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1. Puzzle Break - Room Escape & Team Games - Seattle

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· 1183 reviews

2124 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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Puzzle Break - Room Escape & Team Games: what do users think?

Justin Garcia: Darius was great! Dudes attitude really light the group up to play again. Dudes awesome

Brian Najera: Darius, Monica, and Mindy made it fun!

Khulan erdenemunkh: Darrius, Mindy, and Monica were amazing. Great service and lots of fun!!

Kshitij Gupta: One of the best experiences in Seattle. I’ve come here twice, I can’t remember who helped us the first time but the second time Tyler and Melissa acted as our guide and game master respectively and made sure we had a great experience. The rooms were designed really well, with really nice intuitive puzzles and some fantastic interiors. The sets were fantastic and really immersive. Would definitely recommend and I look forward to coming back to finish up the rooms I haven’t tried yet

Mymy Thompson: Melissa was awesome and very helpful!

Nicolette Sampair: Darius and Mindy were amazing. Had the best time with my coworkers doing the The Eventide departure room.

Jolene Bleistein: My second experience here, a ton of fun! Thanks Mindy & Hugo!

Alyson Stewart: So much fun playing the World’a Fair escape room. Joanna and Sunny helped kick us off and guide us through The game. Highly recommend this as a teambuilding activity.

Makilah H: Very fun experience! Darius and Holly were great at explaining and were very pleasant

Sadia Mondale: Amazing experience! Darius and Holly were great. Highly recommend 😌

Colette Courtion: Holly and Darrius were fantastic. Super fun!

Gary Love: So much fun and just the right amount of creepy. It was great having Tyler the host as our biggest cheerleader.

Advaith Bulusu: We had a great time! Holly and Darius were great hosts!

Calla Allen: We did the puppeteer room, and it was very fun! I especially loved a specific puzzle at the very end- we all had a great time. Tyler was a great host and everyone was super friendly.

David Taylor Gomes: Tyler was an Amazing host! We had so much fun and he was very charismatic and so cute and friendly. 😀😀😀

Joseph Christian: Super fun with friends! Highly recommend! Thanks Tyler and Melissa for a great experience!

Tina Bandy: Melissa gave hints when we needed itAnd Tyler was a fantastic story teller and game master

2. Fox in a Box Escape Room Seattle - Seattle



· 134 reviews

2121 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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Fox in a Box Escape Room Seattle: what do users think?

Jessica M: We did the prison break room and finished with 10 minutes to spare with 4 people! It was very fun and definitely a must-try!I will say the rooms don't seem very sound proof because there was also a Zodiac killer room going on during our prison break and we could hear pounding, loud buzzing, and screaming occasionally which took the experience from ours. Next time we will try the zodiac killer room because it seemed more immersive. HahaAll-in-all, I would say nothing can beat Locurio's story room but Fox-in-a-box's prison break is a decent escape room with puzzles that challenge you.

Clint Fowler: If you are looking for a small or large group team building event destination, look no further. The team at Fox in a Box were amazing to work with! They made special accommodations and answered all my event planning questions prior to the event. I had around 20 co-workers join me in 3 different escape room challenges, all ran at the same time and it was awesome! Thank You Team Fox in a Box for a fantastic experience. So much fun, we will be back!

Jason Korb: the team was super supportive and fun; sensitive to folks who are super weary of voluntarily being locked up in a room for 60-minutes! so Fun!

Ty Ha: The prison cell escape was excellent. My wife and I went with our 12 and 10 years old. Everyone contributed to making it out. I’d definitely recommend this.

Leah Cuneo: . We went back same day to try again and got 30% off.

Krystin Samms: Love the two rooms we have done. Highly recommend The Zodiac Killer. Only complaint is thin walls carry noise into the rooms easily and breaks up immersion. But even with that these are still must try!

Charles Cadwallader: Truly one of the top escape room experiences in the Seattle area. All 3 rooms were fun and well put together. The immersive details in these 3 are second to none. Highly recommended!

