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Washington Beauty School Vuu's Beauty School Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology - Seattle Evergreen Beauty College North Seattle Aesthetics Northwest Institute Classy Beauty School Roosevelt Nails Bar Evergreen Beauty College Renton Day Nails And Spa Shadow Nails Urban Nail Box Nouvelle Nails and Spa ST Nails & Spa West Seattle HAVE GOOD NAIL Apollo Nails and Spa Johnny Nails Polished Boutique Spa

1. Washington Beauty School - Seattle

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· 16 reviews

4811 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

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Washington Beauty School: what do users think?

Fancypants (Xixlo): I've been coming here for years, couldn't recommend the place more. I pay a 3rd of what it'd cost to get my hair cut anywhere else in the area here.It's a school for people to learn how to cut hair. The students pay attention when they're cutting, they want to do their best and their work shows it.The instructor has always been so kind and nice, if I had the desire to take hair cutting lessons, I would go to this school. Hands down, no questions about it.

P Rev: Excellent school to attend if you are trying to get your career on track Mrs.Trinh is the most compassionate and caring teacher there is in this beauty industry she truly cares and wants to see you make it.I STRONGLY suggest enrolling as soon as you can!!

Heather Andres: She really set me up for success. She’s a great teacher and really cares about whether or not you pass. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who needs a refresher course for the state board practical. Trinh is your Yoda!

Dexter Harris: This is a great institution. I recommend this school to anyone pursuing become a professional licensed barber or cosmetologist Mrs. Do is the BEST INSTRUCTOR in the industry. She will help you with whatever you need and is really patient. Come check this place out. Much Love to Washington Beauty Academy

Gareth Kenee: Friendly place price is excellent especially for kids.

Cathy Rouyer: I have been a customer for 13 years and love going here.

Chastity Payton: I have been there twice and love it ! Kim did my Highlites and trim and also a wonderful job on my pedi it's a great place for such a good price! Just tell them what you exactly want and they will listen!

John N: Love the service , love the price , love the community !

Alex Railean: This is a great place, I once visited them just a few minutes before closing time - they still gave me a haircut, despite the fact that it required them to stay overtime.I like the service, the people are decent and they treat customers with respect.The bottom line is that I like my new haircut and the cost was very low too. I recommended this place to my room-mates.

2. Vuu's Beauty School - Seattle



· 35 reviews

807 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104, United States

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Vuu's Beauty School: what do users think?

kaeli chop: Впервые приехал сюда и это был отличный опыт. Студенты учатся всему, а я получил длинные слои, и они выглядят красиво. Определенно приеду снова!

Hien Minh: Я собирался просто пройти курс, чтобы изучить что-то новое, но оказалось, что теперь это моя карьера. Г-жа Ким и Голдин очень профессиональны и добросовестны. Я почти ушел на полпути, но они продолжают подталкивать меня к моей цели. Спасибо школе красоты Vuu.

Yvonne Silva: Сегодня мне очень понравилось делать прическу в школе красоты Вуу! Мне подкрасили корни, а также подстригли и уложили волосы! Мои волосы получились великолепными! Это выглядело так естественно и нежно! Очень доступный! Все были очень дружелюбны, и я уехала с потрясающим чувством!! Спасибо, Анжела, и спасибо вашим замечательным ученикам! Вы потрясающие!!💝 🤗

Mei: :

Vinayak Das: Действительно доступные и хорошие стрижки всего за 10 долларов! Волосы не будут испорчены, преподаватели всегда приходят, проверяют и направляют учеников, делающих стрижку! Обязательно приеду в следующий раз.

Karthikeya Sri Sai Mullapudi: Мне сделал здесь чистую профессиональную стрижку Джон, студент, который проделал отличную работу. Я прибыл туда в последний час, но он не спешил и не заикался, но нашел время и сделал все возможное. Г-жа Ким поддержала и проверила работы своих учеников… все это по очень доступной цене… определенно стоит каждого пенни, и порекомендовала бы подстричься здесь… мне понравилось.

Celine: Отличное место, студенты и персонал очень дружелюбные. Я очень рекомендую приехать сюда!

Amelia Fujikawa: Я попросил длинные слои, и студенты отлично справились!! Я очень счастлив и обязательно вернусь.

Thi Ho: I have been in this school and good

Isis M. Garcia: I got a butterfly haircut at Vuu’s beauty school a few weeks ago and it was absolutely gorgeous! The instructor made sure to check the end result when she was finished and made some final touches. They are so fun!

Sarah Naitoh: they made sure I left with a haircut i was happy with, will return again, great price

Laurent Huor: My father and I came to get our haircuts on Friday, October 6, 2023. I made an appointment a day before. The entire staff made up of students and their instructor took the opportunity to practice on us. They did a great job. Both my father and I were happy with our haircuts.

Jenna Eversole: I loved my experience at Vuus Beauty school. The prices were so affordable, and the services were great. I got a manicure and got my eyelash's done and the students are so kind always making sure you're comfortable. I got gel polish on my nails and they last a while. My eyelashes are also beautiful. I personally prefer more antral eyelashes and they did so good. I wanted a doll eye and i got what i wanted. For me when i ask for natural eyelashes most the time i don't get what i ask for but i got exactly what i asked for. I also saw some people with beautiful long eyelashes, and it also looked Classey. The manager is so sweet and so are the students.

Libby G: I have to say hands down!!! My hair turned out so beautiful!!! The instructor is very hands on with students she definitely is a perfectionist. The instructor checked each foil and made sure it was the exact color I wanted and she even put some low lights in! I have gotten a lot of compliments hasn’t even been 24hrs yet! Thank you to the instructor and students I definitely would recommend!!

3. Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology - Seattle - Seattle

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· 94 reviews

106 Lenora St, Seattle, WA 98121

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Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology - Seattle: what do users think?

Halle Banks: I am a recent graduate from home of tint and this was my first family after a rough past in my life My favorite director really understood my learning style cause I have Austim i’m bumped that I didn’t get to go on any fieldS trip cause of COVID but when COVID starts rolling out the field trips will be wonderful I was very satisfied the staff were the best you can’t beat the amazing people theirs love, understanding ,support they want you to be successful in what ever it is you do.

