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1. 35th North Skate Shop - Seattle

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· 151 reviews

1100 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

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35th North Skate Shop: what do users think?

Garrett Skelton: Always a good experience here, the staff are super knowledgeable and helpful and the deals are usually better than online. This is my favorite skate shop.

Tyler Chott: favorite local skate shop.

Exodus Hair and Barber Lounge: Super cool guys in a super cool shop. They gave us some recommendations of things to do in Seattle while my wife and I were there. Great selection of clothing, shoes and skate gear.

Maxwell Ray: My local skate shop growing up here in the central district. I love this place, im always gonna visit 35th north when im back in town, just to go check out there shop decks and badass shoes/ clothes. Love you guys, STAY UP!

Rebel Stoney: Came in after an hour long skate session looking for a wide symmetrical board setup recommendation. I loved their recommended setup SO much that I immediately went out for another 2 hours of skating. Customer for life!

Mat Maddatu: Really cool skate shop! Awesome selection of sneakers and clothing. Staff are really nice.

Barb R.D.: Nice skate shop that has items that are hard to find other places. The people aren’t overly friendly and they are pricey, but overall good skate shop.

Luke Gardner: Local core skateshop that sells everything from a diverse selection of boards to high-end clothing and shoes.

Thi Vu (acupofthi): The boy who works there, Alex, is just the nicest and sweetest boy ever. It made my day to talk to him.

Caleb Asberry: Great shop .. love the small mom and pop shops very friendly great customer service




· 160 reviews

2929 NE Blakeley St, Seattle, WA 98105

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MOTION BOARDSHOP: what do users think?

Shivam Saggar: Amazing Folks. Helpful and people working there know what they are doing! Great vibe. Amazing renting experience.

Chase Hollen: he knows his stuff, and cares more about getting you setup right vs making $$ selling you stuff you don’t need. He will forever have my business.

Bryn Johnson: . 2 seasons ago I stumbled into Motion and am I glad I did. Since then I've visted many times for many reasons and I've always left with the gear I need and a smile on my face. Even if you don't know exactly what you need or if you do, stop by today.I'll see you there!

Alan Wen: brand new.If you're a snowboarder in the Seattle area and haven't taken a trip to Motion Boardshop yet, you're doing yourself a major disservice. I mean, what other shop will delay its own opening so its employees can shred a little longer on a pow day?

C McKenna: Motion Boardshop is just up the street from University Village Shopping Center. They have skateboards of all kinds and sizes, snowboards, wheels, safety gear and other board accessories.There’s a lot of beautiful board designs to choose from. If you want to build a custom skateboard, they said to estimate between $180-$300+ depending on the board & components. I’m not sure what other skateboard shop would offer this much variety - my skater kid was impressed.

Henry: Nate is a fantastic guy. He’s super chill and is extremely helpful. I came to get my board tuned up and he explained what’s needed to be done and he finished it within 2 days.His pricing is competitive, but more importantly, he prioritizes his customers satisfaction over profit. He earned my business going forward.

James: When we first started snowboarding, we came here initially because of rental availability. However because of how well the folks there have treated us and helped us throughout our beginner journey, we try to give them as much of our business as possible.Mike and Nate are extremely knowledgeable people and the board pricing and servicing is very reasonable.Cannot recommend Motion Boardshop enough.

Sam Mireles: Great place , amazing people. Definitely a go to for longboard and snowboard gear .

kevlarsov: Motion kills it, best shop around.

Holly Stanfield: Motion Boardshop is the place to go for all of your longboarding needs! Longboarding has been a hobby of mine since childhood, but I took a ten year hiatus, and needed to start from scratch on a new setup. I also wanted to introduce my partner to the sport. Nate, the owner, helped us each pick out the right setup for us individually, explaining every intricate detail of what each component does and how it affects your cruise. I initially came with the intention of buying a much more expensive setup, and he led me to the perfect setup for my needs which was much more affordable. Motion Boardshop also has a HUGE selection of unique, locally manufactured decks and components, which are all top tier in quality. We will definitely be back when we are ready to start the more expensive board sport...

Will Cowgill: By far the best longboard shop in Seattle! Motion boardshop carries difficult to find specialized items, in stock, and has loads of knowledge to back it up! Great shop, great people, and a community focus. What more could you ask for? Plus they all shred!!!

Cody Lane: I've always wanted to take my 5 year old daughter to a Skateshop for the first time and she needed a new helmet while I needed a new cruising setup. We originally went to hit up Black Market on Aurora they weren't open during their normal business hours so I called up Motion and spoke to Michael. He was immediately helpful and told us to come by. At the shop, Michael answered all my questions no matter how many I had and made me and my daughter feel welcome the entire time. We picked up a cruising board complete and a helmet and we couldn't be any more stoked. Thanks Michael!

Dale Burks: We came to Motion Board Shop in winter and custom built a board with these guys’ expertise. What started off as a noob build ended up being the best build. And we were made smart on why the board changed along the way.This past weekend my son was able to spend a lot of time on that board and his skills grew. He was able to understand the whys of the build and his experience became more enjoyable.I can’t thank Motion Board Shop enough. It was fun building the board while learning about the shop. And even more to see my son get busy on his new board.Go build a board for yourself or someone you love and give the greatest outdoor experience.