Tim Minzer: So much fun! This escape room was well organized and we had a great time! Our group is already planning our next visit to do another room.

Hemanth Reddy: and loved them both - would recommend zodiac for groups with 3-4 and prison break for bigger groups.

Angela Douglas-Dirden: Loved it!! Great experience and we escaped the zodiac killer!!.. highly recommend going here

Kristian Kicinski: Fun, challenging but not impossible. It seemed to have been well tested to require most of the reserved hour, meaning it was not too short and not too long. Staff were very nice and helpful. Overall a fun, smooth experience.

Mykel Gable: The Prison Break room was SO MUCH FUN!! The situations were complicated and challenging, and teamwork was definitely required. Our host Kepler was funny and fun and very helpful!! Highly recommend this room!

Rinarine H: Great time! It was so much fun! Than you Sam for making our experience a blast!

3. Quest Factor Escape Rooms - Seattle

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· 142 reviews

4140 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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Quest Factor Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Arthur Winton: Came here for a work event and absolutely loved it! One of the best escape rooms I've ever done

Anna Speare: This was so fun!! We had a blast, great challenges and super nice employees! The gamemaster we had was super helpful, we asked for time reminders at certain marks and she was so nice! Definitely heading back to escape the next rooms!

Jennifer Gibson: My husband and I visited for the first time today to do the Jurassic escape room. This was an incredibly well done room. Super immersive, puzzles that aren't just finding a code to put in a lock. Beginning the room was a little tougher than some but not overly and once you get started it flows well between puzzles. There's enough puzzles to engage more than one at a time so people can be working on different things simultaneously. I would consider this a medium difficulty room only because getting started is a little tricky. But overall a great room with intelligently designed and immersive puzzles. Definitely coming back to try the other rooms!!

Alisha Scamman: I see so many mixed reviews for this escape room. I for one really enjoyed the puzzles in the wizard room, with the exception of one that seemed to not quite work properly. It didn’t bother us too much but could have saved our group a few minutes. Miss Sam was our game master and she was really good at making gentle suggestions when we checked in with her. She also gave us time updates!After going to a few escape rooms, this was our favorite so far! We plan to try another room soon!

Andrew Hsieh: Pretty well designed rooms

Rohan Menon: Amazing experience! The Wizards room was great! Employees were so helpful and nice!

Kiera: wizard room was pretty sick! the girl working was so nice too! she was very helpful

Andrew Tamayo: The wizards room was super fun!!

Mary Weathers: This was the most intricate escape room I have ever done! Me and my friends did the wizard one and it was super sick.

Jane Honda: I would recommend anyone to try Game of Kings quest room. The quest itself is not too challenging, but not easy as well. I loved decorations and a fairytale atmosphere. Try it, you will not regret!

Stephen Bianamara: We had a great time here. We were greeted by a friendly game master who made us feel welcomed and comfortable on our way in, and then had lots of fun playing and ogling the beautiful game room. The set had lots of detail and creativity in it which made the game really engaging. It was easy to forget the world didn't actually hang in the balance as well played 😄

Mighty Kitten: We did the Jurassic Island room in Seattle and had a great time. The puzzles were very creative and not too easy. The decorations and props were pretty immersive and fun as well. We will definitely be back to try the other escape rooms!

Phil: was decent. Nothing amazing, but there was 1 really cool moment in this room. The GM was highly inattentive and didn't respond to the walkie talkies when we asked for help, then asked for a tip afterwards

kathleen welborn: Great experience. Played the Kings room, and it did not disappoint. The room was very inactive and perfectly themed. Game Master was awesome. She continually watched our movement through the room. Would return to play other rooms.

4. ROOM 5280 - Seattle Live Escape Games - Seattle

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· 217 reviews

112 5th Ave N Ste 200, Seattle, WA 98109

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5. Puzzle Break - Room Escape Game - Seattle

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· 341 reviews

1423 10th Ave D, Seattle, WA 98122

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Puzzle Break - Room Escape Game: what do users think?