Kamal605 Madbar: I'm a new Tint graduate and I gotta say I was unable to have requested a superior encounter. I'm so cheerful and thankful for the training and information I've gotten here. The one thing that helped me the most just as different understudies is the individualized consideration regarding every understudy's schooling that the instructors give. It comes from an authentic consideration and need to see you prevail in this industry and that is something I believe I was unable to have gotten elsewhere. The systems administration openings here also are unending and something to truly exploit while you're here and surprisingly after graduation. I'm so energetic about all that I've learned here and I have only love and reverence for this school and all its staff.

ladislava jelenova: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI loved going to school here. It felt like home and school all in one. I'll forever be grateful for the teachers, students and environment Tint had during my time there. I recently graduated and I miss it already!

Alexis Branch: I am a recent graduate of Tints Master Makeup Artist Program and I have nothing but good things to say about it. This school is Veteran friendly. The VA covered everything. The instructors especially Ms.Sable actually care about their students and them making it in the industry. They keep an open bridge with students even after they graduate. I’m still able to hit up any of this when I need advice about anything. They take covid seriously there. Mask up and covid sanitation EVERY hour and covid meetings once a week. They really encourage there students to give nothing less than their full effort they won’t let you fail. It was amazing to also have Cosmo in the same building and being encouraged to build those connections with them.

Navajo Cutie: I didn’t know what to expect when coming to TINT, but I am very happy that I came and completed the program. I made so many friends and the atmosphere was very welcoming. My skills have grown so much in the last 7 months and I feel very prepared to take on jobs in the future. All the module teachers were amazing to work with and they have a passion that is just so infectious. I had the privilege of learning from Ms. Sable, Ms. Stacie, Mr. Tim, Ms. Abby, Ms. Isabelle and Ms. Kara. I was in the makeup artistry program & I will say if you decide to attend you are signing up to pursue a career in the MUA field and it isn’t just playing with makeup all day. It will challenge you creatively every single day. Other than that I do recommend TINT to any aspiring MUA.

Robert Butler: I am a filmmaker and needed a place to hold a photoshoot to promote my next film. Tint School not only allowed me to utilize their space, also provided me with make up artist to help make my photoshoot go smoother. I am so grateful for their help and forever thankful to them. My shoot was turned out much better than I had planned. Thank you again to Manhal and all the makeup artist that were involved!

Tessa Klopp: Positive:Professionalism,QualityI’m a recent graduate from tint and I can’t say how much this school has helped me. Not only with precision but professionalism and time management. Recently I got the opportunity to work on a film set on behalf of the school! So if your looking to be trained for a professional makeup career tint is a great option.

Hailey Kelm Thomas: Positive:Professionalism,QualityHad a great experience with Tint. The school will for sure push your boundaries and you must be willing to bend and learn. I highly recommend this school, as even when you are done with learning makeup skills, you are even trained in career and all those aspect combined will set you up for success

London Caldwell: I cannot say enough great things about Tint! I recently graduated and my entire educational experience was phenomenal.The entire staff at Tint goes above and beyond to cater to each students learning style. Ms. Sable is by far one of the most devoted and skilled instructors I have ever met. She provide students the best instructors to learn from, and helps you build yourself in the Makeup/hair industry for the career you want. The atmosphere at the school is welcoming for people of all backgrounds. Tint is also very on top of their COVID-19 safety protocols and cleaning. They put their students safety first which was shown each day I went to school.I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wanting to start a career in beauty. This is an amazing school with an amazing teachers.

Ant Knee: I’m a recent Tint graduate and I gotta say I could not have asked for a better experience. I’m so happy and grateful for the education and knowledge I’ve received here. The one thing that benefited me the most as well as other students is the individualized attention to each student’s education that the teachers provide. It comes from a genuine care and want to see you succeed in this industry and that’s something I feel I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. The networking opportunities here as well are endless and something to really take advantage of while you’re here and even after graduation. I’m so appreciative of all that I’ve learned here and I have nothing but love and admiration for this school and all its staff.

Alyssa Magcalas: I am a recent graduate of the makeup artistry program at Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology. I am very pleased with the level of education I’ve received and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. All of the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and want to see you succeed in the beauty industry.

Julia Smith: I had a great time attending tint, I really feel that my education & knowledge of makeup has grown so much over the last 6 months. One thing I really loved was the instructors & how willing there are to help & work with you. It made it such a pleasant learning environment!

V Duncan: Positive:Quality,ValueI really enjoyed my time here at Tint and would recommend this school to anyone interested in getting into the beauty industry! Hair or makeup the education was prestige and I’ve learned so much here about the business aspect of the industry which has really helped me further my journey in Master Makeup Artistry.

Emily Batterberry: I graduated from Tint in July 2020! Let me start with, I can’t say enough good things about Tint, the educators & staff! I looked around at a few different makeup programs in Washington, and when I visited Tint and met Manhal and some of the other staff..I was sold! Learning about their program and what they offered, I knew I was going to get more than I ever dreamed of! Their makeup program is absolute perfection! There is such a variety of makeup styles/techniques that’ll you learn, from beauty, stage, spfx, runaway, bridal, HD, and so much more! You’re going to learn it all! Kit building, sanitation, all aspects of makeup, working with hairstylist, photographers, on set etiquette, building your brand/website, and so on!The educators/staff are the true beauty of Tint in my opinion. Everyone’s learning style is different and they make it possible to learn/understand everything their teaching you. They work hard to improve each person skills and do it in ways that’s most beneficial for the each student that comes through their doors. And I can honestly say they care deeply about their students. Every single teacher that I encountered with at Tint changed my life, made me grow as an artist, and has helped me gain the skills and confidence to be an AMAZING makeup artist/business woman!Tint really opens the door to the makeup world! Through the program I’ve met many makeup artists in all different fields, hairstylist, and photographers as well! They really help you to meet people within the industry and get you to start building those connections for your future!I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TINT! By far one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and for my career!

Ellie Wilson: Very pleased with my education at Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology.It has allowed me to expand my talents and explore areas of makeup I never had. Plus it gives you much needed experience.I loved that the teaching staff was comprised of actual working makeup artists from all backgrounds and specialties.This is definitely a school for those wanting an actual career in makeup artistry. It’s a lot of work and frustration but it will make you better and prepared!The school also did phenomenal on COVID safety. I was able to learn top-notch sanitation measures that are now second nature. A big PLUS for professionalism.

