Best Pregnancy Photo Shoots In Seattle Near Me

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815 Seattle Blvd S #324, Seattle, WA 98134

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Elizabeth H: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessJust received the framed prints from our family photo session and they are wonderful. Cannot say enough good things about her approach and the photos she creates. Plus, she and her team were great as we finalized choices for which ones to frame. The ones we picked compliment our earlier photos and they all look great.

Andrea Kimalat: but Jennifer managed to capture all of our best selves in her beautiful photos. We just received the prints and immediately hung them on the wall and they are a pure ray of happiness in an uncertain world. Jennifer was wonderful to work with, a true artist. She strikes the balance of professional and unconventional in a way that relaxed my family. The images that she shot are a wonderful representation of each of us and they will be treasured for a lifetime. I cannot recommend her strongly enough, working with her was a delight and the final product is a treasure. Her assistant, Sarah, is also fantastic and responded almost immediately to any email that I sent. She helped to facilitate all of our appointments and both she and Jennifer were flexible and accommodating.I’m adding a 2024 update to my prior review. We were lucky enough to be able to book another photo shoot with Jennifer weeks before our beloved pup had to be put down. She was able to capture such gems with our 2 young kids and our darling dog. The girls are too young to have long-lasting memories of their own of this dog but the photos will remind them of the incredible creature that showed them how to have gentle hands.

Brian Jonas: Jennifer took the most amazing photos of our family, capturing not only this moment in time in our lives but also the spirit of our relationships and individual personalities. We're so glad we made the choice to work with her!

Lea Spencer: Our maternity shoot was more than I ever could have hoped for. Jennifer made me and my partner feel so comfortable in her studio, so beautiful during the shoot and we will treasure our photos for decades. Would recommend to anyone — entirely worth it.

Charlotte Sim-Warner: Working with Jen is a beautiful experience. She captured breathtaking maternity photos for both of my pregnancies as well as the most precious family photos with my spouse, kids, and furbaby. If you are looking for priceless, timeless family heirlooms to be enjoyed for years to come, I highly, highly recommend Jen. She is a true artist with wonderful energy. She is able to bring out authenticity and beauty in her fine art prints. Every time I look at the triptych of my two littles, it makes me smile. I am so happy to have these beautiful moments captured. Thank you, Jen!

Jessica Fisher: It is hard to even put into words a review that would do Jennifer justice. One way to describe it is that unconditional warm feeling of love you get when you wrap your arms around your baby. Jennifer somehow is able to capture that feeling in a photo. You are not just looking at something beautiful, but you get lost in the depth of whatever feeling she has captured. Not only do I feel lucky to have found an absolutely amazing artist to document my families memories, but Jennifer as a human might be just as amazing as her art. She is truly a gem and creates such a comfortable, professional, and real experience for you to enjoy. If you're worried about getting naked, don't be! She will show you a side of beauty you never realized was there. Jen is magic. I am beyond grateful for her.

Pamela Charles: to high school and college graduation years. I love how easy she is to work with and how she captures the essence of us all and the energy between us. These photos hang on my walls and I never tire of looking at them.

Sarah Klein: Jennifer did both my maternity and family photos and I cannot recommend her enough. From the first call we totally clicked and I trusted her direction completely and it paid off! We now have some of the most beautiful memories that are so much more than just a posed photo. And don't skip the prints! They're BEAUTIFUL.

Dasom Chun: Jen is not simply a photographer you just have a photoshoot and print out the picture to get it over with. She professionally and personally works with people and their life stories. From the day 1 of our phone consultation, Jen had heard me and my vision of photoshoot. She pulled out every single piece together to create the story in the frame. Not only was our extensive discussion helpful, but also we were able to build a relationship as artist and model, friends, and family.Jen welcomed me and my dad with her heart and made us feel home at Vashon Island. Of course the photoshoot was incredibly fun and I can’t wait for another photoshoot with Jen. Not to mention, her assistant Sarah is proactive in communication and so involved throughout the entire process.Thank you so much for such unforgettable memories and experience!

Eden Holt: Had such a special session with Jennifer. I booked a maternity shoot and from our intro call I knew I made the right decision. I was hesitant because it was a little pricey but it was well worth it. I love my photo! Working with Jennifer is amazing and her team is super responsive.

Alexandria McKeon: Authentic and soulful. These are the first words I think of to describe Jennifer and our experience with her. We started with pregnancy photos and have gone back to take photos as our family has grown. The photos mean more as more time passes. As this pregnancy and early childhood era that seemed endless is now years ago, having these precious moments captured to look back on is something incredibly meaningful. I can’t stress how priceless these pieces are to our family.

Brian Matson: We love the prints of our family and Jennifer really captured the personality of our new baby. The whole experience was positive which is especially good for me, as I usually cringe when it comes time to take pictures!

Michael Macnab: Jennifer is a photographer you can trust to take photos you will keep for the rest of your life. Thank you so much for helping us build such incredible and personalized memories

Louis Desjardins: Jennifer is amazing and on my very short list of favorite photographers. When it comes to taking my own family's photos - I am very particular.Her unique style really sets her apart and I am truly in awe of her talent.Needless to say that I am a repeat client of hers. The photoshoot sessions are a fun experience and most importantly, her photos will be treasured for generations in my family for which I am so grateful.

Neha Nehru: Words cannot do justice to the type of service I received from Jen @Jennifer Loomis Photography. She made me and my family come alive in the pictures she took for us. We did a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot with her so far and I can tell you I have found the perfect person to capture my significant moments for life. I don't think I can ever go to someone else. One of the best things about her apart from her being a wonderful human being is her keen eye to detail. She truly understands her work and is very passionate about it. I didn't have to give much details on how I wanted to be portrayed, it was as if she read my mind and it was perfect, exactly how i wanted to see myself. She brought out my inner confidence with such ease that I started looking at myself in different light altogether. She also made my very shy husband extremely comfortable and he didn't feel like it was work. The frames and prints I later ordered from her were brilliant. I literally couldn't hold back my tears of joy. She has given my family as unforgettable gift for life.

Sarah Jongeward: I’m so happy that I found Jennifer Loomis a few years ago. I knew from looking at her portfolio that I needed Jennifer to do my maternity photos. My session made me feel empowered. The photographs are all so beautiful!Fast-forward a few years later and we booked another maternity session with Jennifer. Our updated photographs captured my family and my growing belly perfectly!We look forward to working with Jennifer Loomis again. She’s the best!

Alex Byrne: Jennifer is THE photographer to go to if you're looking for maternity or family photos. Her work is stunning and she's wonderful to collaborate with -- just the right balance of knowing when to direct and when to step back and let you drive. We came away with so many good photos it was really hard to choose one to frame and hang. I would highly highly recommend her.

Liz Nettles: dog. Jennifer was able to put them both at ease and capture their personalities perfectly.Once the photos were ready, she helped me got through them all to find the perfect ones to have framed. They've been up on the wall for a few weeks and I still can't stop staring at them!

Lindsey Blanding: that you want to display in your home is so crucial as well. We’re now expecting baby number 3, and I’m so eager to work with her again in a few months!

2. Ciccarelli Photography - Seattle



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2410 Boyer Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

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3. Sandra Coan Photography - Seattle

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310 NW 85th St, Seattle, WA 98117

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Sandra Coan Photography: what do users think?

Victoria Rachleff: We have done three photoshoots with Sandra so far - she is absolutely the best, no question!! Each photo is cherished and they make for the best prints in our house!