DOOMGUY: Best place ever, also our game master was great thanks Emma for a great time

Ashley Devenyns: This was my first escape room experience as well as the first for most of our group of 8. We had a blast and solved the World’s Fair mystery with seconds to go. Our escape room guards were awesome and encouraging and excited for us when we solved the puzzle. I’m amazed at the ingenuity of people who come up with these problems. Super cool. Will definitely be back!

Curran Stolk: Josh was our puzzle guide/puzzle Master and he was AMAZING! He was extremely funny and made the whole experience even better. I will definitely be coming back to experience more!

Teresa Rego: We had such a ridiculously fun time. George was our puzzle guy and he was so fun and helpful when needed. Honestly, a really fun time. I would definitely go back.

Alejandro Garcia: Had a wonderfully challenging time at this escape room. Remarkably fun and well worth the money for those who love puzzles and riddles.

Trudy Haley: . Definitely one of the funnest Escape Rooms I've done

Jamie Anderson: Very well thought out escape rooms with awesome hosts.Don't worry, you're not completely locked in, and you can leave to use the restrooms, take a call, etc and re enter. Fun time at a fun place!

Terence Tung: the escape from Seattle room was awesome! my team had lots of fun. kudos to our two amazing game masters Holly and George!

Katherine Weybright: Super fun activity! Take your smart and quick thinking friends!

Zachary Burns: Had a great time attempting to escape the midnight carnival. The room and puzzles were very well set up and designed to scale well for larger groups. Our host Josh did a excellent job of giving hints when we needed them that lead us in the right direction without making it too easy. Planning to visit Puzzle Break again to try another of their rooms.

Miranda Lewis: We had a great time! We went with some other couple friends on Valentine’s Day and it was such a great choice. We solved the Seattle room with 4 minutes to spare. #humblebrag

Alexis Mukoma: Such a fun experience, got the help when we needed. Fun but yet challenging. Made such a good night!

Vivien Renée: Great fun and challenging! They tailor the experience based on how much help you want. If you need some hints they'll provide some, otherwise, they let you work everything out for yourselves!They had several different types of puzzles to figure out including logic, and objet matching.I went with friends who have gone before and I can see why they keep going back. I will definitely be going back to solve their other escape rooms!They provide notepads so you can take notes if neededLem and Jenny were professional and friendly. 10 out of 10, would visit again!

James Morrow: We've been back twice to do different rooms! Every one of them had been fun and innovative. Definitely recommend!

6. Hourglass Escapes - Seattle Escape Room Games - Seattle

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· 204 reviews

3131 Western Ave #422b, Seattle, WA 98121

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Hourglass Escapes - Seattle Escape Room Games: what do users think?

Andreas Bays: The people were friendly. The room was fun and pretty long. They had some cool mechanisms that I hadn't seen in any escape rooms. Unfortunately it's still really expensive so I'll probably not be coming back any time soon. Oh and the room wasn't clearly marked

Hailey: Absolutely best experience ever!! Will be going here again.. and again and AGAIN! The owner went out of their way to even make our note we had made for our friend to revive after the escape room and laminated it and made the experience absolutely fantastic!!

Treyven Tialavea: Staff was wonderful and patient with us. The rooms are so detailed.

Griffin Farnes: Great spot. Mateo was awesome.

Eevee: but Brian was absolutely perfect at gauging and running our experience like a pro.The props for Innsmouth are exquisite, and the satisfying ding of a bell when a puzzle is solved gave our group a high we rode for the rest of the day. We made it out right around 60 minutes, and I wish I was able to experience this room for the first time again as it was absolutely magical.Mad respect for Brian, he did a phenomenonal job beind-the-scenesing a room where five nerds were having the time of their lives oogling puzzles for so long it's a miracle we managed to solve them all.

Faezeh Ashtiani: I have gone to this place twice with my team and each time we had fun.

Miles Thornton: Always a great time! My favorite escape rooms in Seattle!

Kahlan: Willow was amazing!! Thank you Willow! Loved Rise of Mad Pharaoh!!