Hannah Evenson: I recently graduated from the cosmetology program and had a great experience while I was enrolled. All of the staff are hands on and eager to teach you everything they know about differebt techniques and working working in the industry itself. I grew so much as an artist while attending and cant thank the staff enough for being great mentors and supporting me!

Courtney McBride: I just graduated from Tint’s cosmetology program. The staff is professional and passionate about educating the next generation of the beauty industry. I received an education beyond just the technical knowledge applicable to beauty, but also in business skills as well as expanding my view of what directions I could take my career in this industry. The staff and director helped support me in landing an incredible job opportunity even during the struggles of this industry during a pandemic. There were many adjustments to the curriculum during the COVID19 pandemic, including online education and extra sanitary caution. I feel ready to pass the State Boards exam and start a new career.

Marisa Gonzalez: I am a recent graduate of Tint’s cosmetology program. Looking back on my experience at Tint, I definitely think the best thing about it was the staff/owners. They really do care about you and your education and will go out of their way to help you with whatever you need. Hannah and Shayla bent over backwards to teach everyone anything they needed or wanted to know more about. Overall was a great experience and I am glad I chose this school.
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· 895 reviews

18336 Aurora Ave N #103, Shoreline, WA 98133, United States

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Evergreen Beauty College North Seattle: what do users think?

vivian: .

Sean E: I had my hair cut by Kaylee and she did an absolutely great job! That was a month ago, and my hair still looks great today. Usually when I get it cut, I had to get a touch-up every two weeks. She was able to completely produce what I envisioned for my hair for a long while now.Thanks Kaylee!

Lucas Connelly: I came in for my first ever custom facial and Amanda made it a great experience! She helped assess what treatment was needed and then talked me through the steps she was taking to help achieve my goals. I will definitely be going back for more sessions soon!

Jean Long: My sister had recently had a perm done at the Shoreline store and it looked great, so when I needed a haircut, she highly recommended them. Michelle, my stylist was amazing and fun, and did exactly what I requested, the instructor she had was phenomenal, she said Michelle did a great job, when the time came to cut my bangs, the instructor showed her a technique. My bangs have never, EVER, looked how I wanted them to until this cut, I literally almost teared up! I will be going back for color, which we discussed and I know what to ask for. Amazing experience overall!

Sydney Tran: I've visited Amanda a multiple times for waxing sessions, and each time has been perfect. From start to finish, Amanda creates a comfortable atmosphere, making me feel supper comfortable throughout the entire process. Not only does she excel at waxing, but her facials are also top-notch. They are not only effective but also incredibly relaxing. Overall, I can't recommend Amanda enough. Her skill, and warm personality makes each appointment a pleasure. If you're looking for a waxing and facial experience that exceeds expectations, Amanda is the one to see. She truly is amazing.

Jennifer L: with Jordan. They both did great and it was a fantastic price. I especially loved the outcome of what Jordan did with my hair. She asked questions about my hair that I hadn't even thought of and that helped her assess how to best get the color that I was looking for

Vanessa: I got a split color done by Hannah brown and it was amazing!! She was confident and did exactly what she needed to do! Will definitely come back to her for my touch up!!

sandra blake: Rachel Heinl cut my hair yesterday and did an amazing job! She was so friendly, relaxed and professional I was sure she was near completion of her training. Lo and behold I found out she was just getting started! Watch this young woman!!! She's gonna rock it big time!! Thank you Rachel

Jeanie Brewer-Barrett: Jorie at evergreen beauty College has been doing my hair for months and I've always left more than satisfied. From coloring to cuts and trims she does an excellent job. My last time seeing her was the 23rd and she trimmed my hair and added layering which isn't usually a simple task as I have very long hair and she did soooo good! She is wonderful at what she does and has a great talent!!

5. Aesthetics Northwest Institute - Bellevue

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· 26 reviews

1750 124th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

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Aesthetics Northwest Institute: what do users think?

Anja West: I have been coming here for years, and always had very good experiences with my facials! It may not be fancy, but it is clean, hygienic and the instructors are very knowledgeable about skin care. My skin always looks better after I leave and I really like their products. I’ve had several facials from Meesha Hoskin, student aesthetician. They’ve been so peaceful, and my skin is really improving. She has a wonderful presence and a nice touch!

C. An: Highly recommend this esthetician school. Very clean, organized, flexible schedule and convenient location @Bellevue. As for the lovely school staff, I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have Ms. Shama as my teacher. She never rushed through lessons, always taking the time to ensure every student understood the theory and demo treatment class. Her constructive feedback about my any learning, test preparation concerns, always helped me figure out the problems timely. If you’re considering pursuing a career in esthetics, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Shama as your guiding light and this wonderful school as your exciting journey start point.

Alison Epsom: I had a facial with Mireya and she did a wonderful job. She has such a warm and caring energy which comes through in her application of the products and her massage technique. It was so relaxing!

Carolyn Jay: I had a fantastic facial from Mariah Farrell yesterday. She was able to analyze my skin and recommend a series of three facials to remove dark spots and wrinkles. She has wonderful hands which totally made me relax. I can hardly wait to go back next week

Rebecca Reese: I’ve gotten several facials here from Malia and I can’t recommend her enough! She took the time to do a skin analysis and listened to my concerns. I’m pregnant, and she made sure that we addressed my skin concerns while also being pregnancy safe. She is super knowledgeable and also makes the experience relaxing. I’ll definitely be back to see her!

jani field: Adrianna was amazing she gave me the most wonderful facial I have received in years! She will really succeed in this industry wherever she decides to work when she finishes her schooling.

Christina Williamson: I got a facial from Malia and it was the best facial I have ever received! She was thorough she listened to my needs and concerns she went above and beyond, the massage was the best massage and lasted forever it seemed. She is absolutely amazing she is going to excel leaps and bounds when she graduates from school I wish her well and lots of luck and success!!!!

Lila Hajrovic: I had facial today with Adriana C. It was very relaxing and pleasant. I have very sensitive skin and some redness. She listened to my skin concerns very carefully and chose perfect treatment for me. Products they used were all natural and gentile. I did not experience any irritation nor discomfort, I was amazed how my skin felt for the first time after many years of trying different treatments and products. The whole process was spa-like relaxing and calming experience and was done professionally. I will definitely be back.