Evelyn Kidd: Sandra photographed our newborn twins so beautifully. Highly recommend!

Jennifer McNeil (Newborn Photographer): Sandra is Ahhhhmazing! A super sweet, Uber professional, talented photographer.

Anita B: Sandra is a gift to this world. She took my portraits and they turned out beautifully. Treat yourself to book a session with her. You'll cherish your beautiful photos forever.

M Patel: Sandra is a gem of a photographer! She has been taking our family’s photographs for over 15 years. Annually, we book a session with Sandra to take pictures of our family. She has a superpower as she gets all of us looking in the right direction with big smiles. Anyone with kids knows that is not an easy task. She has captured beautiful pictures as well as candid photos for so many years. I highly recommend her not only for her talent, but she is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet!

Michelle DeFranco: Wonderful photographer, great presence, and just overall good human. She was able to capture wonderful moments during a family time that was less than ideal. She was kind, understanding, and patient. Thank you.

John Pitman: As a repeat-customer, Sandra would definitely be considered for our future family photos!

Alana McVey: Sandra has captured our new family in a such beautiful way that has showcased the magic and vulnerability of bringing a child into the world. Working with her has been so fun, and we have felt really connected with her. She brings absolute joy and authenticity to her work. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Gail Olson: С Сандрой приятно работать. Она заставила нашу семью чувствовать себя комфортно, поэтому наши фотографии были непринужденными и искренними, поэтому мы снова и снова выбираем ее для своих фотографий.

Erica Dannen: Сандра — потрясающий талантливый фотограф младенцев, детей и семей. Мы сделали с ней фотографии новорожденных обеих наших дочерей, и спустя десять лет они стали моими абсолютными фаворитами среди всей нашей семьи. Мы очень ждали обновленных портретов, и они обязательно будут у нее. Не стесняйтесь. Забронируйте у Сандры.

Jaimie Gouge: Мы работали с Сандрой несколько раз на протяжении многих лет, и последний раз, когда у нас родился третий ребенок. Когда дело доходит до съемки новорожденных и семей в целом, она — заклинательница малышей! Мы были очень переутомлены, а наши старшие дети были слишком взволнованы, но наши фотографии получились такими невероятными, несмотря на то, что в то время казалось мне размытым хаосом. Я настоятельно рекомендую Сандру для любых ваших потребностей в фотографиях, я никогда не разочаровывался и готов поспорить, что и вы тоже.

Kirsty Carey: мать, которая не была убеждена, что фотосессия для беременных была в лучшем вкусе, выбирает, какие принты ей нужны - невероятный! Опыт работы в студии Сандры оказался намного проще и естественнее, чем я думал перед камерой. Просто великолепно. Не могу дождаться, когда она сфотографирует моего сына, когда он приедет.

Rob Sanborn: Один из самых талантливых фотографов-портретистов, которого вы найдете. Сандра сделала самые великолепные и эмоциональные портреты меня и моей жены, и мы всегда будем ценить их.

Gina Schmalzle: Недавно у меня были фотографии моей дочери с Сантой, сделанные Сандрой. Моя дочь немного нервничала из-за того, что приближалась к Санте, поэтому я не ожидала потрясающих фотографий, но я так рада, что ошиблась! Сандра сделала фотографии, которые выглядели так, будто моя дочь и Санта были лучшими друзьями! Это было просто потрясающе, и я очень рекомендую ее фотоуслуги!

Kristen: Мне было очень приятно работать с Сандрой. Она точно знает, как заставить человека чувствовать себя перед камерой комфортно и естественно, а это немалое достижение. Она делает невероятную работу, и вы покинете ее студию, чувствуя себя старыми друзьями.

Gabby de Janasz: Сандра потрясающая!! В моем опыте все было комфортно, весело и легко. Она не требует догадок, чтобы вас сфотографировали, потому что четко знает, что делает. Ее киностиль великолепен и вне времени. Плюс, как здорово, что она до сих пор снимается в кино? Я определенно рекомендую!

Melissa Hammon: Нам подарили сеанс беременности и семейную фотосессию с Сандрой, и мы были очень впечатлены!! Она заставила меня чувствовать себя так комфортно и красиво во время родильного отделения. Она невероятно талантлива!! Затем, через 6 месяцев после рождения нашего первенца, мы вернулись на семейное собрание, и она познакомилась с нашей милой малышкой! Сандра такая веселая, добрая, профессиональная, и в целом сеанс был таким веселым! У нас есть красивые альбомы и великолепные фотографии Сандры, и мы настоятельно рекомендуем ее для любой фотосессии, которая вам нужна. Она действительно ЛУЧШАЯ.

4. Sasha Reiko Photography - Seattle

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Sasha Reiko Photography: what do users think?

Marianne Chandler: Wonderful photographer, super great with crowds! Her work is always exceptional and she really know how to get people to express themselves.

Jenny Nguyen: It was a pleasure working with Sasha for our office team photos. She is professional and gave excellent guidance on how to position our bodies, hair, clothing, etc. She was so great that I booked her for our family photos shortly thereafter. I look forward to working with Sasha again in the future!

Ashley Johnson: Sasha, is big hearted and an extremely talented photographer. I LOVED how the photos turned out for our eyewear brand and she was efficient and captured exactly what I was looking for. Grateful for Sasha's help at a shoot I couldn't be on site at. She was able to creative direct it as well.

Paula Ladd: Sasha is a delight! The whole experience was wonderful, particularly for my teenager who was happy with the photo shoot and the final senior pictures. We highly recommend Sasha Reiko Photography.

Chanel Dooley: I literally cannot say enough good things about our experience with Sasha. From the beginning she was super helpful with planning our location, and her list of recommendations is so helpful. Our photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined, and she made the whole process so much fun!!! We will definitely be coming back.

Emily Beauchemin: Sasha was our wedding photographer and we could not have been happier!!! She is truly one of a kind- she's creative, talented, kind, funny, and easy-going. I don't think our wedding day would have gone nearly as smoothly without her- there's nothing that she can't do! At one point, my false eyelash came out, and Sasha reached into her bag and had eye lash eye glue. At another point, I was getting very hungry before the ceremony and Sasha appeared with apples and yogurt. She's truly like a magician.Sasha kept us laughing and calm throughout the day and handling any stress that came our way. At the end of the night, I felt like Sasha was my best friend. We are so thankful for the passion and care she puts into her work, and we can't thank her enough!!!

Holly L Tiedemann: but her fun and warm personality. We decided to do engagement photos and I’ll be honest, I was nervous. My Fiancé and I are not exactly pros at taking photos and can be very awkward at times. Sasha made it so easy, and she guided us the whole time and made it enjoyable. Even in the gloomy weather we had, she made it fun!We cannot thank Sasha enough! Our photos turned out so beautiful and she captured exactly who we are as a couple. We are both THRILLED and feel very lucky to have her booked for our wedding next year! I cannot wait to see how those turn out.

Marcus Burdyshaw: #1 best decision we made during the wedding planning process was hiring Sasha!! She is somehow 10 places at once and never missed a beat. Her enthusiasm and passion shine through in her images. We could not be happier with how she captured our day. Thank you Sasha!!!!!

Julie Lane: My husband and I are beyond happy with our wedding photos and would recommend Sasha and her partner photographer Sarah Kusz 100%. We wanted pictures that were candid, fun, and captured the energy of our wedding rather than lots of staged, heavily edited shots. They were both so easy to work with and delivered photos that blew us away. If you want wedding pictures that look and feel like you, don’t hesitate to book with them!