Vincent Bellitto: Evil dead escape room was awesome, Matteo was great.

Nadia Bahrami: Lots of fun! Complex rooms with great props!

Erin Mckittrick: First time going to a escape room. Went for my 13 year old's birthday and had a great time

M Shea: Super fun escape room for our group of 5. Puzzles were just the right level of hard. It was clean and well cared for. Steph and Willow were fun and helpful. Would highly recommend!

Stephen Clark: Had a great time, staff was friendly

Jared Parker: Lots of fun with a great staff!

Connie Dyer: This was the first time I did an escape room experience. We did the Christmas themed room. The puzzles were fun to do with just the right degree of difficulty. We were able to solve the puzzles with time left over

Alicia Rue: So fun!! Impressive set, cool puzzles, incredible staff! We will be back!

7. Epic Team Adventures - Room Escape Games - Seattle

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· 177 reviews

2815 2nd Ave #290, Seattle, WA 98121

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Epic Team Adventures - Room Escape Games: what do users think?

Ethan Horn: please make more and also hire peter potter

Tyler Adler: Went here with work, I never thought getting trapped in a room would be so much fun. Thanks for a great evening!

Adam Kagan: So fun. And the staff are so nice.

alex v: While visiting Seattle, my girlfriend and I received a recommendation to try their Sparrow Files room, and we were very glad we did! The cinematic aspects of the room kept us entertained, and the style of the puzzles fit the theme that they were going for very well. Phillip is a great host and was very helpful with the hints without giving away too much! We thoroughly enjoyed this room!We came back the next day with a slightly bigger group to challenge the Quest for Excalibur room, and being an Arthurian mythos enthusiast myself, I was very impressed with the overall design of the room! The puzzles meshed very well and were unique. My favourite part of the room was how well the room, puzzle, and designs all nodded towards real Arthurian legends. No prior knowledge is required to solve any of the puzzles in the room, but those little details really made me enjoy the room that much more! William was our host for this room, and his exuberant personality paired with his knowledge of Arthurian lore was a great touch to our experience at ETA.We weren't in Seattle long, but coming to ETA was definitely a highlight of the trip! We'll be looking to come back if we're ever back in town!

Jeremi Ross: Kind of an odd entrance experience - you have to wait to be let in, and we weren't able to get a hold of anyone on the phone. We were able to get into our room, which was interesting. I can appreciate the puzzles that are present, but this is definitely something that you want to do with a group of 6 or more, as with our group of 4 it was a bit overwhelming the number of puzzles to do without a lot of clear direction. I would do it again, but with a bigger team. It feels too much like a state-assessment exam otherwise. lol

Jay Paggi-Howe: First time using VR.. what a treat!

Valerio Fabrizi: Its ok

Aylis J Lind: Beautiful, very challenging puzzle.

8. Seattle Escape Games - Escape Room Games - Seattle

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· 127 reviews

5005 Ohio Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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Seattle Escape Games - Escape Room Games: what do users think?

Francisco Valdez: Was a good time had fun with bob

Xander Riga: All of the rooms here are excellent, and Nate was an awesome host

Angela K.: Some if the best rooms we have been to. Challenging and fun puzzles, and the staff was fabulous! Our group had so much fun we ended up doing 3 rooms because we loved it so much! Can’t wait to come back to do another!

Chandra Hingston: We did the morgue escape room. It was really fun!

Stephanie McWethy: in lockers prior to the game beginning.The room itself was awesome! It was a medium difficulty level, and the puzzle was circular. The puzzles were diverse enough that it engaged all skill levels, and all six of us left the room feeling as if we brought something to the table!There is crawling in the game,which can be difficult for folks if mobility is an issue. Clues were available from the host if people requested them. You get two without it impacting your overall time, and an extra “free” clue if it is your birthday!We completed this escape room with a total time of 48:24!! Not the fastest time by far, but not too shabby either!They have some additional cool looking games, so we are excited to go back and try our luck at one of the other ones offered! :

Isabella Skelley: Amazing! My favorite escape place. I've been 2 times, George town morgue and cell block 12! Very nice and funny people, detailed and elaborate games. Definitely a must do!