Sanida S: Got a facial by Malia and it was amazing! Malia took time to discuss my concerns and examine the skin. She was easy to talk to and the facial was out of this world. Their products smell sooo good. I haven't been this relaxed in a long time. I will definitely go back when I'm in Seattle area. All staff was extremely professional and knowledgeable and the salon is very clean. I will definitely go back when I'm in Seattle area and would highly recommend this place.

Bethany Kassa: i never had a facial before I visited this young women that goes by the name of Sierra. it was a 10/10 experience she took her time and her massage was amazing, fingers of gold. i 100% would go again and not let anybody touch my face except her. so peaceful and exactly what i needed. My skin felt and looked incredible.

Marie Orozco: I've had three different styles of facials and all three of my experience have been great. Zena Orozco is very professional, but also personable too. Booked a three part session for a Vegetal Peel, it's a non chemical facial peel.

Cristal Lara: I recommend this place to EVERYONE .My son and I recently had a series of facial treatments here and the results are amazing.Mrs. Shama has great expertise and will explain what treatment suits you best and why. She will give you many tips you can do at home to maintain clear skin. Also, the products she offers are affordable and work really good.The students working with you are great. We had the pleasure of working with Zena, Theo, and Josh. They were all very pleasant and very detailed in what they did.I have been battling with adult acne for many years now and have tried many different products so I am really thankful I found this place. I’ve only had three treatments and my skin has greatly improved. I will definitely be coming back.Would give this place 10 stars if I could. 💓

Jazmin Peraza: Korina is awesome!She took her time to work on my skin I was very happy with the service she provided my skin feels so good. She was very sweet and explained step by step all she was doing. I will definitely go back and have her do my facial.

Aida Ayala: I enjoyed my experience very much I felt I was in good hands Karina who was my esthetician took great care of me, I felt she knew what she was doing and even gave me some advice of aftercare she knew I was on acne medication prior to my visit which is why I felt she took the best care of me as she could thank you I will be visiting Karina again.

6. Classy Beauty School - Seattle

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· 10 reviews

1231 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

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7. Roosevelt Nails Bar - Seattle

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· 99 reviews

1211 NE 65th St #6723, Seattle, WA 98115

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Roosevelt Nails Bar: what do users think?

Jung Amaral: This is the best nail salon! They pay attention to detail and my cuticles always look amazing after! I usually come here for shellac, and it lasts 3 weeks and looks great until it grows out. They also do lots of dipping powder and have a ton of color options. Lovely staff and owner; I used to wait to come on holiday breaks when I was living on the east coast - they're the best!

Kayla Mildren: Honestly the best manicure I’ve had in Seattle thus far! Great attention to detail, nice atmosphere, friendly staff.

Lilian Reynolds: Excellent service and a great job overall! Will definitely be coming back.

Natasha Bates: I have been getting powder dip nails here for 6 years and am a devoted customer. I haven’t been able to find the consistent care and quality anywhere else! They take their time and maintain the condition of the nail, caring about your repeated business rather than rushing customers with rough treatment in order to get many walk-ins through. Please make an appointment rather than walk in because often their schedules are full. Thank you Tran & all techs!

Hetal Patel: , nails weren’t filed evenly, and I did feel pressured to leave a larger than desired tip with the auto 20% and the iPad placed in front of me at my seat with my tech in front of me. I usually love going to get my nails done here so I am hopeful this is a one off, but I do not feel comfortable coming back to get my wedding nails done here sadly. Hoping things improve…

Angelica Basilio: The salon is beautifully decorated and clean. My nail tech took her time with my pedicure and was very friendly. Will be making this my new go to nail salon.

Kate Yasuda: Tried dip for the first time and never going back to gel. Lasted a solid 2.5 weeks and when I did get a chip, they fixed it on the house. Definitely my new go to place.

PennyMarie Curry: Beautiful clean relaxing and the staff are so sweet as well as talentedMY FAVORITE NAIL SALON!!!
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· 1360 reviews

1222 Bronson Way N, Renton, WA 98057, United States

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Evergreen Beauty College Renton: what do users think?

Kaitlyn Svendby: I got my hair done by Madison in the cosmetology morning class, and she did such an amazing job, I’ve been bleaching my own hair for years but can’t see the back too well, so she bleached my roots and all my dark spots and now my hair is so bright !! Thank you so much, I appreciate it and clearly will became a great stylist in the field !

Fabian rosas: I received a microdermabrasion device by Araceli, she was kind and thorough! My face feels amazing

Jamedith Chavez: I recently treated myself to my first ever facial with Brenda and it was fantastic. She’s very personable, the products used were great for my sensitive skin, and I just felt amazing afterwards.

Josi West: I came in for a custom facial from JoAnn L. for a treat for my birthday, and had no idea what to expect, but she put me at ease right away! She had a very calm demeanor and a gentle touch, and did a great job explaining the products she was using on my face and why. I left with a smooth, hydrated face and felt ready to tackle my weekend! I highly recommend her services!

Rosemary Tekmenzhi: Emma K did an amazing job with cutting and coloring my hair! She gave me lots of tips and tricks on how to maintain it and my hair has never been healthier! She provided a luxurious experience, and it was definitely worth the money spent! Definitely recommend!

Kayla Dumlao: Daisy was patient and understanding!! She made sure to give her input on what she thought would work best with my hair, even recommended some products to use to maintain it. She took her time making sure to get my hair to look exactly like I wanted.

maha alisa: and she was incredibly kind and very educating about my skin. I am definitely coming back! I would recommend book with her!

Lu Lu: Second appointment 3/13/24:Absolutely fantastic experience! Kandis a student at Evergreen Beauty College, I was thrilled to discover their spa offering facial services. My recent visit exceeded all expectations, thanks to the talented student who provided me with the best facial I've ever had. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly and made to feel completely at ease. Kandis was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to my skincare needs. The facial itself was pure bliss – the products used were luxurious, the techniques were expertly executed, and the results were simply stunning. My skin has never looked or felt better! I left feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and glowing from head to toe. I can't recommend Evergreen Beauty College's spa services enough, and I'll definitely be returning for more pampering in the future. Five stars all around – thank you Kandis for an unforgettable experience!I recently had the pleasure of getting my brows and lip waxing done by a talented student, Kandis at the Evergreen beauty college, and I couldn't be happier with the results! She displayed remarkable skill and attention to detail throughout the entire process. My brows are now perfectly shaped, and the lip waxing was done with precision.What impressed me the most was her professionalism and dedication to ensuring my comfort. She carefully explained each step, making me feel at ease throughout the session. The end result exceeded my expectations, and I left the beauty college feeling confident and pampered.I highly recommend Kandis for anyone looking for top-notch brow shaping and lip waxing services. Her expertise, combined with a friendly demeanor, made my experience truly five stars!