Hannah andral: Just went in and bought my first board! The worker was super nice, funny, was super honest, and gave good advice. He let me try a bunch of boards and I think I found the right one. Basically in love with my new board and I will be going there for any other skating needs!

Adam Kahn: If you are looking to buy a board or bindings or have any questions about riding, this is the spot. They are super helpful and assist in finding the right board for what you’re looking for. Will be going here every time for any snowboarding need.

Silvershade dragon (SilverShade): is fantastic, he's not in it for the money, he's in it to bring more people into boarding. Great advice, great listening skills, cheap rental gear

3. Black Market Skates - Seattle

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· 105 reviews

8114 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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Black Market Skates: what do users think?

NotAProSkater: Best shop decks, great tapes and records

Michael Cunningham: That's me my Son's Favorite Skate Shop. They always show us love and always got a bomb selection.

David N Reno: Always cool and helpful

Brett Bykowski: It's hard to find a good classic skate shop. I highly recommend Black Market Skates. I will be back for more. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

anne hendricks: Stopped in to buy a complete, they had everything I asked for and some really cool options for shop decks, the one I got was kind of a Newport theme and it was designed by the guy who was working so that was pretty awesome ~all in all the experience was phenomenal I had a great time looking at their vinyl and stickers, and the service was amazing. Highly recommend!

April Jones: Best Skateshop in Seattle!! Local, knowledgeable, and good vibes all around. If you’re not shopping at Black Market, you’re blowing it! Support now!

Tonedore (Tonedore): What an awesome spot. Helped me get all my gear and was super insightful. Amazing selection and friendly staff.

Jeff Menowsky: Great skate shop. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable staff helped answer my questions set up my board for me and got me on my way! I will be back for more skate stuff!!

Brian Henry: Had a great time! The gentleman there was friendly and full of knowledge. He got me all set up on a board that fits me well so that I was able to pick up skating again. I will be back in the future to support a local business!

tony macaroni: Fantastic selection of everything, from records to the usual skate supplies , and also several indie 'zines, which I was really excited about. Friendly, relaxed, and helpful staff. I will recommend this place to everyone.

Oliver Nereus: I went to 3 different skate shops this day and this shop was hands down the absolute best one. Good variety of boards trucks wheels and bearings. But what was really awesome was the customer service. I will be going to this shop only from now on. Support your local skate shop. Go to this place. It's worth it.

Kevin Cameron: The smallest skate shop in the world?Ok the Aurora location is much bigger than the downtown Seattle spot. Great selection of shop and pro decks, clothing, pads, records.

Sam Wagoner: This place was great

Arinov Timur: Nice skate shop!

jake lane: Great people, who care about there customers, and both professionally and personally are awesome.

Dave Johnson: These guys are great, stop here if you need a setup.

4. Gravity Sports - Renton

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· 117 reviews

126 Rainier Ave S, Renton, WA 98057

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Gravity Sports: what do users think?

Neydi: Unfortunately we did not get the name of the person working the shop but he was very knowledgeable, chatty, and welcoming. Lots of gear ranging from rollerskates, boards, helmets, etc. Looking for a local shop to support? Look no further!

George Chvoj: This is not only a great skate shop. They also sell and service the only US made Dale ski boots. One of the buckles on my boot broke and Mike did a great job fixing it. That resulted in good savings for me.

Kirsten: Was introduced to this shop from an old coworker back in 2021 and I love this shop super friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have bought two board from here and both are great! Purple one was my first board bought in 2021 vector one was bought 2023 🙂going to go back soon and buy some pink wheels!

Daniel Simons: I went in today looking for some new wheels for my longboard. The gentleman working there was extremely helpful and friendly, he showed me a selection of wheels and helped me pick the best option based on how I ride, plus he showed me how to install the new wheels on my board. I'm just bummed I forgot to ask for his name, but I'll definitely be back the next time I need something for my board!

Thomas Germain: Best skate shop experience I've ever had. Picked up skates and some odds and ends for snowboard and skateboard. Great prices, lower than Internet.

Jacob Billy: The owner Mike runs the shop. He was able to quickly find a solution to replace one of my snowboard toe bindings. Truly one of the kindest & helpful dudes you’ll meet. More than fair prices!If you need help with any sports gear and not sure where to start, Mike is the man.

Rose B: This place is so special. Old school. Kids built-their-own skateboards and the owner was phenomenal. Keep this place alive, they don’t don’t make ‘em like this anymore!

Reese: Authentic and genuine long lasting skate shop. Loved my experience here!

Mika Andrew: Bought skates here two years ago and came back recently for more parts. The staff are super helpful and friendly and interested in getting you what you want/need.

Chanchai Khantiko: Awesome people!! And the puppy Bella was chill. I love my new skateboard thanks again!!

josh murray: Great place Mike was very professional and put my skate together very well right in front of me.