Joshua Frahm: Hands down one of the best escape rooms I’ve been to.

Dwayne Mattis: We took our son and his friends for his birthday and had an awesome time. Thank you to the amazing staff!

John P: Had a great time with the cell block room, make sure to bring a hoodie or light coat, it can be a little brisk in the winter morning!

PiokoMew: Fun experience!

Yukang Shen: very fun, recommended!

Jess Webb: I went to the Seattle escape games with a group of 7 of my friends, 8 including me. We did cell block 12 although it was challenging we made it out right before the buzzer at 59 mins. I would say that I’m quite the expert when it comes to these as I’ve done many across the country and this game was a brain teaser for sure! It was a lot of fun trying to work together to conquer this puzzle. My group of friends will definitely be back! I would like to shout out the employees for their professionalism and amazing customer service! We stayed about an hour after our game ended and played all of the mini games in the lobby. 10/10 would recommend this business! I will be back for the other 3 games for sure. WELL DONE 👍🏽

Heather A Adams: This is an awesome Escape Room in Seattle! They are very well built, life like, clean and greatly detailed. The puzzles are on the harder, more cerebral level, sometimes you have to crawl through things and they have puzzles like I've never seen anywhere else.The waiting room has high top tables with games on them which is perfect for groups who are still waiting for their teammates to arrive. SHOUT OUT TO ISSAC who was patient, upbeat, enthusiastic and all around a great Game Master.This is the type of place that makes you excited to come back and try 'em all! Nice to have Georgetown so close to go out before/after.

Super Bree: So much fun! Give it a try!

9. Ninja Escape - Seattle

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· 276 reviews

3800 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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Ninja Escape: what do users think?

Cindy Fu (YUKIN3K0): TLDR: great fun for small groups! Clever set ups!Let me start out by bragging that we won. :3Located in an apartment complex. Signs on the outer doors make it pretty easy to find. Waiting room has a water dispenser and puzzle toys.The escape rooms aren't limited to the waiting room floor. Depending on your mission, you might go to a different floor to play.Each room is well set up. Puzzles and items are pretty obvious. Some puzzles are hard but if you take time to think it's not impossible.Use the clues and hints when you are stuck.

Jayson Ross: A family member and I did the room Trapped With A Zombie. James and Nico were the two actors in the room with us, and they were great! Nico was hilarious and did his best to ease our nerves while still being scary, and James was also very funny and gave us helpful hints when we needed them. The difficulty was hard, but still enjoyable, though that might have been helped if we had had more people with us. All in all, a great experience, would go back!

Derek Campbell: Had a great time with my friends! James franco would leave a 5 star review too!

Melissa Bennight: Very fun! It was our very first time doing an escape room, but our host, Scarlet, was very helpful and made sure it was a fun experience for us. We're definitely going to come back with more friends!

Vincent Hing: Staff are very friendly and good with children! My girlfriend and I are not too great at keeping track at 5 kids at once, but they were flawless! Very patient and very helpful. We did the pirate escape room and the kids did most of the problem solving! We were mostly there to help them keep track of things. We almost made it out! But it was a good challenge for anyone 10+ as even we were stumped at times. They give hints for dances though which was very fun!

Oliver Stanbury: Lots of fun and excitement. James and Nico did a great job!

Matthew Amos: First time escape room. The staff was great in accommodating our group's skill level.

Joshua Henrickson: So much fun and the puzzles were clever.

Sarah Troedson Haynes: Really fun experience for my son's 12 yo bday party.

Julie Bragg: Best escape room in Seattle

john ketkhounaroun: Great activity. Our host was a great actor and guide. Played hits part we'll and the zombie was also a great actor. Well thought out situations. A bit tough to arrive but achievable. Tip. If you park in front of the building make sure to get as close to the curve as you can. I came out to find my side mirror had been hit an dangling off the wire.

mona reed schurr: We brought a group for our daughter’s 14th birthday. Every single employee was fun and sincere, the actual escape room was engaging, the puzzles were inventive and the young woman playing the zombie was the perfect combination of frightening and funny. We will definitely go again. If you are thinking about trying it out- do it.