Cassie Yearicks: 5 stars go to Kelsey Doll for doing my balayage. My hair had over 6 inches of grow out and she seamlessly brought my balayage up and toned my hair to my liking. Will definitely follow her to her salon after graduation!!

9. Day Nails And Spa - Seattle

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· 161 reviews

9444 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

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Day Nails And Spa: what do users think?

Monique Robinson: The ladies at this nail salon always do an AMAZING job! They're attentive and take their time with your services. You can tell they value quality work and customer service. And their prices are super reasonable! A+ every time!Services Foot massages, Pedicure …

Isabella R: They really took their time doing my nails. Love the convenient hours as well.Services Pedicure, Manicure …

Nguyet Nguyen: Thanks Tina, Thao and Chau for doing my nails. I’m in love with them and ready for my big day 🧡

Parsa Shams: Best nail salon in Seattle, hands down! Service is top notch. Free beer, wine, and Vietnamese coffee.

Abby Larson: Quality work, long lasting gel/dipping powder, kind employeesServices Pedicure, Manicure …

Ashlee Hathaway: This place is great. My nails always look great when I leave here. The shoulder massage is awesome! Very friendly and great service every time.

S.K. CHANDLER: Every Woman n Man Should go HERE!! TRUST ME ITS WORTH IT!!

Kathy Brown: Love this place I will be returning

Christine Adams (ittybittybones): The tech is very knowledgeable in children's, women's, and male's nails. She is very kind and does great edge work!

Julia Pascua: Always accommodating and have the best coffee!

Rebecca Evans: Always 5 stars here. Been a very loyal customer for 15 years for good reason. They make you very comfortable, take very good care of you here, and do an impeccable job. My nails always look perfect and typically last for 3 weeks! Come for the Vietnamese coffee and come back because it's the best nail shop around.

Stacy Graves: Services:Pedicure,Manicure

10. Shadow Nails - Seattle

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· 130 reviews

9720 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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Shadow Nails: what do users think?

Crystal Washington: Они делают прекрасную работу!! Я расскажу своим друзьям.Сервисы:Массаж ног,Маникюр с покрытием гель-лаком

Amanda Meliah: Сервисы:Педикюр,Маникюр с покрытием гель-лаком

Fran Anderson: У нас был отличный опыт! К нам относились очень хорошо, и обслуживание было очень расслабляющим. Мы с мамой делаем педикюр, сестра — гель-педикюр, а дочка — акриловый маникюр. Цены были превосходны за то, что мы получили. Определенно вернусь.Сервисы:Акриловое наращивание ногтей,Педикюр,Маникюр

Janelle Kidd: So nice!

Nicole D.: They do a fantastic job!

Amyyy F: Love these guys!! There awesome!!

Jenefer Turner: They are AMAZING and if you show them an idea you want they make it happen!

Jessica Murphy: Heading off to see BTS next week and had to get my nails DID for the concert. My nail tech was absolutely amazing! He took his time and slayed my nails. The place was super clean, they offered me tea, and had paraffin wax which is a huge plus for me. I just moved to Seattle in September and gotta say this will definitely be my go to nail place. Thank yall so much!!!Services:Nail art,Waxing,Gel manicures

Amy Fish: I love this place! I've never had a bad experience with them and they always listen to what you want . This is my new go to nail shop! Both me and my best friend have made this our new go-to. Thanks guys!!

11. Urban Nail Box - Seattle

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· 119 reviews

1453 NW 54th St suite b, Seattle, WA 98107

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Urban Nail Box: what do users think?

Tamlyn Tamura: Nails are a few days old but wanted to share by DREAM NAILS done by Tin! I am obsessed. Love love love Urban Nail Box💕Services Nail art …

Rita Manalastas: Urban Nail Box is the only nail place my wife and I will go to! They have the highest level of service, cleanliness, and every person who has done our nails were consistently wonderful. I’m so glad they expanded and opened a location in Fremont - this place will not disappoint! We love the Urban Nail Box!Services Manicure …

Karina Arroyo: This place is so luxurious for the price point!! The owner has put so much thought into curating a relaxing experience, and every nail tech we’ve met has been so skilled and friendly. Whether it’s solid color or a design, we’ve loved every gel manicure we’ve had.Services Manicure …

Kamilla Dukonoeva: Whenever I visit Urban Nail Box in Ballard, I'm reminded of why I keep coming back. The team here isn't just skilled—they're genuinely warm and welcoming, making every visit feel like a catch-up with friends. They really know their craft, and I’ve never been disappointed with the results. Plus, the vibe in the salon is just unbeatable; it’s always buzzing with good energy and friendly chatter. It’s my go-to spot for a bit of pampering and relaxation. If you're in the area, definitely give them a try!

Dat Dao: I was welcomed with enthusiasm by the staff here. My ugly toes got clean care meticulously. Highly recommend this place!!

Long Luu: This place exceeds expectations as more than just a nail salon. Their nail designs are unparalleled, exuding a welcoming and chic ambiance. The staff is exceptionally friendly, and the atmosphere is consistently pristine and well-organized. I will certainly be returning for another visit.Services Foot massages, Men's manicures …

Thanh Huyền Vương: This place is my go-to nail salon in Seattle whenever im in town. The vibe, the technician and the quality of their service always the key reason that brought me here!! Highly recommended!!

Rhonda Gallagher: Cleanliness: Very well kept and clean salon.Services Foot massages, Pedicure, Manicure …

MiMi Dang: Gel extensions funny bunny and white chrome by Amy

Eowyn Baughman: I’ve had two pedicures here, both excellent and fairly priced.

Siera Prout: I’ve been to their Ballard location a couple times but recently went to their new Fremont location and wow! 🤩 Not only was it super cute in there but I remembered how nice everyone was. I met Evelyn who did my nails and she was amazing. Pricing is fair especially for the quality & experience you’re getting! Highly recommend to anyone!