Cristopher: Support your local skate shop! Much love guys 🤙

Grant Wiggins: support this shop for any skate needs. forget about zumies

Chris Saffel: Fantastic experience from end to end! My daughter and I went to check the place out and David walked her through the whole build, showing her how to assemble the entire board. The experience was a great reminder of what customer service is supposed to be! Do not buy on line, and do not buy from a Big Box! Go here, and you’ll be glad you did!

Clara: This place is unlike any shop I've ever been in! The owner is so kind and attentive. He walked me through everything I needed to know and helped me pick out all the right gear. He made sure I tried on everything, it fit, and adjusted what needed adjustment. I walked in totally clueless and left with everything I needed. The space itself is beyond rad- check out the ceiling, it's a museum in and of itself!

Michael Cunningham: Awesome Local Skate shop. One of the oldest in WA state. Very knowledgeable and patient with my son and I. Shots out to Mike for being so cool!
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5. Shop-Task Seattle - Inline Skate Shop - Seattle

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· 101 reviews

855 8th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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Shop-Task Seattle - Inline Skate Shop: what do users think?

Lindsey Franco: was patient and listened to what I was actually looking for. He was absolutely helpful & supportive! He even skated with the group in Portland that I love to meet up and skate with downtown.

Lianne Reed: They were really really helpful and considerate, I really recommend this place for all rollerbladers!

Dylan Shippee: Best skate shop in the business!

Vanessa Jones: . My expectation was absolutely exceeded; the liners they are comfortable and look durable. My interactions with the staff were positive, I received the order earlier than expected which makes it even better.

Josh Contreras: Haven't skated in 20 years. I got fitted and dude who worked there on Saturday 9dec23 was super helpful. Answered all my questions! Very good skate shop!

Dmitry Ornatsky: These folks are extremely patient and helpful, willing to spend a lot of time with you and customize the skates. The selection is good as well.

Sergio Serratos: was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Purchased the FRX 80 rollerblades from FR. These rollerblades are fantastic. They ran true to size and got the same size as my regular shoe size. Ordered them on Wednesday and arrived on Friday from Seattle to Los Angeles!

Bailey Harkins: Wonderful wonderful shop with super helpful people working there. I got safety gear, skates, and a ton of great advice. Definitely the place to go if you want to talk to people who know about all kinds of skating- the big box stores won't have this kind of knowledge.

W: Really good experience buying from them. Great customer service over the phone and they arrived quick.

Jarod Forer: Had a great time at the store with Jacob and Derek! They were super helpful with trying out some skates and gave us so much of their knowledge. Absolutely the go-to place for inline skating in the PNW.

jonathan molette: Great place for inline skates

Liana Tucar: Best place to get rollerblades! They have a great variety of skates and parts and extremely helpful staff!

Matt Larsen: My favorite skate shop, bar none! These guys have been supporting the skate community for years and their customer service is phenomenal

Experimetal Experimetal: Great service, friendly ♡

Alex Dunn: Great selection. Of entry level skates, kids skates, aggressive, free ride/ freestyle skates. A decent wheel selection, tons of laces. Helpful staff! Don’t make my mistake and purchase inline skates online from some corporate business, give them a visit and they’ll get you rollin’ out the door.

Nick Dittoe: Helped me find the perfect skates

6. Roller Derby Skate Shop - Seattle

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· 91 reviews

1533 NE 145th St, Seattle, WA 98155

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Roller Derby Skate Shop: what do users think?

Hannah Mack: Very friendly staff, great selection, helpful advice. I'll definitely be purchasing from them again.

Kristine Antonsen: A great shopping experience! I was able to try on many styles of skates, with lots of questions asked about preferences without pressure to make a decision. Staff is knowledgeable about skates and equipment so that you can make an informed choice. So happy with my gear!

Chad Driesbach: Friendly, knowledgeable, and fair.

Ron: This fun shop carries high quality products, cares about your individual needs and your budget. Super cool team that knows their jam! I am extremely thankful that I did not buy online. Waited to purchase until I could ask about the differences and try on the perfect boot, plate and wheels for me.

Lo Stars: I’m a newer ice skater and broke in my boots incorrectly, so I came to this shop with the hopes that I would be able to get them remolded for my feet. The service was FANTASTIC, the person who assisted me was so sweet and helpful and ran through the step-by-step process of properly molding them to your feet, and my boots felt so much better afterwards. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend this shop for any and all of your skating needs.

Benjamin Butler Varela: Large clean shop. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff.

jake macdonald: Great friendly service, I know nothing about skates but they made it painless to get my daughter all set up for derby practice and some skates for myself too. So happy to have moved on from rentals and very happy with my skates!

Ben Beebe: Fantastic shopping experience. Sierra was very knowledgeable, provided plenty of helpful info, as well as keeping the experience fun. Absolutely recommended. 👍

Liz Saenz: I was due to upgrade my skates for roller derby and having Lilly help me made the process so much better! I was really grateful Lilly also plays roller derby and had a lot of knowledge to share and gave me any options to compare. Thanks Lilly! You really helped me so much, without your patience and derby/skate knowledge I would probably be too overwhelmed to commit to any choices. Great shop, definitely recommend!

Gregg Bloom: 2023 update: Absolutely amazing service, knowledgeable not only about their products but also about local skating places and conditions, with the ability to make recommendations based on your level of experience and the place you'll be skating. So professional, I was amazed!From 2021: So helpful and knowledgeable, fairly priced, took good care of us despite being super busy!