Hilary Brown Rettrey: We are so happy we hired Sasha for both our engagement shoot and wedding! She is seriously the best! Her photos speak for themselves, but her personality is also amazing and exactly what we needed on our wedding day. Right away, when we met Sasha, she was warm and made us feel comfortable. I am very camera shy, so for the engagement shoot I was nervous about having photos taken but Sasha coached me through the whole thing. We had so much fun, the time flew by. When I saw the photos, I was blown away with how well they turned out! On the wedding day, Sasha was seriously the best person to have around. She is calm and fun, putting everyone at ease, and keeping the mood lighthearted. She was also extremely organized, both leading up to the day, with a timeline, and keeping everyone on track day of. We are so grateful we were able to have Sasha with us that day! And of course, we love how the photos turned out! We have gotten so many compliments on them already. It also can’t go without mention that Sasha is the queen of fun candid shots. Our friends and family have absolutely loved seeing the photos Sasha caught of them throughout the night and were amazed by how great she makes everyone look! We highly recommend hiring Sasha for your wedding or photo shoot: she is a gem!

Sarah Burleigh: I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible Sasha is. From creating memories for us during our engagement photos to capturing the most intimate and unforgettable moments on our wedding day to literally stepping in as our wedding planner - Sasha helped make our wedding absolutely perfect. We look at our photos and we’re transported back in time - we laugh, we cry, we yelp with glee - we feel every emotion all over again. You will not find anyone better than her. Period. She’s the absolute best and we’ll be forever grateful for her.

Daniel Hipke: If there’s one thing you should do when you plan your wedding, it’s hiring Sasha.Sasha is not only an incredible photographer, but also extremely organized and helpful in ensuring the event goes smoothly. She taught us so much about what to expect and provided a lot of comfort on the day of the wedding. She helped us stay on schedule and worked seamlessly with our other vendors.Now on to the photos: they are perfect! Sasha made us, our wedding party and family so comfortable in front of the camera. She is a true artist and captured every moment beautifully from our engagement shoot to the wedding. We are so full of joy looking back at all the pictures and memories we will have for the rest of our life.We highly recommend Sasha - she’s the best!

Paul Giglio: Sasha was kind enough to take some amazing portraits and headshots for me. Her unique talent, ability to make you show your authentic smile, and great style made for some amazing pictures. Easy to work it, friendly, responsive, accountable, and just an overall nice person!

Megan Howell: . Her eye is immpeccable and she had creative and daring ideas and prompts for photos that made the final images truly works of art. I have had multiple people tell me since showing them the pictures that they should be in a bridal magazine. Our photos tell the story of the day but also are genuinely art.She was also flexible with our timing and package choice, and the fact that we couldn't make an engagement session work out in advance with our schedule.

Erik Thulin: Sasha is an amazing photographer, full stop.I imagine that when most folks are selecting their wedding vendors, they start with maybe the venue, then get into catering, etc. Finding a photographer is perhaps finding someone who fits in with everyone else's schedule. For us, it was the opposite. We found Sasha and her work and made everything work with her availability because she was the one collaborator we felt we couldn't do without, and she did not disappoint.If you are thinking of hiring Sasha you should know she has a no BS attitude. Sasha was there to make things awesome and was incredibly direct on what needed to happen for that to work. For us, this was a perfect match, making all of our work together more enjoyable and lower stress. That is not to say Sasha was no fun. Quite the opposite! We laughed through every touchpoint with her and had a great time.None of that has yet spoken to the actual photography. Suffice it to say, Sasha simply did awesome work. When I compare the quality of photos we received to those of others we have looked through, there is just no contest. While Sasha's rates are nowhere close to the lowest we saw, the quality of her work was simply unmatched.I can not recommend Sasha highly enough.

Calvin Huynh: I can not thank Sasha enough for all her help in planning and executing my surprise engagement shoot. The planning took a few months but Sasha was there to help at every step. Her knowledge of all the scenic views in Seattle was so helpful. For the day of the shoot, we got hit with an unexpected thunderstorm and she still stuck the plan and we got amazing pictures as a result. Highly recommend her for all your photography needs

Virginia Weeks: . Sasha was the perfect person for us, guiding us and offering advice on everything from outfits to hair to flowers. Sasha was available to answer our random questions in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding, and she also filled in the gaps of all the things we hadn't thought to consider. She also was right there laughing with us and making everything feel that much more fun. We fully trusted Sasha's ideas and vision, and it was wonderful to be able to just let go and rely on someone so talented

Rex Cheng: .We can't thank Sasha enough for her hard work and dedication to her craft. It has made a big impact our lives, to be able to remember our wedding in such a beautiful way. We will definitely be hiring her again for more pictures in the future!

Zach Thomson: My wife and I hired Sasha for both an engagement shoot as well as for our wedding day and we are absolutely in love with the results. She has an exceptional eye behind the lens and her editing style is very natural but also captures the truly special moments. We were blown away by the portfolio she delivered to us after the wedding; she seemed to be everywhere at once and we couldn’t believe a single person could’ve captured so many amazing moments from our big day. The knowledge and experience that Sasha brings to the table is invaluable as well. We appreciated how she was able to work within our budget but also was able to provide realistic timelines and photo locations.Cannot say enough good things about the photos that Sasha delivered, and it was a delight working with her. Would not hesitate for a second to hire her for another event.

Suejing Zhou: Capturing our wedding day was one of my top priorities so I interviewed ALOT of photographers. Once I saw Sasha's portfolio, I was immediately drawn to her style and artistic eye. Her pictures are not overly air brushed or overly moody, instead she makes you look REAL but better. The editing, the colors, the highlights, and shadows are just simply perfect. She was also super fun to work with, very professional but also casual and easy going. Getting married during the pandemic was stressful to say the least, and she became not only our photographer but also our planner, coordinator, and friend. She gives great advice. When our elopement venue at Gold Creek Pond was covered in smoke from the forest fires last year, she suggested Franklin Falls. I would have never thought to get married under a waterfall, but IT WAS MAGICAL! And it wouldn't have been possible without her. My husband and I can be super awkward in front of the camera

5. Naissance Photography - Bellevue

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· 30 reviews
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Naissance Photography: what do users think?

Kara M.: We had a wonderful experience with Tilly. She shared expert advice and knows how to get good photos. We had a family photo session of 13 people and all the photos turned out beautifully—she has a real eye for color and lighting. She is a pleasure to work with—I highly recommend her!

Samantha Bright: We had the pleasure of working with Tilly and Robert for our Newborn Family photos. Tilly came highly recommended from close friends, but I was pretty unsure of how our photos would turn out only because it’s impossible to predict how well a 4-year-old will participate and no mom feels super great about their body when they’re just weeks postpartum.Tilly’s approach was calming and authentic, enough so that our 4-year toddler had fun taking photos with his baby sister. She had him pretend to be her second photographer with his own little camera, and seeing him light up with the new responsibility was adorable. His cheesy grin naturally reflected in the photos and made the whole experience. Special thanks to Robert for hair and make-up! It felt like a pampering and the result was natural enough to fit the casual lifestyle vibe.We’re delighted with the overall experience and now have family photos that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. Highly recommend!

Dylan: We have chosen Tilly to photograph our family for many years. Tilly responds quickly to requests, shares clear information about what to expect and expertly guides you along duringthe photo shoot. She walks you through a full plan of shots. If the shoot is in your home, she works with your unique environment to create warm; beautiful photos. Her pricing is affordable. We’re very satisfied with the photoshoots and the beautiful photos.