Savannah Suttle: the best nail salon in Seattle. Do yourself a favor and get on the schedule. You will feel so relaxed, refreshed and your nails will look like you're ready for the Oscars.They have a very different model, where you sit in real chairs, with bowls instead of whirring jacuzzi tubs, and I wasn't sure I would like this at first. However, it ended up being AWESOME. The chairs are comfortable and I had no idea how much I would appreciate the silence/serenity. They had great music, great ambiance, and the entire experience was very Upbeat-But-Zen. I left feeling both rested and energized

Mia Hills: I just got home from THE most relaxing and amazing pedicure. Today was their first day in the Fremont location and the space is BEAUTIFUL. The furniture, the layout, the vibes. Everything was *chefs kiss* and every single person I interacted with was so kind and attentive!My pedicure was honestly the best I’ve ever had and I am just so excited to come back and make pedicures a regular thing for me this year!Thank you to the Urban Nail Box team for pampering me and for helping make today such a great day 😊

Liz Shearer: I never write reviews unless the service is overwhelmingly positive. Trust me when I say that if you’re looking for a high quality manicure with artistic flair, UNB will deliver. Tristie was SO sweet and made sure my vision for my manicure was executed to a T. Everyone on staff was so helpful and kind. I will definitely be back!

12. Majorelle Beauty Academy - Kirkland

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· 24 reviews

14306 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034, United States

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Majorelle Beauty Academy: what do users think?

Cristiana Wallace: I got my cosmetology license at Majorelle.And being license hairstylist wouldn't be possible if wasn't for Andrea and Perla.They understood my learning curve and were constantly giving me tasks that made me feel challenged and at same time confident to apply new techniques on clients.They really enforce all the state board rules and push all the students to maintain the salon clean, organize and all tools decontaminated.I always had a team feeling btw the instructors and the other students.Perla and Andrea are very open to communication and I had freedom to find myself in the industry.

Teresa Ramos: I have really thick and black hair that takes a long time to dye and cut. But every time I went, they were always patient with me and made me feel welcomed. Thank you ladies I can see your passion and ambition to give good services. Happy with the results every time.

Loraine Sindayen: We looked into several beauty schools in our area and we're so glad our daughter chose Majorelle Beauty Academy. She completed the Esthetics program this spring and it was because of the support of Perla and Andrea and the positive, and encouraging atmosphere they set for their students, she was able to complete her hours a month earlier than expected! One size doesn't fit all and Perla and Andrea understood that people learn differently so we appreciate them for being flexible and accommodating to our daughter's learning style throughout her time in the program. Thanks to Majorelle, our daughter is excited about her future and feels confident and prepared to take her board exams.

Diana Sarinian: I have been client in the salon for several years and I can't say enough good things about its customer service, their attention to details and they always greet you with the smile. Can't wait to see everyone again.

Billy Rollins: Been to see Andrea and Perla many times and it is always a pleasure and i am never disappointed with the service.Everyone is always so friendly.Even though it is to get my head buzzed they always do a great job and make you feel welcomed.Thank you ladies

Neetika Agarwal: Absolutely in love with this place. I have been visiting them since last 4 years and everytime I have been satisfied with their service. Facials, hair cut, hair color, waxing, makeup every service is just perfect. I can't pick which one is better than other. The students are trained for professionalism. Would highly recommend this place anyday.

Daniel Barrera: highly recommended, treated me with the respect i deserve, and every time i went i got the service i asked for, 👍🏼

Annette Phipps: I love Majorette Beauty Academy. I bring in a picture of haircolor. They get the color looking just like the picture I show. I would highly recommend this beauty school for all over haircolor and haircut.

Sancho Mia: Great haircut at an awesome price. Very friendly and fun staff.

13. Nouvelle Nails and Spa - Seattle

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· 52 reviews

2610 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

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Nouvelle Nails and Spa: what do users think?

bleuxe: Be was my nail technician. She did an amazing job. It was my first time there and getting my nails in four years. It was very warm & welcoming place. I wanted Valentines day nails and I got better than I can imagine. Thank you Be!💞

Sophia AP: Great nails at a great price! Very nice, relaxing experience. Thank you!

Suzanne Silvis: Absolutely the best nail spa in Seattle. They don't cut corners! And they are amazing nail artists.

Brittany Kadansky: Good prices and great work. Maybe one of the best deluxe pedicures in town.

Maddy Jones: I absolutely *love* coming here for my nails! Every one who works here is extremely friendly, patient and detail oriented.

Isabela Montalvo: Came for a Deluxe Gel Pedicure and had a great experience with B! Great customer service and the space is very clean

Rommie Godoy: SPEECHLESS!!! I have yet to find a nail technician that delivered everything I asked for. UNTIL NOW! They are so personable and patient and detail oriented that I was blown away. I originally went in wanting to only get a manicure, but after seeing how amazing their work is, I got both manicure, and pedicure with natural eye lash extension.The lash extensions themselves are….. just wow.10/10 would recommend and I honestly would not even think about looking anywhere else.Hana did my pedicure and extensions, while Thy did my nails and design. Do yourself a favor and stop by. ❤️

Ree w: Love how they did my nails

Alexandra Vitale: and look great. I book online and if they get too busy they text me and get me in at a better time so I’ve never waited. It’s a simple salon, no frills.Services:Nail polish changes,Eyebrow waxing

Trish Reinhardt: I have been going her for the pat 1.5 years for my Dip Nails. Hanna does the best job out of any Nail professional I have ever used. I had my last dips last 4 weeks and they were still in excellent condition i could have waited another. The staff is always nice and friendly and they are fast. Even when I do a Dip Nails and Shellac pedi I am usually done with an hour to 1.5.Services:Foot massages,Hand foot massages,Pedicure,Nail decals,Dip powder

Thea Wilson: I love getting my nails done here! They always do an amazing job and are very kind and welcoming. They have been able to do every set I’ve wanted perfectly.

Dezire Frank: Absolutely loved it I will be back

Tutu Tran: This place is awesome and nice! It’s my 2nd time coming here and I’m satisfied everytime. All 3 of the coworkers there are welcoming. I’m happy I found out about this place. I recommend you guys to come here if you guys want your nails done, eyelashes done, waxing or pedicure.