Ziggy Stardust: I know a little bit about skating but next to nothing about the mechanics of the skates themselves. Both folks who helped me out did a real good job getting me up to speed!This is a real cute shop, and it seems to have just about anything anyone would usually need. I couldn't imagine going for anything online before checking here first and probably finding something even better!

Experimetal Experimetal: Lovely small women owned business, helpful, knowledgeable, wide selection, customization, fitting and mounting services! Great local shop in Shoreline, Wa. give them a visit, it wont dissapoint!
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· 645 reviews

3500 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103

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evo Seattle Store: what do users think?

Elizabeth Ambrus: to go through an in-depth fitting with me and to explain all of the nuances along the way. And I ended up with a phenomenal pair of boots! Would 100% recommend coming to evo for any ski and snowboard services!

mark hetrick: I had an issue with binding mounting recently that was enough to be very noticeable. After a few phone calls and of three times sending me to someone else who could supposedly help I just went to the store in Seattle. I live 3 hrs away including a ferry ride, so not a trivial trip. I’m happy to say EVO made it right and gave me a new off the rack same pair of skiis and mounted properly. So a bit of a runaround but fully satisfied with the solution! Great guys in the shop!!!!

Loten Lhatsang: Came to get new snow board boots and equipment and had an amazing time with Joe. He answered all my questions and I’m very satisfied with my purchase!

barbara kielhofer: GET YOUR BOOTS HERE! I thought I was cursed to a lifetime of foot pain but after not one but two days of adjustments my life has been changed...they even said to come back if it gets bad again. Customer service through the roof to get you the perfect fit. They actually care and how many places can you say that about these days?

William Briere: and evo still did heat molding for me on them

Robert Galvin: A few different people helped me buy a few different pieces of ski gear and they are all super friendly and knowledgeable, 10/10 would buy from them again

Ethan Busse: Shoutout Dan! My gf needed to get her boots fitted as they were a size and a half too small. Dan was eager to help and did an amazing job getting them to fit perfectly!

8. Unity Skate Shop - Port Orchard

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· 48 reviews

944 Bay St, Port Orchard, WA 98366

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Unity Skate Shop: what do users think?

Daniel Cook: Place is packed with gear and deck options. Knowledgeable service.

Brian Osche: Greatest place

Jovian Tiatia: so happy i bought my first skateboard here at unity yesterday! ashley was wonderful in every way. yesterday was my first day skateboarding, fell in love with it. i know almost nothing about this, so i asked a lot a lot of questions. ashley was so patient, helped me figure out exactly what i wanted out of all the options. i was lucky. no one else really came in during my long visit! im so excited to try out my new skateboard, helmet, and sets of pads. if youre a know-nothing-newbie like me lmfao, then i cant recommend unity enough.

Karr Dobbins: Cool place good prices and there swag is cool 😎

Brianna Bromell: The shop manager was incredibly nice and the skates are very reasonably priced. Inventory is a bit limited but there is a wide enough range to figure out what you want.They show you how to build your own using different parts and it's totally rad

Matthew Bachtel: Friendly staff. Very helpful and informative.

Ivan Cox: GREAT SELECTION OF GEAR. Knowledgeable staff. Awesome mini ramp in the store! Support your local skate shop.

David Bracero: This place has the family feel to it. All the customers and guests all seem to know eachother and are so supportive of their past time...skating!

Andrew Ryan: Unity is an amazing skate shop located in Port Orchard Washington. Not jist because they are Skater owned and operated. Not because of all the amazing gear but because of how much they do for the community. If youve been to the Port Orchard skate park and enjoyed it, you can thank Ian and Ashley at Unity. They were integral in the development and construction of that community park.My daughter has been getting her quad skates from them for years. She's not only a park skater but she also skates on one of the highest ranked Junior Roller Derby teams in the world, the Seattle Derby Brats Galaxy Girls, and she wont get her skates from anywhere else.If you're looking for a new board, some bew skates or any and all safety gear, you need to look at Unity!!!

Kyle O'Block: Great skate shop! Super friendly and they helped me throw together a sweet new board and get me back out there after a 20 year break.

9. Black Market Skates - Seattle

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· 2 reviews

2404 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Address Website

10. Alki Bike & Board - Seattle

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· 76 reviews

2606 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

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Alki Bike & Board: what do users think?

lindsey hobbs: Это место просто золото! После посещения трех разных скейт-магазинов ребята из Alki Bike & Board смогли предоставить оборудование, необходимое для того, чтобы моя доска снова заработала! Спасла мою поездку в Алки. Эти ребята потрясающие, у них есть все необходимое, и они более чем рады помочь.

Brooke Bachesta: Отличный магазин велосипедов! Местный семейный отель, отличный сервис. Персонал знающий и дружелюбный. Обязательно продолжу привозить сюда свой велосипед на сервис!

Kayla Finch: Работник был очень любезен! Мы просто зашли, чтобы накачать шины воздухом, и он сделал все возможное, чтобы нам помочь. У него тоже очень классный магазин! Я определенно рекомендую.

