Best Video Games Shops In Seattle Near Me

Game Gurus Pink Gorilla International District Al's Music Video & Games Dpad retro gaming & collectibles

1. Game Gurus - Seattle

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· 178 reviews

9901 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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Game Gurus: what do users think?

Zee: We had such an amazing experience at this place. You can tell the guy behind the counter knows his stuff. He was super friendly and helpful about the items we wanted/needed. We got a PS2, games, and a couple of accessories for it.There was a bit of a hiccup with the PS2 power supply that we bought, but the guy was more than happy to replace the power adapter. We were told that he double checks the hardware that he gets in, which I don’t doubt! It was just a happenstance that we got a faulty power cord.Thank you!!

Rodrigo Tintor: Great shop, good prices and great variety.

Peter Westergaard: Owner was very helpful and the shop had a great selection. Definitely will stop by again.

Christopher Melvin: Most helpful and kind and courteous

Liam Rhodes: Great selection of games and consoles. The staff were very kind and informative. This place is definitely one of the best retro game stores in the area, I strongly recommend checking it out.

Ev Swimmer: Friendly and nice game knowledge, so happy it's right up the road

Andy Brown: Very friendly staff and a great selection of old school games! Definitely check it out if you like collecting physical copies. Had a solid collection of consoles and peripherals as well such as guitar hero/rock band controllers. Found an old long box PS1 game that I used to play as a kid and picked it up at a very fair price for the condition! Friend also came with me and found a game he had been looking for on the DS.

Marco Morcote: This is an awesome shop! Stopped by to pick up a beautiful metallic blue DSi, and had fun chatting with Maitreya, who was really knowledgeable about consoles, games, and repair questions.Great game and console selection, fair prices, and they even have some repair related items for handhelds.Seeing the old console demo kiosks they have really transported me back to the 2000s 🤯

Kenneth Bryant: Great deal

Brian Stockton: Super great values, the staff was friendly and informative about our decisions. So many options for so many platforms as well. Will be playing games with the kids and then bringing games back and getting new ones.

L Nguyen: Amazing inventory, lots of video game stock with reasonable pricing!

Maitreya Andrews: Small store, but wow is it packed.

shayan abdoli: The service there was great, some stuff I saw brought me nostalgia, especially the PS2 I bought, the console is a bit scratched but I ain’t the type that complains about it. Overall great experience. 10/10, visit this place

Karen Diane Sears: Nor any problems returning games I

Kipp Gallagher: Very friendly and helpful staff.

Mike Edmonds: Really great collection of every childhood title I was trying to find. The owner is super friendly and knowledgeable.

2. Pink Gorilla International District - Seattle



· 379 reviews

601 S King St #101c, Seattle, WA 98104

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Pink Gorilla International District: what do users think?

Rodrigo Tintor: Great place for all your retro game needs highly recommended, nice staff fair prices, consoles and everything you need.

Alex Potter: This location is on the smaller side, but they had some games I had been searching for, and the staff was very friendly over the phone in assisting me to find particular games.

Gabriel Corwin: Good selection. One of the best places to buy Japanese games.

Harrison Montgomery: Awesome, clean store with a huge selection, really raising the bar for gaming stores. Jordan and Jess were super friendly and answered all my questions. I’m new to Seattle so this was such an amazing find.

Alan Elmgren: Great place, lot's of games to check out. They didn't have what I was looking for, but definitely had a lot to choose from. Definitely worth stopping by to see if they have what you're looking for.

Laura Alexandra: Great location! Great people! A wide variety of consoles and games. You can also find plushes and amiibos here. Great retrogaming store!

Philip Costales: They are awesome.

Kris Stout: Very kind and helpful staff. Decent selections and cool store.

Bryce Apollo: good prices on some games

Geo Marquez: The owner was very helpful with suggesting some places to visit around the area. The retro games and hardware brought back a lot of great memories!

Bryce Walters: Customer service was great both employees have knowledge on how to care for games and anything else you need to know store is a little small but besides that great place get retro games and consoles

3. Al's Music Video & Games - Seattle

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· 68 reviews

4547 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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Al's Music Video & Games: what do users think?

Cedar Russell: Amazing selection of all kinds of media, fairly and knowledgeably priced. Staff is happy to talk about any number of subjects and answer any questions. A fun place to spend time, and I always walk away with something cool!