Christopher Johnson: . If you have kids and are doing a family photo shoot, Tilly has an uncanny ability to connect with kiddos while establishing trust and keeping them engaged throughout the process.She is exceptional with giving direction without making you feel like you are being ordered around. She also knows Seattle well and will find some secret spots that lend to capturing several timeless images.Tilly seamlessly turned our recent photo shoot into a memory that will last a lifetime. Highly recommend!!!

Rachael Hannah: The family photos that Tilly has taken for us are truly gifts. Gifts of insight/eyesight/the gift of truly seeing where/who/how we were at the time and capturing that for us to have forever.

Kelly Martin-Vegue: Naissance Photography offered an outstanding experience for family photos. Tilly is able to skillfully capture meaningful moments with a creative, vibrant, and reverent lens. Tilly offers support to and celebrates those she photographs and it relaxes you in the moment, resulting in amazing shots.

Heather Andersen: and leave you feeling like you want to be her friend for life! Her final product cannot be beat! I'm always looking forward to the next beautiful picture of my family Tilly will take for me. You won't be disappointed.

Traci Lee: I can not say enough wonderful things about Naissance Photography. Tilly has not only done family photos for me, but also professional photos for my small business. I typically never consider myself photogenic, but she somehow worked her magic , and created some amazing photos of me that actually made me feel confident. Extremely professional, extremely talented, and such an amazing photographer. If you are looking for some amazing photos, you won’t regret it. Bonus to support a fellow women owned small business. I highly recommend!

Jeremy Thomson: The most professional and talented photographer I have ever worked with. Tilly did a remarkable job capturing my kiddo's personalities in our family photography session. It was such an easy and rewarding session that I chose to update my company headshots with her as well. I am very pleased with the experience and the product that was delivered.I highly recommend and will continue to use Naissance Photography in the future.

Laura Zayic: Tilly produced the most spot on images for my camera shy 17 year olds senior photos. She was beyond accommodating with our busy schedule as well! From getting the nose crinkle of a true smile to surprising me with photos of maturity that remind me that my baby is growing up, she captured all sides of my girl. Thank you for your welcoming spirit that encouraged this from her and for your perfect lighting and photography genius!

Stanton: We were told by a close friend that they really regret not having gotten any newborn photographs, but we weren't sure we would be up for a photo session so soon after the birth. Fortunately, we found Naissance and Tilly was just amazing! We didn't want any "frou frou" photos and Tilly's style is just so natural that it really brought out the natural beauty of our baby in our home. Another important concern of ours was the privacy of our photos and Tilly was happy to accommodate us with a privacy agreement so that our photos will only be used by us.She also provided all the guidance and tips to make this whole process stress-free and relaxing as possible which was a surprise for us. We are so happy with the photo session itself and the resulting photos which are just perfect. Now we have pictures we can frame or give to close family members that we can all treasure. So happy we chose Tilly and Naissance for our newborn photos!! Thank you!

Megan Brady: We also loved the online video - it was fun to share with our family and friends. Thank you Tilly for capturing our newborn moments so beautifully!

Alyssa Crittenden: I cannot thank Tilly enough. Not only did our photos turn out amazingly well - they are gorgeous - but the experience was wonderful. She worked with us from start to finish. She was willing to drive 1.5 hours out of the city and showed up ready to go. She is professional, so talented, and really really funny.She lightened the mood right away. And that’s not a small thing - as my daughter has been bitten by a dog moments before our shoot began. It was a small scratch from a family member’s dog and I was panicking and rushing around trying to deal with my daughter’s injury. After it all calmed down, my daughter was worried her face would show the red scratch in the photos - it didn’t. Tilly fixed her portraits up for us in editing. I was frazzled and not focused on the photo shoot at all - but somehow she managed to make me laugh and the photos turned out great.I would absolutely hire this company. Outstanding service only matched by the outstanding final product! Thank you, Tilly!

Trygve Oye: . We will use her again and recommend her to our friends. She even went above and beyond when we had to reschedule A YEAR LATER due to some family health issues. She did this graciously.

Keely Stevens: I can not rave enough about how talented Tilly is, she is a true artist!!! Her ability to make her clients feel at ease and get even the most stubborn and rambunctious children to laugh and have fun is a talent in and of itself. From the moment I spoke on the phone with Tilly and she answered all of my many questions and then upon working with her for a maternity session I knew we had found our photographer. We have had a maternity session, newborn session in the hospital, newborn session at home and three family sessions with Tilly. Each time I receive the video and collection of photographs I am brought to tears. Her eye for lighting and catching the subtle look between a couple and the true spirit of our children is a gift that she has and we are so fortunate she shares with us. We hope Tilly will be our photographer for decades! 💗

Vanessa Waldrep: Tilly is incredibly talented. She is an intuitive photographer who knows how to capture candid moments. We enjoyed working with her for both our maternity and newborn session!

Rachel Larsen: Tilly photographed our maternity photos. I was uncertain where to do the photos in the winter and she had a great suggestion of doing them on a ferry in case it rained. It turned out to be a gorgeous day in December, but the ferry was such a cool location. I am in love with our photos. She was very fun to work with, made me and my husband laugh and feel comfortable. I love that you get photos in color and black and white. We are planning to do our newborn session at home with Tilly once our little guy arrives. Her team has also been very easy to work with and they are friendly and helpful.

Hanh Pan: We LOVED her work and decided to do a family session with my oldest so we could have family photos of just the three of us. We met Tilly at Luther Burbank and had SO much fun working with her despite the freezing weather! Tilly is professional, creative, great with kids, makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and let your family's personalities shine. What we appreciated most about Tilly is that she is 100% real and makes you feel like you're having one of your friends

6. Meredith McKee Photography - Seattle

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Not verified
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· 44 reviews

1300 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103

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Meredith McKee Photography: what do users think?

Elizabeth Ryan: , and capturing precious moments with our sweet babe. She also did a great job at incorporating our dog into both shoots and we are so happy with the photos. We can’t wait to work with Meredith again to capture our next milestone!

Alexis Gentry: Meredith has photographed our family for years and her images fill our home! She is kind, professional and amazingly talented. Our kids generally love our photo sessions but even when they are not perfect participants, Meredith captures wonderful candid photos and we always have many beautiful images to choose from that capture the spirit of our family. We are so grateful to have found a wonderful photographer and friend in Meredith and never hesitate to recommend her to family and friends!

Rachel Mahnke: I couldn’t be happier with our experience working with Meredith. From start to finish everything was exceptional. This was our first time working with Meredith and we didn’t know exactly what to expect with a newborn. We’re also first time parents. Meredith had lots of tips to help us prepare and assured us that we’d get great photos even if the baby was fussy or needed to pause to feed. My partner also doesn’t love taking photos. I was so grateful for Meredith’s expertise through the entire process! She is an expert in baby poses and had so many amazing options for us as a family too. I was so happy with the photos and thankful to receive all of them! I will treasure these photos forever and can’t wait to have Meredith capture our next family photos.

Kennan Salisbury: We loved working with Meredith for our newborn photo session. She is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer that can capture sweet family moments in a beautiful and natural way. Thank you Meredith!

Liezl Estrada: .  I am super happy I found Meredith, and I look forward to working with her to capture special moments for my family in the years to come!