Ike Jockers: Полный магазин с большим ассортиментом и дружелюбным персоналом. Я давно хотел протестировать велосипед в этом магазине, но как только я покатался на нем, я понял, что мне нужно больше времени, чтобы обдумать покупку после поездки. Парень, помогавший мне, не пытался настаивать на продаже и посоветовал мне все обдумать. Он излучал положительную энергию и отвечал на мои глупые вопросы. Не знаю, куплю ли я в конечном итоге этот велосипед, но я обязательно вернусь за аксессуарами, новыми камерами и дружескими советами. Буду рекомендовать этот магазин всем своим друзьям.

Matthew Apostolides: Джулиан был невероятно внимательным и прогрессивным, помогая мне найти коробку для велосипеда без предварительного уведомления. Вы можете сказать, что эти люди действительно заботятся о велосипедах и хорошо организованы! Еще раз спасибо!

Luke Smaul: Я купил бескамерную ободную ленту для колеса нестандартного размера, и за ту же цену, что и рулон ленты, они подцепили меня из своего запаса и установили, пока я ждал. Иногда вы просто не можете превзойти впечатления от местного магазина велосипедов!

I B: Лучшее место вокруг. Персонал дружелюбный и очень знающий. Отличный местный магазин и действительно часть общества.

Mary Anderson: Friendly and helpful got my helmet there so cute! Want these socks but not my size

Sean Mccarthy: A real old fashioned friendly bike shop with an experienced knowledgeable staff committed to you buying the bike that’s best suited for you. Most importantly, they will be there when you need your bike serviced, upgraded, replaced or anything else. Their commitment is to safety, quality, affordability, customer service and community stewardship. They stand out as the best of the best and are cherished by residents of West Seattle. A true community treasure.

Xavier Canale: Great bike place, fast professional services

Jason Jordan: Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Colleen Royer: Dayton was amazing this Memorial Day weekend setting myself and my husband up with new bikes and gear! He listened to what we wanted and had recommended bikes ready. The shop set everything up before we left to make our first rides easy. The shop was busy and still customer service was friendly and attentive. Thank you!

Aaron Zielke: Staff are super helpful, and turnaround time on maintenance is really fast. Very reasonable prices. Will be making AB&B my go-to shop.

11. All Together Skatepark - Seattle

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· 141 reviews

3500 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103

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All Together Skatepark: what do users think?

Dustin Jundul: Marshall has created a place for all members of the community to enjoy skateboarding Rain or shine

Hunter Kurita: Small but for the 10 dollars it cost, really worth it.

Michael Cunningham: This place is the Best.... All of the Classes that are offered here for young and old plus a culture of support and friendliness truly makes ATS irreplaceable. If you want to learn to skate this is the Spot!

Kevin Cameron: Best indoor skatepark in Seattle.

Jason B: Great attitude and customer service. Cool shop. It has a little bit of everything to skate for all levels. They're doing cool things here. I loved skating the mini, ledges and blunt steel bar. Wish they had a mini inbetween sized of their mini ramp and their bigger transition spine ramp. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Cool place.

Greg Burgos-Millbauer: Went to an adult skate camp here and it was so cool, I was able to achieve the goal I set and learned some more maneuvers as well. If I had kids they’d definitely be going here to learn how to skate!

Sonja Ross: Skate in an affordable, positive and nurturing atmosphere, open to everyone. Be prepared to check hate and intolerance at the door. My autistic son has found his home. I can't express how grateful I am for this place.

Luke Gardner: There is something for everyone to skate at this small but exceptionally designed park indoor skatepark. It features a long ledge / manual pad, adjustable height flatbar, and mini-mini ramp in small section. Unique medium-sized street section features a red curb on top of an ascending quarter pipe, bump to bar, pyramid hips, and hubbas. Very fun and perfect sized miniramp with spine. Could get crowded.

Nora Lansen: We recently moved to Seattle and my son was heartbroken about leaving behind his beloved Brooklyn skateboard school. ATS has been instrumental in easing the transition to a new city AND in taking his skateboarding to another level. Not only is he expanding his skateboarding ability, he's learning that skaters can be super cool and also supportive. ATS provides a unique environment of learning and confidence-building. Also, the skate park is amazing.

Kyla Lopez: I highly recommend the team at ATS. My daughter is so confident because of them. They are all super kind, knowledgeable, and are great with children.

Sally Mohr: . But they left feeling like “pros” 😂, more confident and skilled than when we first got there! Thanks ATS!!!! Y’all are an amazing community asset!!! 👏🏽

Johanne Gutierrez: kids loved it. good variety for ages and skill

Ashton Bryson: Ayy I got a question do you have Fingerboarding parks there. There is no fingerboard competition here's in Eugene OR.

12. Zumiez - Bellevue

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· 81 reviews

244 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Zumiez: what do users think?

Kristin Warren: The staff here was super friendly and helpful. That's the type of thing that brings customers back!

Ranen Bothel: Best zumiez by far, the employees are amazing, they were totally fine when 7 teenagers walked in and started trying out boards, and greeted everyone that came in

shawn field: Went there couple weeks ago for vans for the kids and Zoe gave us great customer service. I went back the next day and got vans for me Nicole was super helpful finding me what I needed. Went back again after that and plan to go back again.