Chris Huffstetler: We came for video game music and left with video game music! Awesome selection, only complaint is the narrow aisles.

Nirvana Enyo: Absolutely love this store great for gamers and movies and music lovers

Keith Fiorino: Al’s is life.Spotify - Jimmi Stone

A: Great place for repairs and mods. The technician saved my wavebird controller from extensive corrosion and now it's like new. They also modded my GameCube to play games from an SD card.sounds like the person who did this left but Al's still does some repairs

David Davidson: Went here with my father, who was pleased with the selection of music, and my brother, who was pleased with the games. My dad said when he lived here the store wasn't nearly as good as in his day, so it's neat that they've improved so much

James Clarendon: 5 stars for the video game repair service. In October I brought my OG Xbox in for repair. My self-executed mod had expired after 7+ years and the machine wasn't booting. The team at Al's took all my nitpicky info down accurately and sent me a copy of my repair form. Alejandro, the technician who did the work for me, was very knowledgable, understood the importance of the device to me, and explained the situation. They provided me a shortcut fix that could get me back up and running, but when I asked about other options they were happy to explain different options. Their good communication and subject mater expertise earned my trust and convinced me to go forward with an improved modification. There was no way in hell that I was going to spend many hours re-ripping all of my collection off original discs so they gave me step-by-step guidance for how to back up my hard disk before I returned the device for the upgrade. When the mod was completed, they again walked me through how to restore all of my backed up content. As a result I had a better modded device and all of my original data intact. They charged a fair amount for the work and research required.Again, I was grateful to Alejandro for their technical and communication skills.Everyone can grow, and I do have some constructive feedback: it would be good if Al's could tell me where in the queue my device was for repairs. I expect this could make some customers nervous. If they could see how many were ahead of them, it could set expectations and soothe them. I like to think I was more patient.I like to think that.

Ashtonmo_2002: Absolutely great this store is the best well rounded for games movies and audio of almost every format! The employees are very nice and the prices are great couldn't be any more happy with them, definitely worth the visit!

slambamwam: Great selection and prices! One of my favorite places in the U District.

Ryan ABXY (Ryan Gilbert Arnold): Chill staff and best selection of used Blu-Rays I've seen from a place that doesn't have "video" in their name.Glad I stopped in while visiting from Portland, 3 movies for $11.99 and 2 of them still had a working digital code, rock on.

Evan Rodgers: Great vibe, systems are a bit expensive but they had some harder to find stuff.

4. Dpad retro gaming & collectibles - Renton

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· 106 reviews

227 Wells Ave S, Renton, WA 98057

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Dpad retro gaming & collectibles: what do users think?

will leow: Dpad retro gaming and collectibles is a excellent store great customer service I would recommend this store to other people

Zack R: Nice staff and great selection. Long time collector and I came here on a whim; brought some old games to trade in. Received more in store credit than I was hoping to get and the staff was very accommodating. Prices seemed more than fair for a retro retail establishment. I will be back.

Kyle Mortensen: Better then GameStop that is for sure.

Philman Yeung: Lovely and helpful staff!

Danny: Always 5 star service. With some awesome employees!

Aj West: Awesome collection of games! Everything you could ask for and a very helpful staff. Local gamer talked to me and gave his recommendations. Would definitely say this is a must stop if you are in renton! Plus the shop dog is adorable.

RACHEL A LEWIS: Everyone is so kind and helpful! I love shopping here. I always grab some pokemon cards and open them while enjoying a drink next door! They have great prices and a wide range of products!

Thomas Ceeaye: Great Hospitality

Russell Fine: Great local business for retro games, consoles, collectibles, figures and cards. Highly recommend

ED G.: Excellent retro video game, toy collectible shop, and even a lil pokemon. Cool people working there. And very nice dog!

Robert Collins: This is a very cool store. Loved the atmosphere.

Tim: Lots of selection, very clean and organized.

Qusay Al-Obaidi (Mr. Foxtrot): Are you old-fashioned? Here, you will find what you are looking for.

J N: Great little gem of a store with loads of retro to current games as well as lots of toys and collectibles. Prices are fair, items are clean, staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Located in downtown Renton. I’d recommend this to anyone and who supports local businesses.

Don Blackwell: This is my absolute favorite place for new and especially retro gaming and the ppl who work there are great and knowledgeable on certain if not all item within the store. This is my go to for anything game related!

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