Lindsey Ungar: and downtown

Quyen Chang: and were equally impressed with how attentive and personable she was throughout the entire session; she was even able to incorporate our other baby

Ammie Matalka: Meredith was our photographer for maternity and newborn photos. To have her be a part of our pregnancy and baby journey is something so special. She captured such beautiful and natural photos that needless to say, she is now forever stuck with us as our photographer for yearly family photos! She is so kind, personable, patient, and flexible and not to mention an AMAZING photographer! We couldn’t be any happier! I would recommend Meredith to anyone looking to document their special moments.

Brianna Reynaud: Meredith is absolutely lovely to work with and she captures the most beautiful moments in her photography. Highly recommend for family photographer - she is able to get toddlers and adults alike to smile, relax and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Katie Drake: , and the pictures exceeded our expectations. We are so happy to have these photos to memorize this time in our lives. Highly recommend!

Mimi Maritz: We had the best experience with Meredith in our newborn/family shoot. We have three kids and there was a lot of energy going around. Merideth gently navigated us allowing each child’s spirit to shine through. The final images are absolutely stunning, and I love how they capture our family so perfectly during this time. We will treasure them forever and can’t wait to work with Meredith again in the future!

Julietta Skoog: Looking for a family photographer? You found her.Meredith is a fabulous photographer and really gets families and kids, magically making everyone so comfortable and relaxed. It was a complete home run; professional and seamless from start to finish. She made it SO easy that literally, not kidding, my daughter got in the car and said “that was amazing”! What 9 year old says that after a family photo session?Feeling so grateful for these priceless photos to capture this precious moment in time for us. Highly recommended!

Chelsea Hoffman: . Searching for a photographer, I knew what style I wanted and was easily able to navigate Meredith's website and instagram to find what I was looking for. Meredith had great contact throughout the process, was insightful with timing, location and even a couple outfits I had picked out... very much going above and beyond! I also let Meredith know that my husband and I are kind of awkward in front of the camera

Shannon Hille: We are SO happy we chose Meredith for our maternity and newborn photos! She is warm and inviting and immediately made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. She truly captured the love between my husband and I and our baby in the most natural and beautiful way. We are so thrilled with how the photos turned out and will absolutely be calling on Meredith again for our future family photo needs!

Michael Gallagher: Meredith is an incredibly talented and professional photographer who was there for my family on short notice after our trip to Hawaii was cancelled abruptly. Her patience with our daughter and ability to capture those special moments that last but a split-second resulted in 1st birthday and cake smash photos that we will treasure forever!!

Anna DeMers: Taking maternity and newborn photos with Meredith was one of the best things we did in our journey to become parents. Whatever questions I had Meredith always had answers and blog post ready to go with tips and tricks. From location recommendations to what to wear to ways we could incorporate our dog into our photos, she made it really easy. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for maternity or newborn photos. We'll definitely be going back to her again for future family photos.

April Lin: My family and I loved working with Meredith! She is very personable, friendly, and engaging photographer! We were celebrating both our wedding anniversary and our sons 1st year birthday! We absolutely love how the photos turned out! For our son who is turning 1 in one week, he is at an age where he is a bit apprehensive of new people, but within just a few minutes, Meredith was able to get a smile out of my little guy. She does quality work and knows how to get people’s best angles and capture natural lighting. We will definitely use her as our family photographer and would highly recommend her to others! Thanks again!

Laura Roberts: Meredith is incredibly talented at catching the warmth and bond of family through her lens. We hired her for our small wedding ceremony and she did a fabulous job capturing all those small moments that made the day special. Her turnaround on the photos was much faster than we expected, and they turned out fabulous! On top of being excellent at her job, Meredith is a JOY to work with and has an incredible, enthusiastic energy that puts all your nerves at ease. We'll definitely be going back to her for all our future photography needs!

Laura Hmelo: Recently, Meredith took milestone photos for our son's first birthday. She was super flexible working around my son's nap time, she was wonderful with our kiddos and very respectful of social distancing guidelines surrounding COVID. We received our pictures quickly and we were super pleased with them- she captured my son's personality perfectly and we got a number of great family shots to boot. I would highly recommend Meredith for your next family photo shoot!

Alexandra Sweeney: I've worked with Meredith on several occasions (large group family photos, maternity photos, newborn photos x2, as well as fitness photos/professional headshots. She is incredibly talented, easy to work with and one of the nicest/friendliest people I know. She is great at guiding you in set up for photos - both in large groups and as individuals. She has captured amazing images that I will cherish forever! She has a great eye for what she does, knows how to work with light & color and is BY FAR my favorite photographer - both in her work ethic, images she creates, and her personality!! I HIGHLY recommend working with her on any project you have! If I could go back in time and hire her for my wedding too - I WOULD!

7. Heleyna Holmes Photography - Seattle

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· 19 reviews

7448 63rd Ave NE #206, Seattle, WA 98115

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Heleyna Holmes Photography: what do users think?

Marika VanderSmith: Настоятельно рекомендую Хелейну для ваших семейных/индивидуальных/детских фотографий. Моя семья и я просили ее сделать наши семейные фотографии последние 3 года, и они всегда были потрясающими. Ее талант действительно проявился, когда прошлым летом мы посетили ферму Wild Hearts для семейных фотографий. Мы приехали после 6 часов езды с нашими детьми и собакой, и она заставила нас выглядеть потрясающе! Я не мог в это поверить. Она профессионал и умеет обращаться с детьми и животными, чтобы получить лучший снимок.

Ran Nahmias: , ноХелейна смогла преодолеть мое естественное сопротивление и поработать с нашей командой в течение долгого сеанса, который был в основном веселым и смехотворным.

James&Jet Lee: Это давно назревший обзор, но Хелейн великолепна и обладает этим волшебным прикосновением!

Alyssa Montine: Хелейн была очень дружелюбна и отзывчива и прекрасно ладила с нашим трехлетним ребенком! Она проявила большую гибкость при проведении семейной/беременной съемки во время мини-сессии, и наши фотографии получились потрясающими!! Ее цены также самые разумные, которые я видел в районе Сиэтла, но качество по-прежнему фантастическое! Не могу дождаться, когда она сделает фотографии наших новорожденных!

Meg Stockbridge: Положительные:Качество,Отношение к клиентам,Профессионализм,Цена/качествоЭто ЛУЧШЕЕ место для семейных фотографий. Я не знаю, как она заставила нас выглядеть так хорошо. Отлично ладит с детьми, домашними животными и неуклюжими взрослыми!

Meg Hamner Stockbridge: Мы фотографировались с несколькими фотографами, но с тех пор, как мы начали работать с Хелейной, мы больше ни с кем не ходили. У меня двое мальчиков: один с особыми потребностями, а другой быстро становится подростком. Хелейна потрясающе передает их улыбки и каким-то образом заставляет нашу довольно хаотичную семью выглядеть сплоченной и удивительной. Вдобавок ко всему, она действительно хороший человек! Да, и она всегда находит способ включить нашу собаку на семейные фотографии. Настоятельно рекомендую.

Misty Scott: Мне посчастливилось провести две съемки с Хелейной за последние несколько лет. Совсем недавно она сделала старшие фотографии моей дочери, и я никогда не видела свою дочь в такой божественной красоте! Она не торопилась с каждым кадром, проверяя правильность освещения и настроек. НЕ могу дождаться возможности заказать семейную фотографию! Спасибо, Лейна!!

