excellent job on my teeth. They removed 16 teeth and put new ones in on the same day, and I didn't feel any pain! If I had to do it again I would do the same thing all over again! I want to thank every one of them at the office and Dr. Keller for doing such extroadinary work. I finally feel like a human being again and I can smile and eat without excruciating pain, in fact, no pain at all! They feel like my own real teeth!

Kelvin Thomas: The staff at smiles by design, always me feel welcome as if I am visiting a friend. They really care about me as a person, not just another client.As a fitness coach and trainer I am in the eye of the public and I was embarrassed by my smile. I would cover my mouth with my hand, not realizing the amount of stress it was causing me.DR Keller and his team gave me back my smile and confidence.Now I simile without hesitation and enjoy the compliments on how great my teeth look.Thanks for helping me improve the overall quality of my life.

Sebrina Vail: The process for me started several years ago. I travelled from eastern WA to get my teeth done. My first surgery for implants went well. But the second was very rough and hard on me. But with support from the staff and Dr. Keller, I persevered and so happy that I did. I love my smile now and it really fits me well. They really got my smile perfect for me and I get compliments on it all the time. They are always updating their technology and it’s now great to go back and get teeth cleaned. The staff is very kind and always responds quickly to any questions or issues that may arise.

john concannon: I never thought I would say this but I actually look forward to coming to see Dr. Keller and his team at smiles by design. They are all so professional and always introducing the latest technology and treatment protocols. My experience has just been top shelf and life changing.

Zach Johnson: Starting as a lab tech has been a fantastic experience . The Doctors and team are amazingly supportive and welcoming. I would feel completely confident in sending any of my family and friends to Smiles By Design.

Ryan Barr: I think the main thing I really appreciated is that Jackie made sure I understood what was happening and what she was doing and took great care. In the past I do not feel like I’ve gotten a good explanation and reasoning behind treatment done especially when it comes to X-rays. I felt like I left with a really good understanding of what was going on with my mouth and how to approach it out of the office until my next follow up. This was honestly great. I felt really comfortable and it was easy to do. Everyone was really nice and made this visit painless!

Jed Firebaugh: Jackie is very thorough and personable.

Rick Allan: Dr Shawn Keller and the Smiles By Design team are the Best!! My wife and I both had the complete same day smile done 4 months ago. All upper and lower teeth removed and implants in. I had seen their advertisement many times having my doubts. Most " As Seen On TV" are not what they claim.Watching Dr. Kellers advertisement always made me think, " seems too good to be true." I can honestly say they ARE everything they say and some! We are both 200% satisfied.I could give you many bad dentist stories I have experienced. I do not have anything negative to say about the experience .Yes, it's a major surgery. It takes time for healing. But we were eating soft foods after a week and there was no need for pain medication in less than 10 days. Amazing!!!!!Thank you Dr Keller And a special thank you to the Smiles By Design Team . You all are so Awesome! Simply the best!!!

Steve Erickson: Wow I love my new teeth it really does only take one day I have my temporary teeth in the same day they pulled them out Sean Keller in his crew of warriors made this a great experience

Brian Carlson: . I went in to get my teeth fixed and it has been life changing. I have a lot more confidence now and extremely happy with the results. All of the staff have been nothing but truly exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to have their teeth fixed. Thank you very much.Brian

Cindy Johnson: Dr. Keller and staff was amazing from start to finish.

Sheri Dotson Parker: Great from start to finish

Jerre Learned: I am so excited to become a new patient! I have already experienced warm personal interactions before I have arrived!Thank you Staff !!!!!

Marie Larsen: An exceptional office that houses incredibly talented and passionate professionals!

14. Premier Periodontics Bellevue, WA - Bellevue

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· 157 reviews

12301 NE 10th Pl Suite 300, Bellevue, WA 98005

Address Website WhatsApp
Premier Periodontics Bellevue, WA: what do users think?

Blair Williamson: Everything was great

john nelson: Great experience from start to finish

Zawsome sisters: Dr. Huynh Ba and his team are truly amazing, I am a high maintenance patient and they took great care of me. They truly do care for their patients. Definitely a five star service.Thank you!

Therese Cantu: The staff is friendly and helpful. They explained all of my treatment and they were very clear. I hope Everett will be the same

Jill Peterson: Explained each step of the process and frequently asked how I felt. Thorough written instructions on what to do after the implant procedure.

Deborah Gaudette: Dr. Dkeidek and the entire staff at Premier Periodontics are extremely professional, friendly and have a wonderful bedside manner.

Don Montana: Extremely professional. State of the art teeth cleaning. It's nice to know my teeth and gums are in great shape thanks to the work they've done.