10. Locurio - Seattle

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· 176 reviews

619 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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Locurio: what do users think?

Rhiannon Griffith: We’ve done a lot of escape rooms and both The Vanishing Act and The Storykeeper rank high for us. The Storykeeper especially had beautiful set design and some truly gasp-worthy moments, with a wide variety of types of puzzles to interest different types of players. We were also impressed with the hint systems; they felt appropriate to the rooms and actually pulled you into the story more, not pull you out of it. The staff were friendly and helpful. I’d also like to give Locurio a special thanks for the accurate and helpful synopses and warnings on their website; they really helped assuage the anxiety of some of our players without giving anything away.

Liz Bennett: The instructions were well communicated and I entered the first room with assurance and excitement. The time passed quickly and I felt like a kid again as we progressed through the rooms.

Miki Schumacher: We did the Storykeeper room as a group of 2, and the experience was fantastic! Everyone was so friendly, and the room itself was super enjoyable. They were great at giving hints when we needed a little push. Would definitely recommend!

Evan Deocariza: that worked perfectly with the theme. The story took an unexpected twist which totally blew us away and really elevated the experience. This is only my second escape room but I have a feeling this will spoil me for future rooms.Thank you for the awesome experience!

Will Watson: My group had a great time and enjoyed the puzzles immensely, the staff was very friendly and provided a good medium of clues to help us through! There was a technical issue at the end of the puzzle requiring staff to intervene, I'm sure once it's fixed the puzzle will be 5 stars!

Lauren T: We went in April 2024 with a group of six of us and had so much fun doing the Storyteller! Everything was so well done and the clues/hints from the staff were well timed. We will go back for sure!

Joanna Jarvis: i’ve been working in the escape room industry for 3-4 years now, and i can honestly say that Locurio is escape rooms at their finest. the blend of american and european style of game and the absolute care and genius behind these rooms is amazing and i can’t wait to see what they come with next. Storykeeper was an astoundingly well crafted experience from beginning to end and i was continually blown away as we progressed through the room. incredible puzzle design and game flow, gorgeous decor, and such creative and rewarding moments. an absolute must-go.

Allie Rawlings: Such a fun experience! Lots of “wow” interactive moments. Highly recommend!

Austin Riley: Done 10 escape rooms-- this one is my favorite ever by a mile

Tate: This place is top tier! From the acting to the puzzles I’m not sure if it could be any better. I only wish they had more rooms!! The immersion is amazing 10/10 my favorite escape room location in Washington

Qinru Li: We tried the vanishing act, which is an excellent puzzle game!

Nathaniel Laudolff: Super cute games! Really great themes in Vanishing Act and Storykeeper. The puzzles were really really satisfying and the game masters were so great! Highly recommended!

李煜超: Very interesting designs and wonderful decorations. Nice characters who guide us into the mysterious world and tackle problems one by one. Definitely will play other topics for the next time!

Michael Black: The Vanishing Act was fantastic! Our team of 4 had a great time. We really appreciated the friendly staff who gave us the subtle but timely hints we needed to get unstuck and win the game. I'm excited to go try the other rooms!

Chris Rafoth: Well designed and constructed puzzle. And the live characters added a lot to the experience. Looking forward to coning back!
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· 402 reviews

4517 California Ave SW Suite B, Seattle, WA 98116

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The Escape Artist: what do users think?