14. ST Nails & Spa West Seattle - Seattle

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· 54 reviews

4621A 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

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ST Nails & Spa West Seattle: what do users think?

S Davis: I got my nails done yesterday by the sweetest women who I found out were mother and daughter. I will definitely be back. They both did an excellent job. One handled my manicure, the other the pedicure. I only knocked off one star because some of my cuticles were raw and stung a bit after I left. I think they took off a little more skin than they should have. Given that I hadn’t gotten a manicure or pedicure in over a month I don’t hold that against them.

Nichole Lipka: Very pleased with our first trip to this salon. She did everything I had asked for and it was a perfectly done fill. My daughter also got a manicure but it was essentially only a polish change + design, no soaking, cuticle trimming or lotion, if she had actually gotten a manicure then I would have given 5 stars. The paint on her nails was also not the same level of nice as what was done on mine, like her hearts were very misshapen and the base color wasn’t even.

Chris F: Great price. Clean. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Good choices and variety. Open to what you want and dont make you feel bad for wanting your nails to look the way you want it. Ha! Anjelah Johnson anyone?

Larrie Gates: Got eyebrows waxed, was very itchy and a bit of wax left, so gave 4 stars, but nails turned out awesome, 5 stars for that. Also walked in and got helped right away. No other customers came in, in the 2 hours I was there. But I'd definitely go back for nails

Andrea Wu: After a few..interesting..experiences at other salons in town, I think i’ve found my spot. Tammy was amazing, the salon was relaxing, and services well priced. Will return and highly recommend!

Amy Kennedy: Fantastic, talented, kind and appropriately quick. My regular place and I definitely recommend!

TM Rosario: It's really hard to get my Mom out of the house because of COVID. Our mani-pedi date is something we can do that's fun and relatively safe. Mom calls ahead to make an appointment to both ensure we're not around a lot of people and so we can have our nails done together. However, today some wires got crossed because they did us one at a time, with one of us waiting. But thanks to their staff, they turned our experience around and made Mom feel truly pampered.

Genae K: I had such a great experience here! I just went in for a mani-pedi and Sue was so kind and thorough, honestly the best I’ve felt in a long time. Super clean, and excellent value for the experience that they provide.Services:Pedicure,Gel manicures

Brittany mckennon-nixon: She is so sweet and didn't make me bleed. Thank u for being gentle with the CallousServices:Foot massages,Nail art,Acrylic nails,Back massages,Pedicure,Waxing,Eyelash extensions,Dip powder,Manicure,Gel manicures

Melissa McNeel: Always nice, always have availability. Large selection of options for manicures and pedicures. New chairs are comfortable.

Taylor: Friendly staff and clean facilities

Mustafa Liban: It was 👍 good

15. HAVE GOOD NAIL - Seattle

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· 37 reviews

2207 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Address Website WhatsApp
HAVE GOOD NAIL: what do users think?

Hannah M: My first time going and it was so relaxing. Ogi did my mani/pani and had tremendous attention to detail. Will definitely be coming back!

Ebrar Erdem: It’s my 4th time in Have Good Nail and I am very satisfied with their Classic Mani Pedi. Their ambiance is very relaxing and everyone is doing a great job. They sanitize their products and have a good system. This time Amy did my nails and I liked them a lot. I especially liked that she painted my nails starting from the cuticles, without any gap. This way my manicure has a longer lifetime. Thank you, Amy!

Snowman: Stopped in and got a pedicure for the first time ever and it was wonderful. Definitely going back.

La Wi: Best nail salon experience I have ever had. Clean salon, welcoming staff, and wonderful attention to detail on the painting.

Saba Z: Four days after my manicure they still look great!Will for sure go back!

P Harrington: Always amazing! Wish there were places like this where I lived.

Alana Simone: Best manicure and pedicure I have ever gotten, perfect. Also the staff is really nice and the ambience is really cute. Love this place.Service:Manicure

Sylvie Messing: Absolutely love this place! The nail techs were so sweet and did a great job on my shellac manicure. Nice and clean space with a relaxing ambiance. Definitely will be back!Service:Manicure

Ashley Epstein: The staff was very friendly. I got the Purissima Spa with both a mani and pedi. It was extremely relaxing, and they did an excellent job.

Cheryl Jurrus: Great service in friendly place

Shannon Chappon: I love this nail salon! The staff are so nice and always do an amazing manicure and pedicure. I do suggest calling or emailing ahead to get an appointment!

16. Katie Beauty Academy - White Center

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· 36 reviews

10424 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98146

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Katie Beauty Academy: what do users think?

Phuong Vu: The learning environment is fun and sociable, teacher Ms. Thao is very enthusiastic🌼

Thị Tuyết Nhung Đinh: Kelly Pang is a very good Nails vocational school, the teachers are very enthusiastic, Kelly Pang helps many students become successful, I am very impressed with Kelly Pang

nhung cao: Kelly Pang is a reputable, good quality vocational training place that will help nail students have solid skills.

DAVID VO: Comfortable school, dedicated teachers

LIiNN. L: Indoor environment is very good, clean and tidy.I have studied here for 3 months, and the teachers and classmates here are very friendly.The learning atmosphere here is very good, everyone helps each other, and the teacher will help you solve your problems in the first place.

Jane Vo: Teachers and staffs are very nice, great teaching quality, school is new and clean, highly recommend!

Thao Do: Very good

Tran Clover: I liked

Giáng Tiên Trần Lê: The school and all the teachers are very dedicated

thư lâm: The teacher's instructions are very clear and cuteProduct is good to use

Nancy Tran: Excellent products ❤️❤️Highly recommend!

Chai Laguna: I visited this place for a hair color and cut, and Sy, who worked on my hair, did a fantastic job. He cuts and colored my hair like a pro. He is talented and knows what he's doing.Thank you, Sy!In addition, prices are reasonable, and I would certainly recommend this spot for your hair service needs.

Nam Le: The first time I came to contact Kelly Pang School in Seattle, Washington, when I met Ms. Ngoc, I was very impressed with her professional working style. Her welcome and guidance made us feel very satisfied. heart. Wishing Ms. Ngoc and the members of the School good health. Wishing Kelly Pang continued success!

Dung Ha: Best education, best instructors, best learning experience. Love Kelly Pang!