Johannes de Fine Licht: I was referred here to have a wisdom tooth removed from Dr. Gelb's clinic. At first I was a bit concerned, since Premier Periodontics does not advertise this service. However, all dental surgeons in town were booked out for many weeks, and I was assured that they were up to the job. When I finally made it here, the experience was great. The price, although not cheap, was less than any dental surgeon I had called, and the whole procedure took less than 10 minutes, including local numbing, pulling out the tooth, and closing the wound. The recovery, however, was the best part. I took ibuprofen for the same day and the next, but realized I didn't have any pain anyway, so stopped on the third and had no further issues. After a week, I didn't even notice anything had happened, apart from when food gets stuck in the hole that still takes a while to close. Very impressed with the result, and it was great for me to have it done quicker than if I had had to wait for an oral surgeon.

Robert Burch: Excellent work on my tooth extraction and implant installation by Dr. Dkeidek and dental associate Arina. They were awesome.Thank you so much for taking care of me.

Shelli Allison: I am very anxious about getting dental work done and the thought of gum surgery had me really nervous. Dr. Dkeidek and his team put me at ease and made the whole process a breeze. I hope I never have to see them again but would go back if I do and highly recommend them.

Debra Burke: Only, Dr. Issa Dekeidek could make drilling a screw in my jaw for an implant pleasant!

15. Advanced Implant Dental - Tukwila

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· 12 reviews

6840 Fort Dent Way Suite 130, Tukwila, WA 98188

Address Website WhatsApp
Advanced Implant Dental: what do users think?

Sangkyung Kim: Highly recommand you to stop by to get even 2nd opinion from Dr.Choi. He's kind and makes patients comfortable. He is the best doctor ever I've met. Thank you all staff as well.

Velena Bryant: I went in for a consultation. I met with Vincent. he gave me a discount, beating out the competition by a good size margin. Vincent is warm, friendly and personable while maintaining a professionalism that gives this office a secure environment. The staff here is amazing knowledgeable and doesn't waste time. I am definitely coming back here for my Dental Needs.

Daniel Fontanez: My wife and I travel from Kitsap County to Doctor Choi office, to have work done. We appreciate all he has done for us and his staff are so kind and helpful

allen chapman: Highly recommend.My experiences with Dr. Choi, and all of his staff, have been warm, welcoming, and comfortable.I am a person who, has been fearful of the dentist, and embarrassed of the condition of my teeth.Dr. Choi and his staff, have been wonderful.Thanks to them, I am well on my way to a much better smile.All of the procedures that I have had, including an implant, have had minimal pain or discomfort. I no longer fear going to the dentist.Thank you for reading, Allen

Trung Hiếu Trương: This is the kind of place you only hope to find. Dr Choi and his staff are really nice people. His work is top notch not the kind of care I received at another implant specialist in Renton. After my procedure I received a call from his office to see how I was doing. I can tell you I was surprised to hear the Doctor himself making the call not someone in his office. If your looking for an honest man running a good practice Dr Choi is your man.

Marciana Ibarra: I stopped by today without an appointment, but they took care me very well. I had free exam and panoramic today, this is awesome clinic. These staffs are speaking different many languages.

Lil H: Thank you doctor Choi for free exam and panoramic for new patient. This office is awesome with friendly staffs and excellent doctor

Chloe Kim: I am very satisfied with my dentist. He really helped me a lot with my condition. I am impressed with his kindness and patience.The staff are also super kind and approachable. I appreciate them all.

joe smile: Best doctor in town!!!!

16. Seattle Implants - Tukwila

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7100 Fort Dent Way, Tukwila, WA 98188

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17. Icon Dental Center Seattle - Seattle

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· 73 reviews

2815 2nd Ave #101, Seattle, WA 98121

Address Website WhatsApp
Icon Dental Center Seattle: what do users think?

MAXIMO MENDOZA: Great people, great work,I had my entire front row teeth redone and they look amazing!! Can’t stop getting compliments from people!!I highly recommend this place!!LOVE DR. VALENTINE!!

Yasmina Weinstock: The best doctors I’ve ever seen, I’ve never felt more comfortable and welcomed! I don’t trust anyone else to work on my teeth!!!

Selu Tekle: I love it here!!! Always have the best customer service and take such good care of me! So happy I was referred to Icon Dental!

Andrea Convery: Love the team at ICON Dental! They are professional, efficient and really make the dental visit a positive experience! I used to get so nervous about going to the dentist, but not anymore. They get 5 stars from me!!

Rose Wilson: Been having my routine cleanings and treatment here for years, I trust this office with my teeth and always recommending what is best for me. Their entire team is great and so friendly, and the office is always spotless! They are so gentle as well.

Sarah B: Had my nightguard made here, such a great experience! They took a scan of my teeth, so high tech, and I got to see my teeth on the screen. When I got my nightguard they adjusted it until it fit perfectly and took their time with me. I have been wearing it a few weeks now and love it so much, I used to have so much jaw pain waking up! I’m so glad the doctor noticed the wear and tear in my teeth and recommended the nightguard to me. Icon will be my dentists for life! So friendly and understanding.