Tallon Cote: This location seems to be the most mild that I ahve walked into. The staff was pretty quiet and tbh I really liked that. They greeted me and let me know that they could help if I needed it.

Chad Storey: Great service for picking out Christmas Presents ! Thank You

Ginny Kynaston: Lots of options for young people

Mia B: The manager Jen is such a sweetheart 💕 she connected with me and my kids. The store was clean an organized. They had a nice selection of clearance 👌. Emma is also a wonderful employee very knowledgeable she took the time to find the perfect fit skate shoe for me and was very thorough. I would highly recommend this location for a very nice comfortable shopping experience especially during COVID restrictions. Super friendly staff! Very happy customer. We even did a return and it was super smooth.

Elise: My brother was buying an expensive skateboard and the people were so nice! They were watching him ride and being complimentary! It made the experience very pleasant!

OTM: The best zumiez I’ve haveever been to

13. Urban Surf - Seattle

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· 102 reviews

2100 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103

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Urban Surf: what do users think?

Aaron Thornburg: Always helpful for my water sport needs. Brett and his efoil lessons were amazing - both patient and helpful. Highly recommend!

D H: Get your OneWheel here!Knowledgeable staff, deep inventory, nice people, awesome location. Top notch operation.

Janie Booth: I had an eFoil lesson with Brett in Lake Washington. He is an excellent instructor - patient, thorough, and very encouraging. The equipment was really nice too. If you are thinking about trying efoiling, contact Urban Surf and go for it. YOLO!

Kevin Pike: The eFoil lesson with Urban Surf was definitely worth it. The team reached out soon after payment, worked with my schedule, and found great conditions for the lesson. The instructor did a great job breaking down how to ride the eFoil. Riding was super fun! Boardsport experience translates into eFoiling but it’s still a fun challenge. Definitely pull the trigger on a lesson if you’re considering it — it’s worth it..Thanks Matt and Brett for an awesome lesson!

Ramy Shoker: Best surf shop in Seattle. Very friendly and helpful staff. Great selection that you won’t find anywhere else. Set me up with all my surfing needs and will be for the foreseeable future!

holdenk2: Brett is the best! My first lesson on an efoil was great, just the right amount of feedback & letting me experiment. After figuring out how to plane, getting the board to foil was a wild experience. Highly recommend!

Can Hatipoglu: Brett was a fantastic e-foil instructor. I was able to stand up within 15 minutes, had a blast on the lake!

JM Malinchak: This was awesome. Fun to learn. If you’re comfortable riding a board, you should be up and riding within the hour. Don’t get me wrong It’s not press-go like a jet ski, took a couple tries to get up. Then learning to carve a turn, not simple, but so satisfying when you do your first without wiping out. I’ve done board sports all my life. Foiling is like nothing else. You have to try it.

Glen Gaidos: Just had an e-foil lesson with Brett, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in giving the sport a try. He was friendly, patient, and a great instructor, and it's a lot of fun. Plus, Urban Surf was really great about resheduling when I had to change the original lesson time. If you're thinking about it, go for it!

Carly Kienow: Super friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable staff!!! Can't wait for my next SUP rental this week!!!

Max Tynan: Great instructors, great fun

Alison Poulsen: I had a fantastic time on my EFoil lesson with Brett from Urban Surf. He is an outstanding instructor. I couldn’t believe my progress and my lack of wiping out. And I think both were due to his good explanations, and just having me learn everything gradually on the right equipment. I highly recommend beginners or intermediate, and advanced to take lessons from Brett. It was really fun.

Phil Sheperd: Had an efoil lesson with Brett. It was absolutely amazing. He helped me learn the basics and was very informative with how to correct what I was doing wrong. It is an amazing way to go from zero to riding.

Amanda Cox: . If you're thinking about it, I'd say do it: it's fun even if you have no experience.

Acacio Domar: Had an efoiling lesson with Brett. It was amazing and I can’t recommend it enough. He was incredible at explaining the steps, breaking things down and giving tips and making adjustments. He adapted perfectly to my pace of learning, and I never felt unnecessarily slowed down or pressured to move faster in any way. I loved it so much I might just do it again to experience more board configurations. Additionally, Brett was incredibly passionate about the sport and would enthusiastically discuss and answer my million questions/comments. You’ll be given everything you need to have a great and safe time on the water. Thank you Brett and the team at Urban Surf.Now if only my wallet was this happy about my new potential hobby.

Lee Weiland: Gear, surfboard, and Efoil. Perfect experience. Flew from Alaska to get gear. 4mm suit, hood, and board. Had everything necessary. They helped with every detail. Plus they made availability for an Efoil lesson and due to a scheduling error even extended my time to 3 hours. Met the owner Matt who was very helpful and so was Brett the instructor and all of staff. Learned, stood, and glided.

Michael W.: This was hands down the most fun sports experience I've done. It's amazing to be up there on that board!Our instructor Brett was super helpful, accommodating, and fun! Will definitely do this again!