Luca Walker: Good for birthday partys

Phil: Edit: Came back for Atlantis. There were some tech issues with a broken sound bar that took away from the experience, as well as starting 30 minutes late. Our GM was as accommodating as possible but the tech was not there to back her up. The room itself was super fun and the set design was nice. Compared to spell struck, I think they are both a lot of fun and would probably give the edge for Spell Struck because of the tech issues we faced. Without tech issues, this could be a really great room!Did the Spell Struck room and it was great! The rooms were very thematic throughout and the introduction was wonderful. There are some fun surprises and the puzzles were enjoyable with many feeling familiar if you have some experience, while others having unique mechanics. The room was somewhere in the middle of non-linear and linear. There are parts with multiple things to work on and others with 1 main task, thus it is probably best for 3-4 players. It did seem that they were short-staffed as we were a bit rushed out of the room. The photo area after had no thematic props whatsoever. Overall I would put this room in the upper ~25% of rooms I have done and I highly recommend it!

Jessica Peralta: Host was very kind and entertaining. Puzzles were fun and intuitive. I can not sound more robotic than right now, but I am not a robot. Genuinely had a good time.

Rita Perez: Super fun room! We did the 13th floor. Definitely will return.

Kyle Frawley: Had a great time! Very accommodating. We called alittle late and they still got us in. Friendly/helpful staff!

Connie Love Sychowski: The 13th Floor was a lot of fun! The puzzles were great! They don’t lead you on a wild goose chase. Great way to spend an evening. We enjoyed it so much we went back today for another room!

Chelsea Pulliam: is one of my favorite escape rooms in Seattle!

12. Quest Factor Escape Rooms - Seattle

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· 69 reviews

511 Boren Ave N #B, Seattle, WA 98109

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13. Conundroom Real Escape Rooms - Redmond

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· 608 reviews

16261 Redmond Way #150, Redmond, WA 98052

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Conundroom Real Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Faith Seddon: Fun. Eliska is great. Harry Potter room fun

Janice Cheng: Great decorations and the concept. Nice staff helped us with tiny unexpected technical problem. Really enjoyed the escape room!

Cheri Hoggard: We had a great time in the Ghost Ship! Vasilisa gave us just enough of a clue to keep us moving forward. Lots of different kinds of puzzles.

theangelcin: They were super friendly and great with our kids. Eliska was fantastic. She let our kiddos finish the very last puzzles even though we had run out of time.

Fedor Sharygin: Best Employee Ever!!! Vasilisa Is da best! Alice in Wonderland is great!!!

Marwa Moharram: Such a wonderful experience! I love all the escape rooms I have done!

Silver: The design for the wonderland room was incredible. Alexandra did a great job reassuring us that we were on the right track when we got stuck.

Eleanor Tsai: tested the new pirate ship one, very spooky! The entry room was also themed, all the puzzles were also very creative. We were all able to participate as well, which I really liked because sometimes we do escape puzzles at home and it’s difficult because we’re all crowding around the same small board. The staff member who helped us, Alexandra, was also super nice, even when we

Knute Olsen: We enjoyed it! My daughter has never done an escape room before. We liked that it was very kid friendly.

Sagarika22: This was fun! Went with a couple of friends. It was challenging but not impossible. They also stayed open a little late for us!!

lolmason: alex/fred was the best man to give us hints i’ve ever had. please give him a raise 🙏

Logan Giese: fred was a w mans he deserves more respect 💯 give that man a raise!! he’s a real one 💯💯

Andrew Baylor: We did the Cursed room with Fred as our guide and it was great. Cant wait to go back!

apple Liu: It was so fun! love it!

14. Quest Factor Escape Rooms - Redmond

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· 165 reviews

14700 NE 95th St #210, Redmond, WA 98052

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15. FLEE Escape Game - Redmond - Bellevue

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· 358 reviews

2222 152nd Ave NE #108, Redmond, WA 98052

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FLEE Escape Game - Redmond: what do users think?

Swaroop Bugatha: We have tried the ancient egypt multi room , it was so detailed and very interesting puzzles. Good to try

Eian Counts: Very good. Much goodness. Also, fun.

Eva Leuthy: Had a great time solving puzzles with friends, and the staff was kind, funny and helpful. I 100% recommend!

Cole C: Solid experience, host was very nice and the puzzles were a lot of fun! Definitely coming back.