Fnan Tekle: I recently visited Icon Dental Center and had an exceptional experience. From the moment I walked in, the staff was welcoming and professional. The office was clean and modern, which immediately put me at ease. The dentists were thorough, knowledgeable, and took the time to address all of my concerns. The procedure was painless, and the results exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Icon Dental Centers for anyone in need of dental care.

Sheethal Sridhar: Over a year ago when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, I was charged a certain amount to my credit card for the treatment. However, after I reviewed the insurance bills it turned out that I was overcharged by the clinic about ~1000$. I reported this to Jacky at Icon dental center and she completely followed through with her team and the Insurance to ensure my billing problem was corrected. I was promptly sent a refund check for the excess amount I was charged. Jacky was honest and responsive on hearing my concern. Thanks for the help.

Abdi Abdi: Good customer serviceAlways smilingAnswer all your questionsGood experienceI love it

Heriberto Corella: AMAZING experience!!Everyone is so kind and funny.

Jeff Lin: Great doctors who are very nice, informative on everything, and happy to answer any questions

Dan Tapia: All of the people working at Icon are very service oriented and full of goodwill towards the patients needs and desires. I highly recommend all to go and receive not only their dental needs but an atmosphere of goodwill towards one's well being.

Lonnie: . I had several missing teeth and couldnt eat very well either. Dr. Nadia has been nothing but encouraging and motivated. She puts her heart and soul into her work and always has a fun demeanor at bedside. Office staff are incredibly nice. Office is immaculate... kept sparkling clean. I also really appreciated that staff and docs don't bully you or make you feel like garbage if you haven't been able to get dental care or keep up on things yourself. They kindly revise the plan to get you back on track without a guilt trip. Thank you all for giving me a much needed dental makeover!

Jasmine A: Everyone is so nice at Icon! It makes coming to the dentist a little less painful!

Kenan Mahmoud: I was impressed with the modern office and new technology equipments, but even more impressed with the team that are not only professional but welcoming , friendly and a fun group as well. The doctor is caring and knowledgeable! I always ask questions and she’s more than happy to answer. I also like that she’s honest about procedures and recommends things with your best interest and health in mind. I highly recommend!!

Shayla Bichsel: I am always so pleased with my experience at Icon. I have had the pleasure of being seen by Dr. Valentine, Dr. Aboulhosn and now Dr. Shalabi and have had a great experience with them all. I most recently had some fillings done by Dr. Shalabi and I was nervous going into it but she made me feel at ease and did an amazing job. From the front desk gal to the back everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you Icon for all your amazing work over my years of being a patient!

Kirsten Allison: Yasmeen is the best dentist I've ever had. My teeth have never been healthier and more clean!

18. Northwest Center For Implants - Seattle

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509 Olive Way # 824, Seattle, WA 98101

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19. Bellevue Prosthodontics - Cosmetic Dentistry Seattle WA - Bellevue

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· 6 reviews

1370 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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20. Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center - Bellevue

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· 98 reviews

900 108th Ave NE #102, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center: what do users think?

Tonya Loving: Dr. John Minnoch and his team are exceptional! I appreciate their commitment to quality dental care with compassionate delivery. And, as a fellow dentist, I can confidently distinguish a great dental team. Thank you for my new crown and for making me smile!

M Cook: . She was incredibly kind, patient, and sensitive to my dental fears and needs for my procedure on two teeth yesterday. The whole team at this clinic is wonderful and I’m really grateful to have found them.

Seattle SeaPig: . 5 stars all the way.

Anna Tuivai: My first experience going in for a crown and I must say this place was like going to a Spa! So pleasantly surprised at the thoughtfulness of making sure my lips were moisturized so I don’t split them when opening my mouth to making me so comfy I could fall asleep. My fear of dentists is over when coming to this place. Loved it all! Thank you Dr John Minnoch for your work and wonderful staff.

D Tor: I've been a patient for over 10 years, 40+ visits. Dr. Minnoch and his team never disappoint.

Jenny Ray: Always professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Amazing work every time!

John Mcmillen: Angie did an excellent job of "deep cleaning", making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Always a great experience at Bellevue Dental Care.

Anna Park: Great dentist, always friendly and takes a lot of care!

Brandon Walker: Bellevue dental care and implant center is by far the best choice for dental care in the Bellevue area. I went to 2 others locally and it was painful , literally and figuratively. Here at Dr. Minnochs the experience is very comfortable. The staff is inviting and funny. I now enjoy my dentist visits and that's saying a mouthful....!!!

Jenny Frances: Bellevue Dental and Implant Center has competent and friendly staff, they saved me from a bad dental situation at another location and have restored my trust in dentistry!! Highly recommend Dr. Minnoch and his staff!

Tanner Sundwall: Been coming here for years, super friendly staff and great service!!

Mahmoud Elsawy: I've been going there for many years now, and they have always been incredible.

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