17. Expo Beauty Institute - Seattle

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· 1 reviews

2534 15th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Apollo Nails and Spa - Seattle

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· 171 reviews

2128 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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Apollo Nails and Spa: what do users think?

Bruna Silva de Jesus: Amazing time spent here. Relaxing deluxe manicure and pedicure treatment.Services Pedicure, Manicure …

Zaira Abad: Services Pedicure, Manicure

james carr: I would recommend this location for guys and girls. Had a mani-pedi for guys here . They were very friendly and efficient. They did my feet, legs, hand and forearms. And my feet are not pretty.Awesome job and a massage on them as well. I loved it.

Jordan: Nice spa, and nice atmosphere.

Lindsey Ungar: The best nail salon in Seattle! My mani/pedi lasts longer than other places, and I trust that no matter which esthetician I receive, the service is always consistent and top notch. Great cleaning / sanitary practices, too. I don’t go anywhere else anymore - book now!

Doreen Alhadeff: They take ghe time to give you a good experience

Abby Conway: I always have a great experience at Apollo. Easy to schedule, little to no wait time. Detailed, professional and thoughtful staff. Love my nails, thanks Apollo!!

Douglas Elwin: The place is clean and they do a very good job at pedicures. It’s best to call ahead for an appointment as it’s very popular. The massaging chairs are up to date and fit large people.

Karate Kid: Nancy was fantastic.

Jennifer Chaussee: This place is just incredible. They get it right every time, and each service comes with a legit massage.

Julie Dunham: Services:Foot massages,Nail art,Polish removal,Nail painting,Nail polish changes,Hand foot massages,Pedicure,Exfoliation,Manicure,Gel manicures,French manicures

Ava: I have been going to this Apollo Nails and Spa on Queen Anne Ave since it was introduced to me by my daughter three years ago as she emphasized not only the professionalism of the staff but equally how the facility is particular with hygiene and cleanliness.Well, this nail salon continues to make sure you’re in a safe place for an excellent manicure/pedicure. For one, the restroom is always clean, not just the main salon. The maintenance of the restroom, imo, is a very good indicator of how much owners of any establishment prioritize safety for their clients and staff. And of course, their stylists are neat, not just with their looks but also with their work. They open the bag of sterilized tools in my presence.Despite the challenges of the pandemic and now inflation, I really appreciate that they have not cut corners and sacrifice quality. Place remains safe with professional nail stylists. Regarding price, it’s not cheap but affordable. You earn points for cash that you can apply later for m/p down the road. That’s a big plus too!So, Apollo Nails & Spa, keep up the good work!!!

Pam McKenna: This is by far the best place to get a mani pedi. It is a relaxing experience and the massage is a real treat. My husband and I are regulars and will not go anywhere else.Services:Hand foot massages,Pedicure,Manicure

Lorenzo Sumera: I've been going for years. Vanessa is the best & the reason I return

19. Johnny Nails - Seattle

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· 109 reviews

4401 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

Address WhatsApp
Johnny Nails: what do users think?

Khanh Pm (Khanh Pham): So fun with my sis

Pegah Alipoormolabashi: I have done pedicures here a few times and they're so good!

Christina Wright: Good work. Easy to work with.

Jasmine Phillips: The only place I will ever get my eye brows done. !! Exceptionally good work. Amy is the best.

20. Polished Boutique Spa - Seattle

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Not verified
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· 113 reviews

1422 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

Address Website WhatsApp
Polished Boutique Spa: what do users think?

Staci Dilg: The salon was able to fit three of us in at the same time and provide us with great serviceServices Foot massages, Pedicure …

Kyra Dragone: My friend goes here for her nails, so I got a gift card for her birthday. I called at a pretty busy time so the owner asked if she could call me back in 10-15 minutes. I was skeptical that she would call back, but about 10 minutes later she called me back and was very helpful in getting a gift card issued! And she waited in the phone with me until I received the gift card and my receipt in my inbox.

melissa barajas: This place is just up the street from my apartment and it is my go to spot for a Sunday pedicure. I do agree there is a tech that does get grumpy when you tell her you don’t like her work. However, the manager onsite has always been able to course correct and resolve any issues related to the techs work. This place also ensures that they respect appointments which is so huge, they will even be transparent if they have time to see you. I’ve come here to get pedicures before my big trips, some that lasted for a month and a half worth of backpacking. Their products are durable and the management is wonderful

Avery Johnson: Great service and great prices. This is now my go to nail salon

Samantha Springman: Really happy with the nails I got! I showed the tech an inspo picture and she worked with me to find the right colors.

Roshni Tumuluru: Good ambience and service.Nail technicians are super friendly and welcoming.Got a Deluxe pedicure with an additional 10 minute leg massage done, and my feet felt brand new!Look forward to the hot-stone and hot towel wrap.Thank you for the amazing service!

Amarah Reed: Absolutely adore this place! I love going here for the service and the prices! I’ve had extensions on for almost 1 month and the half with refills and they have yet to break! I can always call and know I can get spot same day or next day which can be hard in Seattle. The quality of my nails is too notch and I lift a lot of heavy stuff and so sporty stuff and yet to have them break. They are really great group of women who care about customers! If you’re looking for a place try them out!Services:Nail extensions,Polish removal,Nail painting,Nail polish changes,Synthetic nail removal,Acrylic nails,Nail repair,Dip powder,Manicure

Kortney Luedloff: Tons and tons of color choices, great appointment or walk in availability, and long-lasting dip manis

Alexandra Schroeder: Lovely staff and acrylic fill! I made an appointment and the service was speedy. I’m really happy with my manicure ❤️

Milan: I enjoy coming here, the nail techs talk to you. Most places I’ve been they didn’t so that’s nice for me. One lady is very kind and funny. I have only been twice, for deluxe pedicures and I was pleased and happy with my results both times. Clean and comfortable atmosphere, I’d recommend!

Marie Harang: I stopped by as a walk in appointment to get a set of gels for pride. The specialists there were more than happy to cater to my needs! I'm really pleased with the design they recommended, and even more pleased with how it came out. Reasonably priced as well!Services:Nail painting,Manicure,Nail cut filing,Gel manicures,Callus removal

Karl Watson: My partner and I come here every couple of weeks and they do a great job. Friendly and always try to fit us in if we call short notice. On the rare occasion of a mistake, they fix it right away. Great service and staff.

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