Lisa Tran: для наших семейных фотосессий, достаточно, чтобы вызвать серьезное беспокойство, но, работая с Хелейной в прошлом, я знал, что она сможет извлечь максимальную пользу из все, особенно мой застенчивый четырехлетний ребенок; заставить моего ребенка смеяться. Ее видение своей работы удивительно мечтательно!!! Но самое приятное то, что Хелейн гибкая и любезная. Я живу на Аляске, и Хелейна готова следовать моему графику, когда я отправляюсь в Сиэтл, чтобы запечатлеть такие воспоминания для нашей маленькой семьи. Она просто лучшая!

Julia Bhonapha: . Она также может заставить сварливого ребенка улыбнуться! Она действительно жемчужина, и находясь рядом с Хелейной, вы чувствуете себя комфортно в любом месте, где фотографируете. Ее работы выставлены у нас дома, и когда люди видят фотографии, они всегда комментируют, потому что в фотографиях есть настоящее мастерство!

alecia thomas: Положительные:Качество,Отношение к клиентам,Профессионализм,Цена/качествоЯ не могу сказать достаточно о том, какая удивительная Лейна! Она уже много лет фотографирует мою семью, у нее действительно хорошо получается заставить всех чувствовать себя комфортно благодаря ее жизнерадостному и дружелюбному характеру. На память нам всегда остаются самые красивые фотографии. Еще раз спасибо, Лейна!

Nathan Parkin: and the photos she returned were wonderful. She was very flexible and accommodating with our schedules and had a fast turn-around for the final photos. I would recommend her for family pictures any time.

Crystal Cappuccio: , and I actually felt pretty and we had actual fun taking pictures. It really couldn't have been a lovelier day, and it makes me want to do it over and over again.We received the photos a few days after the shoot

Alexandra Davis: What a gentle and sweet soul Heleyna is. She is caring and compassionate and wants the best memories for your family. She really makes our time enjoyable, and always gets the biggest smiles from the kids.She goes the extra mile as well. My four year old is somewhat difficult about having his picture taken and Heleyna brought goodies for him to keep after. I’ve never seen him smile so quick in my life.Thank you for the wonderful memories we will forever have because of you Heleyna.

Darin Riendel: Heleyna is absolutely amazing. She has an INCREDIBLE amount of patience for toddlers who don’t really work with having their pictures taken. The photos are absolutely amazing and so special to me as they are pictures with my daughter, newborn son and even some with my mom who was here to help me for 3 weeks postpartum and it has been such a special time so I’m so happy to have pictures that captures the happiness I was feeling. She is incredibly kind and I wish I could give more than 5 stars for her review!

ann norton: Heleyna Holmes work is beautiful and ethereal. I love how she plays with the natural light in her photos. She has an eye for catching candid smiles which leaves you with an end result of a feeling of a captured moment in time.Heleyna is professional and made me feel so comfortable! This is so important because we can all get a little camera shy. She makes you laugh and knows little tricks to make the pictures come out looking natural. Great for kids and adults alike.I love supporting a local independent business owner. She’s a woman, a mom and her own boss. Love it!!

Michelle Lee Perkins: Heleyna Holmes is my go to Seattle photographer! We travel from out of town just to use her. She always has great ideas for our photo shoots and she is great with my kids and my husband lol We always get great compliments on our photos!

dezarae hilstad: Heleyna is absolutely AMAZING! I have been using her for my family Photographer for years & my kids just love her. She always has great new locations to recommend for our different sessions

8. Meryl Schenker Photography - Seattle

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Not verified
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· 19 reviews

111 S Lander St #301, Seattle, WA 98134

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Meryl Schenker Photography: what do users think?

Meara Clark: Meryl worked her magic with our family - she created one of the best days we had with our teeenagers in 2020. Her talent speaks for itself - you can see how she captures the beauty of each person and the sense of the moment. What you don't see is how great you feel during her photoshoots. Her humor, warmth and commitment to excellent photographs were ever-present.

Ruth Hartmann: Meryl is an amazing and very talented photographer. We've worked with her twice now - once for newborn and then again for infant photos, and I cannot wait for our next session with her! She takes very natural, artistic, and simply wonderful photos. Especially her black and white work is phenomenal. I'm always amazed how she captures us "in the moment", and she always surprises us with some natural, real shots that we didn't even notice her take! - Like a surprise detail shot or a shot from an unexpected angle! If you want authentic and artistic photos that aren't overly posed or staged, she's a wonderful photographer! We've sent a number of prints to our families and they all adore her photography. And she's fun to work with! She puts us at ease and the sessions are light and fun!

Tracy Biga MacLean: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueMeryl took family photos for me ten years ago, and I recently asked her to take senior photos. Both shoots were great experiences. Meryl is very professional and able to put her subjects at ease. Most importantly, the results are great. I'm planning to hire Meryl again for a head shot.

Rachel Antalek: Meryl Schenker does the most incredible photos. She's done my professional headshot, my wedding photos and our family photos, and they are nothing short of amazing. She's fantastic at posed shots, but my favorites are when she "catches" one of my kids in the act of being themselves. She's also persistent about getting the "right" shot and making sure the client is happy.

Isabel Zakos: 5 stars for sure.

Mariah Kess Robbins: We had family photos taken this fall with our eleven-month-old daughter. Meryl captured her so beautifully. I love all the little faces and moments she caught -- familiar little expressions that our daughter makes every day, but of course I never could possibly catch on camera. Meryl did it wonderfully. Our outdoor shots came out so well. I love the colors of the leaves! You really can't tell it was a dreary day ... Meryl's photos make it look bright and beautiful. Thank you so much, Meryl!

Ingrid Kletzing: Meryl is amazing. She just is! I saw some of her pregnancy photo shoot images at Nurturing Expressions in West Seattle and immediately knew she would get my vision, and capture my pregnancy perfectly! I wanted to do bare belly black and white photos, and she was all for it! Pregnancy is so real, so raw, and so natural - it seemed to me that covering my belly and my body would detract from the realness and rawness of the entire experience. Not only did she get that, but she made me feel so comfortable and proud! She learned a bit about me before the shoot, went the extra mile to make sure the studio was perfect for the shoot, and took her time making sure we truly captured what I was hoping to capture! Such a personalized shoot for such a special time in my life. If you're thinking of working with Meryl on a pregnancy shoot - or in ANY capacity - stop thinking! Book her! She's talented, but beyond that, she's a wonderful person and so very easy to work with!

Noah Martin: We have had Meryl take our family photos multiple times and we have been very happy with the results. She has photographed my kids since they were little and really captures their spirit at each stage. Recently we added a puppy to the family photo, which added some chaos to the shoot, but Meryl took it in stride and the photos were wonderful. I highly recommend her.

Tony Doucette: Meryl photographed my wife and me with our newborn son. She was awesome and I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family. She was extremely pleasant, patient and was able to capture exactly what my wife and I wanted. We will definitely be using her services again!

Laura Crooks: What a fantastic experience with Meryl! She shot pictures for our triplet's senior portraits and I am so happy with how they turned out. She was able to capture their personalities and made the kids feel comfortable with getting their pictures taken. The pictures were all taken outdoors and she even suggested we come back a second day because of some crazy weather, just so she could get the right shots and we could be really comfortable with what we received. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants natural pictures that capture who you are!

Adrienne Stuart: in the photo. Since then, my family has used Meryl for our family pictures and professional portraits, and we love her work! Personally, I don’t enjoy being photographed but Meryl makes the experience pleasurable. We laugh for most of the session, and the hardest thing about it is picking the pictures we like best to post and print. We will definitely be using her for our photograph needs in the future.