Adrian Carranza Jr: Not from Washington state but I did just conclude my stay here, and if you want to go paddle boarding I recommend checking these guys out! Super friendly, they allow you to rent a board and they show you how to properly set it up if it's your first time using a paddle board! Will definitely stop by with these guys again in the foreseeable future!

14. Elevate Sporting - Bellevue

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· 31 reviews

12021 Northup Way Suite 202, Bellevue, WA 98005

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Elevate Sporting: what do users think?

Craig Mohn: Really helpful staff, good prices. Lots of hockey gear.

Growing Pains: The customer service is fantastic. Nick went above and beyond helping me pick out and set up hockey gear.

Jae Wardle: Great place! Would recommend to others. Bought my goalie pads here! Just started no judgment. Staff was really helpful. Planing to come again

J: Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Joey Song: Great shop with awesome staff. Best place to get your skates sharpened hands down. They were also super helpful when I needed my skates profiled as well.

Peter Hunt: Awesome sporting goods store! Staff is great and they have a wide selection of new and used equipment. I've been here a few times and will continue to go back.

Sierra Das: Extremely satisfied with this place. It has a wide selection of used sports equipment. The staff member was super helpful and friendly. I got a used softball glove, bat and a ball for a great price. I’ll go here for all my sport gear in the future.

Dingding Wang: My skates were messed up at another location, so glad I came here to try. Will definitely come back for figure skates sharpening. Already recommended it to all my skating friends.

PRO X CUBER: Great hockey store! Hard to find these types of stores nowadays. Great prices too! Super friendly employees that help you with anything!

LLoose: Nice shop that has everything you need. Really friendly owner. They have some lightly used gear too which is really nice when you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Great selection of sticks too.

David Ren: Great place for hockey staff!

Jesse Boman: Excellent place to pick up hockey gear. The staff was very polite and helpful. Excellent customer service, definitely recommend!

15. Vans - Seattle

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· 223 reviews

1519 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

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Vans: what do users think?

Sara Culp: Helpful staff. They quickly and efficiently helped us find what we needed and made great recommendations.

Shauntel Ganuelas: Good place

Seth Ivers: Vans was ok, inventory was low...I love All-a-board skate shop.

George Alderette: Thinks T shirts like I like them and the prices are incredible!

Daniel Hanson: Classic Vans store, all the great shoe and clothing options here.

16. Zumiez - Tukwila

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· 103 reviews

100 Southcenter Blvd, Tukwila, WA 98188

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17. Zumiez - Kirkland

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· 26 reviews

11901 NE Village Plaza Suite 157, Kirkland, WA 98034

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18. Bellevue Indoor Skate Park - Bellevue

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· 75 reviews

14224 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, WA 98007

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Bellevue Indoor Skate Park: what do users think?

Tyrone Walker: Man this place came along way It crazy,so happy to see it thrive

MegaJackpot Airsoft: great place, super friendly and safe but the area isn't super big so on busy days it's not that easy for beginners to skate. overall an amazing indoor park

Jonathan Whitlock: Everything is perfect and everyone is nice

Wendy Murray: Beautiful facility and helpful staff, we had a great visit!

Matt Kon: Great spot

Daniela Monserrat Ceballos Zavala: Excellent conditions and ramp architecture :D

Jae Wardle: Nice place, got a little crowded though. Staff was kind along with all the other skaters. Had fun!

Lucia Campagna: I love it 😻, today my first class and I learned a lot!!

Bianca Diaz- Arundjit: Took the kids to play here a few days ago. The service was great. The kids played indoors for an hour for $5. Great price! They have equipment you can use like helmets and skateboards and they even have a summer camp program for kids to learn how to skateboard. Definitely will try the program if we are still living in WA this summer.

Raghuvir Jhaveri: Kids went for class and had fun. They divided group based on interest and skill. Hoping to drop in frequently

Allison VanderZwaag: Wide rage of ramp sizes and ample car parking

19. Mountain to Sound Outfitters - Seattle

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· 121 reviews

3602 SW Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98126

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Mountain to Sound Outfitters: what do users think?

Rob Braby: SUPER helpful, knowledgeable and personable staff. I’ve both rented and purchased from M2S and each experience has been great. They operate like a local ski shop should - friendly, laid back, not rushed, and don’t push sales. The staffers seem to enjoy their jobs and want to help.I wanted to give Noah a shout out for a great consultation on demo skis today! He walked me through a lot of detail on different skis, considerations for purchasing, and his experience demoing the different options.

Carl Silverberg: There is a good reason this is my go-to place for ski & kayak equipment. Always get great advice! I went to get a pair of goggles at the end of season sale and left with a helmet/goggle all in one combo. I used it this week at Alyeska and for the first time I was able to wear my glasses while skiing. It's a great system, we tried a few, the Giro worked the best and the input from MTS was fantastic.

Sahil Ashar: Bought my first snowboard season rental from them for the 24/25 season - reasonably priced, great quality, and was overall a fantastic experience. Hal and Shannon are excellent, highly recommend!

Darren Mills: Just purchased all snowboarding gear at a great discount! Thank you, Koa and Shannon you were super helpful and very nice!