Matthew Mak: tried the museum heist one with a couple of friends, we only got to the second room before the timer ended. the staff member then came in and showed us the rest of the puzzle. very fun room!

Alexander Argutin: Great experience, fun puzzles, solvable in time, helpful crew.

Joy Li: The VR game is amazing 😆 I truly believe that there is the best place to go on rainy days in Seattle 🤣

Steven Sparkman: I probably gave it an extra star because we won, but my whole office had a great time playing. The team was super friendly and accommodating.

16. Reality Break Escapes - Bellevue

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· 447 reviews

225 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Reality Break Escapes: what do users think?

Roshmore7: Did the speakeasy with a few friends! ‘Twas super fun! Tati was welcoming and helpful, and Adam managed it perfectly, pretty sure he has as much fun watching us as we did fumbling around. The price is a bit steep, ngl, but it’s worth the experience! And a fun photo op with props at the end! Would definitely visit again!

Cindi Bell: Our party of four had a great time solving the speakeasy puzzle. Two of us had never done an escape room. Our game master Vince made the noobs feel at ease and helped us understand the basics to be successful in our quest to conquer the room.

Heather Loschen: Kat was an awesome GM! We did the Lucky Duck Speakeasy, it was so fun and well put together with lots of fun props and cool sets!

Mikaela Thompson: You can park one car in front of the building during the week, but as many as you want on weekends. They are underground so it’s just one door, on the left of the building. GREAT STAFF, very well thought out puzzles :

James Canfield: Michele was great!

Gabrielle Sweet: If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. Just went here for my 5th anniversary date and my spouse and the folks working here all surprised me at the end of the speakeasy escape room to help my spouse propose a second time. The speakeasy room was so fun and I loved some of the surprises the room had... No spoilers! Michelle, our game master, was great with giving hints without giving away the game. She helped make sure we reached the end and the proposal surprise right on time. She came in with the owner and took pictures for us and even gave us special proposal themed macarons, without my spouse even asking for that part! Truly went above and beyond. Just SO kind and such a lovely experience. Thanks for being a great part of our anniversary, Michelle and Reality Break!

Mara Hill: We had a great time with Hunter as our game master. The speakeasy room had a number of unique puzzles and, while we broke out rather quickly, we still enjoyed the room design and experience. Would come back!

Alaa Abu-Hantash: This escape room was SO MUCH FUN! Great atmosphere, tricky but satisfying puzzles, and it really tested our teamwork.

Barbara Strauss: It was a great experience. My 3 daughters and daughter in law and I did it for a girls weekend. We are all analytic so we worked together well. Before going in we asked the percentage of success which was 60%. We missed the last clue before we ran out of time. Soooo close. Yet we still felt successful.

Darby Roberts: One of the best escape rooms we’ve ever done! The puzzles were so clever and kept us saying “Wow that’s so cool!” We would highly recommend!

Michael Seyffert: Kaiz was a superb Game MasterWas very fun and part of what made it so seamless and fun was timely hints that we received

Rebecca Lohman: We did the cyberspace room. It was great! This one of the more expensive escape rooms but it was fun!

Deepthi Kapila: Fun place for team events, family get-togethers, kids' birthdays

Nicole Danley: Came here with a group of seven including myself to do the speakeasy room. Half of my group had very little escape room experience. The room we did was so fun, the puzzles were challenging but not overly complicated to understand, and we all had a good time and beat the room with 15 minutes to spare. Definitely recommend this place, best escape room I've done so far. Can't wait to go back for the next one! Our game maker was also super friendly and helpful, I think his name was Theo?

Colin Webb: Fun afternoon of challenges!

Jeanie Pham: This place is soo fun. The space theme one and the Speakeasy has been intermediate level, but lots of clues and multiple rooms!! Love the whole ambience of the check-in area. I also enjoyed Whiskey, one of the game masters, thorough explanation of the rules even after watching the basic video of how to do escape rooms. Also, fun playful tips and humor from Adam, who responded to our group banter too. Highly recommend on the weekends, easy parking and not too busy.

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