Sarah Rupp: Meryl is one of my favorite photographers. I am really happy with the photos she took of my daughter at six months old and I plan on setting up more photo sessions in the future. She is a talented photojournalist -- so I knew she would get "the shot." I highly recommend her.

Tammy Snow: Meryl photographed our wedding in March. We are extremely happy with the quality of the photographs as well as Meryl's ability to catch the essence of us and our close friends. She not only did a fantastic job with the photographs, she became another guest because of her ability to graciously interact with everyone present. I'd hire again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to capture who you are in any given moment.

Rebekah Denn: Meryl's photographs are more than pictures; they're windows into true stories. I always asked to work with Meryl at The Seattle Post-Intelligencer when I had an assignment that needed true heart and soul -- I knew she would develop a deep knowledge of the people and situations she was photographing, and that she would find the moments that illustrated them at their best. Her versatility is amazing -- she's the first photographer I recommend for almost any kind of assignment -- but I especially appreciate how she is always poised to capture the fleeting, hidden, lovely moments of any event.

Trish Murphy: I highly recommend Meryl. I worked with Meryl on some business portraits and could not have been more pleased with the photos and the process. I not only appreciated the amount of time and effort Meryl put into my photos but also her willingness to be honest about what worked and what didn't. She is a pleasure to work with and it was clear to me that she was completely committed to customer satisfaction. I look forward to working with Meryl again in the future.

Yvette Gerrans: , and then when our baby was 5 days old--when she came to our house and very relaxedly / casually took beautiful shots as we cared for our new son. We're thrilled with the results of both sessions.Here was my note to Meryl: A big thanks for all your work to capture memories of such a special time for our family. I've read "The Happiness Project" recently and she talks about how happiness is made bigger by anticipation and recollection of the actual event--and your beautiful pictures have helped us celebrate Spencer's joining our family and our world, and thus have made our happiness even more profound. Thank you."

Alys Wylen: "To moms who may be looking for maternity portraits or professional pictures of their babies, kids, and families. I just had a maternity/family portrait session with Meryl Schenker at her studio in West Seattle. She managed to make my huge belly look adorable, and also got some unbelievably good pictures of my utterly rambunctious 2 year old son. I would highly recommend Meryl for your photography needs. Her rates are reasonable and she puts a lot of extra time and effort into getting you the product you want and deserve! "-Alys Yablon Wylen, 7/2010

Becky Andrews: Meryl did family pictures for us in May - despite the rain, she did a fantastic job. She got great pictures of my very wiggly and shy 2.5 year old and of the entire family. She also had good ideas about how to get my little guy engaged. We are thrilled with the pictures and I highly recommend Meryl for both professional and family pictures. - Becky, August 2012

9. Seattle Flashing Lights Photography - Burien

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· 35 reviews

2120 SW 122nd Pl, Burien, WA 98146

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Belle Boudoir Photography - Seattle

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· 18 reviews

5327 Russell Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Barbie Hull Photography - Seattle

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· 19 reviews

7914 Stone Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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Barbie Hull Photography: what do users think?

Geoffrey Gilmore: Barbie is personable and professional. She quietly and unobtrusively captures the stories of the wedding day of the couple and of the guests. Her work are treasured gems we wedding planners love to showcase in our portfolios. Barbie’ a true master!

Julia H: , and she made small suggestions for posing/tweaks that felt natural and looked great.And the wedding photos, wow. We got ours back today, and I can confidently say the the quality is even *better* than what's in her portfolio. So glad I'll be able to treasure these for years to come. If you have the chance—hire her!

Kaycee Parker: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueI've worked with Barbie both professionally and personally. She is thoughtful, fun and crazy talented. I love working with her and her team! She is also a miracle worker, getting all of my children to look at the camera at the same time...with smiles!

Haley Elander: Our events company Panacea Collective worked with Barbie Hull this year at the Be Sage Conference in Austin, TX. Barbie is so friendly and professional and her photos always turn out amazing!

Janice Carnevale: Barbie and team are awesome. I've seen them cover a professional multi-day conference for 5 years in a row now, and they are always unobtrusive while also getting the best pictures. And the turn around time was lightning fast!

Chris Varnes: Amazing!!!!!

Megan Ware: . She has exceptional attention to detail regarding what she offers, the presentation of pictures, the book, etc. I am not a person that likes attention on myself and she made me, my family and husband feel so comfortable. I am beyond grateful that I have the most beautiful pictures to look at and to help me remember one of the best days of my life. I cannot recommend Barbie Hull enough!!

Rebecca Ellison Creative: If you want to enjoy your experience being photographed, laugh a lot and also get some amazing photographs, then Barbie is your girl. She's the sweetest and the funniest, and loves to just have a good time which in turn creates an atmosphere that you can relax and enjoy yourself and in turn get amazing photos of you looking like you

YungLenox: Barbie is such an incredible photographer and some how she is an even better person! I feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera and this lady knows how to bring out the best in me. When you meet her you will understand.... she is hilarious and full of all kinds of fun facts. Her photographs are a reflection of all her talents and passion for loving what she does. I can't say enough good things. Hire this woman as fast as you can!!!!

Kara Burfeind: Barbie has never delivered anything but phenomenal images for my business. She has an amazing way at capturing light and getting clients to look natural! She is a ball to be around and incredibly professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have fun and look great in front of the camera!

Laurel McConnell: . She's provided me with a dynamic set of images that really illustrate my brand and personality, and I'm proud to plaster them all over the internet :

Cheyenne Gillooly: The best energy and most fun!!! So happy to have her for our wedding. She made everything fun. And took the best photos

Sholdt Jewelers: Always a pleasure to work with Barbie!! Her energy and expertise is flawless!

Kalee Sholdt: Barbie Hull is so much fun to work with! And takes the most beautiful photos!!

Jewel Hospitality: Barbie Hull is not only an exceptional photographer, but is so much fun! She is a treat to work with, and we are thrilled every time she photographs an event with us at one of our Seattle venues.

Aaron Bird: I was at a wedding last month in Seattle and Barbie was the wedding photographer. She was awesome, she got great shots, interacted with the guests and added to the overall of fun of the wedding. When I get married, I will undoubtedly hire Barbie as our wedding photographer.

12. Courtney Wilde Photography - Seattle

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· 40 reviews

6748 14th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

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13. Vera Pash Photo - Seattle

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· 26 reviews

2400 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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Vera Pash Photo: what do users think?

Amy Leader: My wife and I are beyond thrilled to have chosen Vera for our elopement in Seattle at Treehouse Point. More than just her photography which is phenomenal, she is an absolutely incredible person who is gentle, kind, warm, humble, and easily makes you at ease on and off camera. The images she took of us bring tears of joy to my eyes every single time I look at them, completely transporting me back to the amazing day and moments we shared together as brides. We had never met in person before our wedding day, only via FaceTime, and right away could tell she was the one for the job. If you’re from out-of-town, or nervous in front of the camera, please do not worry! She is experienced and you will be fine! Not only is she completely easy to get along with, she really goes out of her way to show she cares for her clients, even after your event. She is personable, extremely talented, timely, and her art speaks for itself. We cannot wait for her to photograph us again! Thank you, Vera!!

Ashlee Richie: We recently had Vera shoot our engagement photos. I cannot even begin to explain how happy we are with them! Neither my fiancé or I had done a formal photoshoot, so we put our trust in Vera and all her recommendations. We would do it again in a heartbeat. She was spot on with location and vision for the shoot and the end product was beyond perfect! Not only is she an extremely talented photographer, but also the kindest human and made us both feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera.