Ed Failano: The shop employees are extremely helpful, caring and knowledgeable. I grew up in Hawaii visiting my local surf shop as a teen and the vibe these cats at MTN to Sound remind me of the good old days and how they work to earn your biz. They also let me browse without expectation of purchasing even though I’d rather give them biz because they’re a mom and pop shop. Shop here and you won’t regret the expert service and great selection!

Dune Desormeaux: Fantastic experience getting our first adult skis from M2S. Service was great, location was convenient, selection rocked, and we are super happy with the results!

Caitlin Boulware: As if you needed another excuse to shop local! Only good experiences with everyone at the shop, the selection is great, the prices are right, and Koa was the right person to help us find our new favorite skis. No pressure, only solid guidance from very friendly folks.

Kody Henderson: Knowledgeable people. Fast service. Was able to get my skis tuned up in one day. Making sure I will be set for my trip.

Isaac Conlen: I had a great experience at this ski shop! they were friendly and knowledgeable. I picked up snowboard wax for use at home, got a hot wax on my board, and also got my kids ski bindings adjusted on the spot! Highly recommended!

Sebastian Arrangoiz: Super friendly staff and good service!

Emil Gregor: Got a hot wax done real quick. Nice local shop with a lot of gear and sales.

emma sancartier: Great service, Thank for a super speedy board wax!

N: Greta prices and a variety!

Linh Vũ: This place is our family's go-to for snow gear. Koa knows his stuff and set my husband up with his first board. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend!!

Heather Corbin: I feel extremely lucky to have these guys in my neighborhood. They have helped me out with some stubborn boot repairs and took care of my neglected/wellloved skiis. They also saved me when I was heading out to the North Cascades and had forgotten to get extra strap for securing my skies to the snowmobile. Solid local business.

andy luley: I've bought snowboarding gear and gotten my boots fitted here. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgable, and I never felt like they were talking down to me or anything. Very inclusive

Neil Kanungo: Awesome service for my snowboards and good guidance from the staff!

Thomas Prieur: I’ve come in a couple times and have had great experiences talking with the staff about winter equipment! I definitely will be recommending this to friends that are looking to rent or buy, and will be back for summertime sport gear for sure.

Justin Mikitaroff: Awesome service and selection of anything you need!

Jordan Afaga: The staff here were super friendly in helping me getting my board ready for the slopes! Hot wax service was excellent. Would definitely recommend!

20. 35th Avenue Skateboards & Snowboards - Federal Way

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· 119 reviews

28717 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way, WA 98003

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35th Avenue Skateboards & Snowboards: what do users think?

Norberto Daniel Cervantes: The employees are very helpful and super informative depending on what you’re looking for. I went there for a snowboard and got super extensive helpful advice and knowledge. Thank you 35th for a great experience and all the help the employees gave. I would recommend it to anyone who’s just beginning their journey in skate/snowboarding.

R H: Great shop. One of the few places you can get an extra wide popsicle. Fast shipping if not buying local.

BOI BOY: Really cool shop! Had a little bit of everything.

Louie Tran: Amazing experience! If you’re looking to buy any gear for snowboarding and even skateboarding, GO HERE!I’m getting back into snowboarding and I came in hoping to learn more and see what board would be best for me. I didn’t feel like another customer, and Kyle was so patient and chill. He answered all of my questions and he even offered different products that were cheaper if I wanted to go that route, so I could tell he genuinely wanted to help me and didn’t take advantage of my lack of knowledge.They will get my business going forward and the reviews on here speak for themselves. If I could give this place 10 stars, I would!Thanks Kyle and David and Noah!

JS: Awesome shop with a killer selection. Their online shop is awesome as well. Always seem to have good deals on shoes. There have been times where I've walked out with three pairs of good skate shoes for just over $100. Best place in the area to get anything skate or snow related.

xb9rguy: They had exactly what I wanted in stock. The conversation and customer service was great! Price was on par with any other shop, but my favorite part, is they actually have what they say they have on their website! Not to mention, way more to choose from than the 2 big name shops I went to prior to this, near my house in Tacoma. Very impressed and I will be back again if I need anything skate or snowboard related in the future!

Austin Burke: Best dudes ever. Been coming here since ~2006. thanks for doing what you do!

Kylen WilkenJohnston (MotherTrucker): Kinda easy to pass up but great shop for all your gear

Chris Horne: Dope store. Hooked my Daughter up with a sick set up.

Lovar Westbrook: Took great care of me! Got me in right before closing time and had just what I was looking for 🔥

Peter Galando (Pete): The best locally owned and operated snowboard and skate shop in south king county.

Brittan Keeton: Very nice local shop with very nice and helpful staff

Madisen Bailey: i went in to get my boyfriend some bindings without any knowledge of what exactly i needed and they were so incredibly helpful and didn’t treat me any different for not being a snowboarder. i highly recommend this shop, really great guys with amazing customer service.

Chale Way: Awesome customer service, will be definitely going back

Andre Lamele: Is this even still there? All my life I'd walk down 288th to the bus stop on pacific highway and see the 35th Ave sign across the street. The fact it's been there since I was a kid automatically let me know it must be a pretty good skate shop. That, and the fact that it's in the Fed Town...

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