Cameron Sheppard: Vera did an incredible job as our wedding photographer! She had excellent communication with us during the planning process and was spectacular on the day of. She was kind and made everyone feel comfortable. She was also great at giving clear and assertive instructions to capture our large wedding party and family photos. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Katrina F: exists. My shoot was a personal conversation with Vera, full of laughter in a unique, beautiful setting I didn’t even know existed. She was patient, friendly, and went above and beyond to deliver exceptional images that exceeded my expectations. The black and white shots were incredibly artistic - a special surprise.Everyone wants to look their best in photos. With Vera’s passion for photography and commitment to quality, you won't be disappointed!

Morgan Masse: Most amazing experience working with Vera for my wedding and the pictures were incredible. Couldn’t have asked for anything better 💖

Jessica Albonico: I’ve had a great opportunity of working with Vera as a co-shooter on several weddings. Vera is incredibly kind, warm, and easy to connect with. I've admired her work for some time, but it was really a special opportunity to be able to see her in action. She is truly a master of her craft - in how she directs groups, works with light, her creative vision and how she really goes above and beyond for ‘the’ shot. It is so apparent that she really adores her couples and is so invested in their day.If you considering Vera as your photographer - do it! After working alongside her, I can confidently say she gives her couples so much love, an incredible experience, and jaw-dropping pictures.

Brigitt Rains: , we received a sneak peak and were absolutely blown away. She exceeded our expectations and then some. We liked the sneak peak so much that we decided to buy the photo book.Soooo, in a nutshell, we would 100% recommend that you hire Vera to photograph your wedding. You will be happy that you did. And also, you should buy the book. 15 out of 10 stars!

Sarah Rappaport: Amazing, amazing experience with Vera! My husband and I worked with her for both our engagement photos and wedding, and absolutely loved the whole experience. She was extremely professional and easy to work with, and of course the photos turned out really well! We highly recommend!

Grace: SO AMAZING!!! We got our engagement photos done with Vera, I am probably the worst person ever on camera I have never been very photogenic. Vera is pure magic the pictures are gorgeous! From the moment we met her she put us at ease, if I had a photo idea we got to do it! I would highly recommend her for anything that requires photography!

Rachael Beebe: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueVera is so amazing to work with and her photography skills are phenomenal!! I love working with her and seeing the final product. She is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable during the photoshoot. She helped me with my confidence and offered very helpful tips during the photoshoot. I will definitely be working with her again!

Shruti Shukla: I have relied on Vera for years to take our family pictures because she just doesn't click, but rather creates magic with her unparalleled talent! Most recently, we had an amazing time taking photos with her artistic eye, capturing not only "awkward us" but also the amazing views of Seattle in the summer. We loved every image from our photo shoot!Vera is so detail-oriented and mindful of the end outcome that we are hoping to get. And most importantly, she makes it fun and easy! If you are looking for some RAD photographs full of dramatic colors and tons of fun, look no further!! Thank you, Vera, for some amazing photos and even more amazing memories!! If I haven't said it enough, highly highly recommended!

Kellie Erlandson: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueVera is absolutely the best! We had her do our daughter's senior photos and could not be happier with the results. She really knows how to capture a person's spirit, and is so creative. Hope to take future family photos with her soon!

Melaniya M: Highly recommend Vera for wedding photographer! She has an eye for beauty and color and will make your special day memorable. I would say I have some quite specific taste in photograph. I sent Vera some ideas before my engagement session and my wedding day. She immediately got my ideas and the style I was trying to go for. The photos turned out so great! We've heard so many compliments - many said they look like magazine quality and as if we are filming a movie!

Annum Bhullar: Positive:Professionalism,QualityWe are OBSESSED with the photos!!! Love love loveeeee how they came out! Our moms are obsessed too! They look out of a dream and she captured so many beautiful moments! We could not have asked for a better photographer! I think we’re going to be finding ourselves back in Seattle in the future just to do more shoots with Vera!!

Winston C.: Vera is truly a once in a lifetime photographer and friend. She perfectly captured at least two of my close friends weddings in memory, liveliness and magic with natural elite touches of skill, artistry, light and honesty that are all increasingly rare and hard to find in this difficult world. She also sent sent invaluable encouragement to me and my fiance as we braved the pandemic and provided the encouragement & confidence that there is a greater light and day at end of each week. She worked with us to adjust our wedding date to the future and consistently goes above and beyond for all her people & projects. Vera is the best.

Christine Tiu: She is very accommodating. She was scheduled to fly out to CA at the end of the week and only had 1 day to shoot my maternity photos. I couldn't book the photos any later because I was already 37 weeks. The day we booked was gloomy. She had planned to scout a location the next day but switched her schedule to get our photos done. The day turned out to be sunny and amazing! The photos were incredible because she was flexible with her schedule despite it being tight!2

Phuong Cao: My fiancé and I are still in awe of our engagement photos that Vera took of us in September 2019. We went to Seattle for a trip and decided to take our engagement photos there as well. We wanted a photographer that knew the area and found Vera via social media. Once we saw her work, we just knew we wanted her to be our photographer. We talked via email and booked her about 2-3 months prior to our trip. What was amazing was that we wanted our shoot to be on a hike with a scenic view and Vera was definitely down to go do that with us. Once we got to Seattle, we exchanged phone numbers and she updated us on the weather. Of course it was going to rain on the day we scheduled our shoot. However, Vera was super understanding and flexible. She continued to watch the weather forecast and updated us throughout the week. She even suggested new places than what we originally planned at Rattlesnake Ledge. We ended up rescheduling for the next day due to rain. The day of the shoot happened and the weather was great, so we decided to do Rattlesnake Ledge afterall. She hiked the whole way up with us and had great conversations. At the top, it rained a little but the photos came out beautifully. We felt very natural around Vera. She was amazing and we are so glad she suggested we go back to our original plan. Thank you so much Vera!!

MaLinda Alizabeth: There is something so incredibly magical about Vera - the photos she takes and the experience she creates - it's enchanting. She not only captures moments beautifully, she creates artistic memories and experiences to document some of the most important events in people's lives. I'm grateful for her every time I look at our photos, and think back on our journey together. We found Vera online for our destination wedding to my husband's homeland, WA. It took about 5 minutes to find her. I took one look at her portfolio, and it was love at first sight...........and that love continued throughout our experience. Vera was not only the best photographer we could have found, she's also the sweetest, most amazing human. She became a friend over the 9 month planning process - through tons of personalized texts, emails and phone calls - she was always there with excited, excellent, well-thought-out advice that not even I, as a former wedding coordinator, would have thought of. She perfected and customized our timeline, directed traffic seamlessly, remained flexible and captured all the varieties of photos we asked for. She was open to all of our off-road ideas and even improved on them. She is on top of her game. She is a leader, and a boss, with the softest, sweetest heart, and an eagle eye for perfection in a flash. I could write a book about Vera and the amazing talent she brings to photography. My husband and I agree that Vera is our family photographer for life. We will fly to WA if we have to - she is that amazing. Thank you so much, V, for all you did to bring the day we envisioned to life in such phenomenal photos. Forever memorialized, as complete perfection. 3

Rachel Main: . Vera, you are AMAZING and truly talented in what you do, I couldn't have asked for better and know having you as my photographer was meant to be!!!!!! Much love, Mitch and Rachel Main!!

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